Chapter 70 – The Game within the Divine Spirit Forest (3)

「……Such being the case, I’ll have to hunt a lot of monsters!」

As I explained to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama and tried to stand up, Little Fenrir jumped towards me.
He then let out 「Kyuun Kyuun」 and wagged his tail as if saying “Take me with you”, and stared at my face. (TLN: I’ll be using he until its gender is mentioned)

As I looked towards Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, she stopped it, saying 「Give up, just take him along」.

「Umm, but I’ll be fighting monsters, you know? It’ll be dangerous, you know?」

As I said that, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama showed an expression of anger in an instant, and said this.

「That collar, if they weren’t restricted by the orders on it , they won’t lose even to the likes of the monsters around this area」

……Now that she mentioned it, the little Fenrirs are all wearing black collars.


Name: Slave Collar
Special effects: Used by attaching to a neck.
A collar with slave magic sealed into it.


……This is a Slave Collar, huh.

I’ve heard of it before.

By attaching it onto someone’s neck before carrying out specific arrangements and pouring magic power in, the person will then be unable to go against the orders of the owner of the collar.
Unlike other abilities, this ability can only be operated with the permission from the country.

Those guys probably obtained it illegally or are collaborating with someone who received permission from the country.
Either way, King-sama would be able to understand what is happening if I handed His Majesty this, right?

Even so, attaching such a thing on these kids…… my anger towards the adventurers from before welled up once more.
……I wonder if I can somehow get this off of them.

I’ve heard that someone tries to use brute force to take it off, it’ll detonate, so I can’t approach this carelessly.

Isn’t there some kind of good idea.

The only ability I have which stands a chance is probably 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, huh.

For the time being, let’s try experimenting.

I activated 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 towards a pebble I placed on my palm.
I did not imagine a dark vortex, but imagined sending the pebble itself flying into a separate space.

……No good, nothing’s happened.

When I verified the Skill previously, using a black vortex, I was able to move to another place in an instant.

In that case, I imagine the pebble itself clad thinly in a black vortex.
I then piled the image of flicking off the pebble, which failed earlier, onto it.

As I did that, the pebble disappeared from my palm, and appeared in the air a little further away…… and fell to the ground.

「I did it!」

I reflexively shouted.

「……Myne, what did you just do?」

Divine Beast Fenrir-sama who stared at me fixedly seems like she didn’t understand what had happened.

「I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 which I cut from an Orc King.
……Listen up, you guys, don’t move」

Saying that, I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 on the collar attached to the neck of the little Fenrir who had been snuggling up to me since a while ago.
I feel like it would be bad if I am impatient and the black vortex touches the little Fenrir, so I carefully and slowly operated it.

「……Yosh! …… With this…… it’s a success!!!!」

It went according to plan, like the previous experimental results, the collar vanished and like the pebble from before, it appeared in the air a little further away and dropped to the ground.
I then continued detaching the collars from the other children.


Seeing the collars gone from the little Fenrirs’ necks, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama raised her voice in delight.

In order to hand the “Slave Collars” I dismantled to King-sama, I did not leave them alone and tossed each of them into my storage bag without fail.
It’ll be good if this can help settle the case.

After that, I was thanked by Divine Beast Fenrir-sama with all her heart (More specifically, I was jumped at and had my whole face licked), and all of the little Fenrirs got on me and nuzzled against my whole body.

……If this was seen from outside, it’d definitely look like I was attacked by several wolves, wouldn’t it?
After receiving their intense gratitude, my whole body was splendidly worn-out (?).

「……Though my hunting was completely postponed by the collars, I’ll be returning to it for now」

While lightly dusting off the mud and the Divine Beasts’ fur over my whole body, I said that, and all of a sudden, I heard a voice that felt like it was resounding within my mind.

『That’s right, we’ll also assist you as thanks』

……Eh!? What was that voice?

『There’s no need to be surprised, right now I am bestowing my sacred protection on you』

This voice, don’t tell me, Divine Beast-sama!?


Name: Myne
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 15years
Occupation: Hunter

Sprint | new!
Direct Hit | new!
Pursuit Attack | new!

【Divine Beast’s Sacred Protection】
Telepathy ≪Fenrir≫ | new!


『Uwa, something was added!? Telepathy…… is it thanks to this sacred protection that I am hearing this voice?』

『That is correct, even without using your mouth, you will be able to converse with our kind in this way.
And, you will be able to talk with us as long as you desire to, no matter how far apart we are.
If something is troubling you, you can discuss with us at any time』

……Somehow, this is becoming more and more amazing, you know?
Just now was friends, and now it’s sacred protection!? What’s so good about me, I wonder.

『Now then, why are you idling about? You have to hunt, don’t you?
Well, I said this before, but our family will be helping you, so it’ll probably end quickly』

Saying that, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama vanished into the forest.

……And, the little Fenrirs are staring at me, saying 『Take us with you to hunt, take us with you』, while frolicking by my feet.

『Fuhaha, Myne. They seem to be greatly pleased with you.
Won’t you take them with you? The children will be happy. They won’t be a hindrance to you』

Phew, I’ve gotten the seal of approval from the parent Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.
They surely won’t be a problem when it comes to battle power.

……Furthermore, if they’re so attached to me, I can’t possibly not bring them with me.

『……Well then, let’s go together! But you absolutely musn’t force yourselves』

『『『Yay, yay, yaaayー!!』』』


Thus, I set out to hunt with the little Fenrirs.
……However, this will be against the rules, so I’ll just accept their goodwill, and only put the ones I hunted into the storage bag for the game.




「What? The other force we sent deep into the forest hasn’t come back, you say?」

A report came in stating that the adventurers I gave directions to capture rare monsters hasn’t come back.

The “Divine Spirit Forest” is a place with a grandiose name.
I guessed that there would surely be rare monsters deep within the forest, so I dispatched twenty people, centred around B-rank adventurers, who aren’t participating in the game.

I sent them out, expecting them to capture lucrative prey like the dragon hatchling caught by coincidence the other day, but…….
If they really don’t come back, I’d be wasting an unimaginable amount of money. Tch, useless bastards.


「Claude, is it really okay?」

The heir of the Birtild family, Herketh, my ally, called out to me worriedly.
This guy has a good face, but he isn’t very dependable, or unsatisfactory.

Those who are nobles, have to act more imposingly.
Let alone heirs, they’ll have to be all the more imposing.

「Herketh, what are you referring to?」

「Everything, that’s the way this game is.
Even if it’s a joke, he’s still a man the royal family approved as Her Highness Sylphid’s partner, no?
No matter how many plans we put together, can we really win with just this?
Claude, you do remember that we’ll be disinherited if we were to lose, right?」

I was thinking what he was talking about, so he meant this.

「……Herketh, you have to firstly understand that you are a noble.
Nobles have to be more refined and courageous.
Moreover, even if that brat is stronger than we expected,
we had 30 people hunting beforehand. There’s no way a single person can surpass that gap, am I right?
Our victory has been decided from the start, so don’t worry」

……Yes, this is a match where our victory has been decided from the start.
Tomorrow, at about this time, we’ll probably be drunk on high-grade sake, celebrating our victory.

I wish tomorrow would come faster.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Thomas N.

TL: Izzy

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