Chapter 71 – The Game within the Divine Spirit Forest (4)

Although I went hunting with the little Fenrirs, they certainly are excellent.
Their ability to search for enemies is especially worthy for mention.

『Over here, over hereー』

In the blink of an eye, the position of the monster is specified, and I started running there.
I didn’t need to act, and it was annihilated.

It’s exactly like a search & destroy.

They then held the dead monster in their mouth, and dragged it towards me.

『『『Praise us, praise us』』』

They wagged their tails quickly as they adorably frolic around me, which made me feel warm and fluffy inside.


……Nonono, I can’t feel warm and fluffy!
I’ll have to defeat it!

I caressed the little Fenrirs’ heads, and while playing with their fluffy throats, I retorted.

『Amazing! But please leave some for me.
Also, can you search for strong monsters if possible?』

As I requested that of the kids, they imediately said 『Leave it to us!』 and broke into a run.

As expected of them, though they are kids, they are Divine Beast Fenrirs.
Their momentum is staggering, my stamina already reached its limits after moving together for just an hour.

『……Sorry, let me rest for a while……』

As I sat down, the little Fenrirs once again came to my side, and sat down.

『『『Pet us, pet us』』』

As I petted them, they purred, and shut their eyes in pleasure.

The number of monsters I’ve defeated until now is forty.

A lot of them were Forest Apes and Sidewinders, but there’s also these guys.


Name: Midnight Mantis
Race: Mantis Family
Gender: ♂

Two-handed Scythe・Extreme (TLN: Yeah, if you’re wondering why a mantis would need a two-handed scythe, I have no idea either)
Strong Arm



This was a large praying mantis, and I was surprised at it suddenly appearing behind me.
Since the little Fenrirs had been on the lookout, I managed to survive without problems, but if I was alone, I might get injured.

It seems that the reason I didn’t notice it getting close is due to its ability, 【Camouflage】.


Name: Midnight Dragonfly
Race: Dragonfly Family
Gender: ♀

AoE Magic・Wind Large

Paralysis Breath


A large dragonfly.
If you inhaled even a little of the breath it spat out, your body would become paralysed and unable to move about.
That’s why basically a one hit knockout is considered the best choice of action against it.

Well, in my case, I immediately snatched its ability, so that has nothing to do with me.

It was originally a small dragonfly, which transformed into a monster, and became gigantic. It’s the same for the mantis from before, by the way.

I don’t know the details as to why normal living things transform into monsters.
According to one theory, it’s said that it’s the same as the monsters within a labyrinth, they absorbed some kind of magic power.


Name: Forest Drill
Race: Ape Family

Strong Arm・Extreme
Physical Strength Enhancement・Extreme
Martial Arts: Heavy Fist



A Forest Ape is a monster which specialises in agility and attacks, but this one, though it’s also an ape, seems to be a monster which places importance on strength.
It’s quite the troublesome monster, since it can even use martial arts, but a lot of them move independently, so it was an easy prey to me.

By the way, I’ve heard that its meat is an ultra high-class item which can be sold for an outrageously high price.
I was thinking of hunting lots of them as souvenirs for Aisha and Sylphy.


While taking a break, I checked the defeated monsters as I worked.

「……Since it didn’t take much time to search for enemies, our hunting speed became really fast, didn’t it?」

While confirming the contents of my storage bag, I muttered without using telepathy, but the little Fenrirs

『『『Praise us, praise us』』』

they said, and came near me while rubbing their faces against me.

Since there’s really no doubt it’s all thanks to this kids, I affectionately rubbed their throats with gratitude.
They seemed to like having their throats touched, and the three of them had a look of pleasure.

Yosh, I’ve got enough rest, let’s continue the hunt.

『Yosh, let’s hang on for a while longer, okay?』

『『『We’ll hang on, ou!』』』

Well, even if I say hang on, the one exhausted will only be me, and the little Fenrir’s have way more energy though…….

Once again, I was guided by the little Fenrirs, and as we went deeper and deeper into the forest, in front of my eyes was a large pond…… no, a lake?

『Are there monsters here too?』

As I asked the little Fenrirs that, they replied 『『『There isー, a big one, you knowー』』』

……A big one?
I took a glance, but there’s nothing like that anywhere…….

