Chapter 69 – The Game within the Divine Spirit Forest (2)

One of the adventurers which caught the children, swung the dagger he was holding down on the Divine Beast’s child.


The child which had been stabbed, its cry, full of sorrow…… echoed throughout the forest.
Hearing the cry, and seeing its child stabbed by a dagger, and stopped moving, the Divine Beast’s rage heated up further.

「D, Do you understand!? if you go against us, your remaining kids will also become like this.
Y, you obediently wait over there for us to get out of the forest!!!
Ya hear me, if you love your kids, you’ll do as you’re told!」


This is bad, the kid who got stabbed really died.
I panicked and took out a certain pebble from my storage bag.

And, I used 【Cut】 on the Skill pasted on the pebble, and immediately pasted it on the kid whose life is about to extinguish.

As I did that, the kid, who had been lying down limply, its wound very quickly healed.
……Phew, I made it.

The Skill pasted on the pebble I took out is the one I cut from the Troll Gazer, 【Ultra Regeneration】.
Even a troll’s 【Regeneration】 has that much regenerative power.

With 【Ultra Regeneration】, which can be said to be its higher-ranked Skill, recovery will take only a blink of an eye.

With this, the kid is saved.
However, that doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

I rushed out from the back of the tree I was hiding at.
I, who suddenly appeared at that place, the Divine Beast, adventurers…… All of them seemed like they didn’t know what had happened.

I didn’t missed my chance in that confusion, aimed at the adventurers, and activated 【King’s Intimidation】!

「Guaaa, what, what’s happeningggg……!!」

The adventurers who received 【King’s Intimidation】 directly, fell into panic in the blink of an eye, and couldn’t move.

I helped the children from those guys who couldn’t move, and took them back to the Divine Beast.

「You, who are you? That Skill was “King’s Intimidation”, wasn’t it?
Why can a human like you use it?
Furthermore, my boy was undoubtedly stabbed…… what’s the meaning of this」

「Divine Beast-sama, I apologise in those fools’ stead. Please forgive us」

I first apologised from the bottom of my heart to Divine Beast-sama who was showing a confused look.
Not for myself, but for the Hume race.

From Divine Beast-sama’s point of view, I’m probably the same as them.
That’s why I apologised from the bottom of my heart.

「……Fumu, you seem different from those guys.
Let me first thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing my children.
It’s also thanks to you that my kid who was stabbed, was saved, right?」

Since it is pointless to hide from Divine Beast-sama, I confessed honestly.

「Yes, that was my doing」

As I said that, the kid who was stabbed and is still stained with blood, rubbed its face against my feet.
……Is it trying to thank me?

「That child is also thanking you」

Un, as I expected.
I gently held the kid, who was at my feet, in my arms.

「……That must have been painful, I’m sorry」

As I apologised, it licked around my face as if telling me not to worry.
Well, it’s cute, so I’m glad, but…… can you please stop it already?

Looking at the scene, Divine Beast-sama who had calmed down, once again showed an expression of anger, and glared at the adventurers who couldn’t move in panic.

「I am thankful to you, but there is no way I will forgive those fools」

Well, that’s understandable.
Though we are of the same race, I feel nothing but disgust towards them.

I don’t care what happens to them.

They kidnapped Divine Beast-sama’s children, and on top of that, tried to murder them. I don’t think it’s an act of a human.
They most probably walked deep into the forest to search for some kind of prey because of the stupid nobles, including Claude’s order.

And coincidentally (?), they found Divine Beast-sama’s children.
They successfully secured the children, but was discovered by the parent Divine Beast, and that probably result in this.

Since there was already blood on Divine Beast-sama, several adventurers had probably already been killed.

Well, it’s just my conjecture, but I don’t think it’s that far from reality.

「Yes, of course. I, too, cannot forgive those guys」


Hyrosette (TLN: ハイロゼット Help)
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 31 years
Occupation: Adventurer (B-rank)

Swift Feet (Large)


Chorokyu (TLN: チョロキュウ Help.)
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Occupation: Adventurer (B-rank)

Two-handed Axe・Saint


Groony (TLN: グルーニー Help.)
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 33 years
Occupation: Adventurer (C-rank)

Sight Enhancement・Large
Iron Wall
Grinding (TLN: No, not the gaming lingo. As in actual grinding)


As expected of adventurers who step into the Divine Spirit Forest, I feel that they’re quite strong.
……However, this guys did things a human should never do, that’s what I think.

It’s also the same for the dragon’s children, what will be caused by their actions?
Who will be troubled by it, this guys did not think of that at all.

That’s why, I completely do not feel like obstructing Divine Beast-sama in punishing them, no matter what the punishment is.

If the parent dragon and Divine Beast-sama came to the Town of Lucas and the royal capital, and killed the people important to me, thinking about that really horrifies me.

「What is your plan for this guys?」

「Of course, I will kill them」

……Aah, as I expected. Well, that’s understandable.
Her own child was stabbed in front of her eyes.

There’s no other choices than that, huh.
They are reaping what they sow.

Confirming that I won’t stop her, Divine Beast-sama faced towards the sky and raised a war cry.
As she did that, things which look like black arrows appeared in a massive quantity in the air, and all at once…… like rain, they rained incessantly onto the three adventurers.

A few thousand? No, maybe a few ten thousand.
A dreadful number of black arrows pierced into the area the adventurers were at one after another.

The rain of arrows then ended, and after the billowing dust disappeared…… No trace of the adventurers were left.

A terrifying power…… Is this the power of Divine Beast-sama?
The adventurers, comprising of three B-ranks, lost their lives quickly, really quickly.

As I was dumbfounded by the overwhelming power, Divine Beast-sama walked until it was in front of me.
And then, just like Divine Beast-sama’s kid previously did, she licked my face.

「Let me thank you once again. What is your name?」

「I, I am Myne. Divine Beast-sama」

「So you’re called Myne, you can call me 《Fenrir》.
You are my children’s saviour, I allow you to call me by my name」

After the self-introductions (?) ended, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama asked me what I did.
And, she asked me why I could use something like 【King’s Intimidation】, a Skill out of the norm.

……Should I be frank? I was extremely worried.
However, Divine Beast-sama is a being who lives with a truth isolated from the world.
Above all else, she is also Kami-sama’s messenger.

After finish worrying, I talked to Fenrir-sama about the Skill I was bestowed by Kami-sama, and the battles I’ve faced until today.

「……I see, the “Abnormality” God mentioned might have been referring to Myne」

Eh? Did I just hear some turbulent words?
Was it my imagination?? I imagined it didn’t I? Kami-sama gossiping about me or something…….

「Interesting, our encounter is probably the will of God.
Myne, I recognise you as my friend. You should feel honoured」

Aah, Divine Beast-sama said something…….
It seems that I’ve become Divine Beast-sama’s friend.

The shock from the death of the adventurers by overwhelming power was overwritten by a greater surprise, and was completely pushed off into a corner.

And, as soon as the difficult talk ended (?), the children coiled around me.

What in the world is happening with this situation…….

I was supposed to be in a match with the stupid noble…….


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Homer T.

TL: Izzy

TLN: Yes, I know what you’re thinking. He told the Divine Beast about his Skills but not his wives :))

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