“However, if that’s what the kids say, it definitely exists,” I thought, and used 【Presence Detection・Moderate LV3】

……As I did that…… There it is!!
What is this!? Where is it from, eeeeeeeeeehhh!?

At about the same time I confirmed its existence with 【Presence Detection・Moderate LV3】, the surface of the lake started rippling, and a gigantic black fish (?) like thing jumped out.


Name: Firis・Catfish (TLN: フィリス. Help? Used the same word as Atelier Firis)
Race: Catfish Family

Presence Detection・Large
Magic・Water Colossal

Swallowing Whole


Uu, this is…… A catfish monster!?
Just like the little Fenrirs said, it’s really big!

The scene of its big frame, which should be around 6〜7 metres, leaping out was quite impressive.

It’s level was higher than mine, and it feels like the first strong enemy in a while.

……However, how can I defeat it if it’s in the water?

While worrying about a way to defeat it, the earth suddenly shook greatly.

This is bad, isn’t this the catfish’s Skill?
It feels bad that I didn’t steal its Skills, since it only leapt out for a moment.

I accidentally fell down at the violent shaking.
The little Fenrirs yelped while crouching down.

……For the time being, I can’t do anything as long as the shaking continues.

I specified its location using 【Presence Detection・Moderate LV3】 and made a gigantic stone with 【Realize】, before dropping it from above.
It easily avoided it since there was water resistance, but the shaking has calmed down for now.

Yosh, that guys rising to the water surface again.
I predicted the location it’d leap up from, and lied in wait to steal its Skills.

At the same time, I picked up a moderately large stone, and activated 【Body Enhancement・Large LV3】【Physical Enhancement・Large LV2】 【Strong Arm・Saint】.

It then finally leapt out from the water surface with a terrifying force.
I quickly stole 【Earthquake】 and 【Presence Detection・Large】……but, it seemed to be aiming for that moment as well, and a gigantic water ball flew towards me.

Ku!! Is that 【Magic・Water Colossal】!?

I can only steal one or two Skills at most in the moment it leaps out.
It used the Skill other than the ones I stole in that moment…… How unlucky!!!

I can’t avoid it at this distance, and if I do avoid it, the little Fenrirs might get hit.

I can only endure it!!!

I used 【Water Attribute・Resistance】 and 【Defender】, and stop the magic it fired!! (TLN: Defender???? Wait what????)
The sound of me receiving a direct hit from the magic resounded all around, and the water ball popped, water scattering around the surroundings.

Thanks to using defence type Skills in advance, I was able to suppress the damage received considerably, but even so, I fell down in a kneeling position.

Seeing me injured, the little Fenrirs howled at the water surface.
I casted 【Magic・Large Recovery】 a few times to cope for the time being.

『It’s dangerous so back off, I’ll defeat it the next time it jumps up』

I called out to the little Fenrirs, and confirmed its location with 【Presence Detection・Moderate LV3】 again.
Although it was aiming directly for the water surface, I could see that it was swimming unsteadily, probably an effect from when I stole its 【Presence Detection・Large】 just now,

I also snatched away its 【Earthquake】.
It can only attack from the water surface now.

……In that case, if I wait, it’d probably attack from over there.

Just as I expected, it started moving towards the water surface.
Prepare yourself, it’s my turn now!

Once again, it leapt out of the water surface with a terrifying force.
This time I steal its 【Magic・Water Colossal】 without fail, and threw a stone as large as a fist at full power.

……However, the stone which I threw at full force couldn’t bear the force, and the moment it hit the catfish, the stone fell to less than half of its original size.

I couldn’t put an end to its life, but it seemed to have received quite the damage, and dived into the water again before blood rose to the surface.

「Not having a projectile weapon really hurts, I can only try using magic, huh……
However, the strongest magic I have is AoE magic…… should I use it?」

As I thought until that part, I was hit by an idea.

「……This can probably work, right?」

Third time’s the charm, they say, let’s kill it with this!

The catfish who was injured and raging, rushed towards the water surface with a great speed.
Hasn’t it realised that it doesn’t have any Skills anymore?

I thought it would escape since it doesn’t have anymore means of attacking, but I’m thankful for this.

And then, it leapt out from the water for a third time.




The Skill I used was 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

A black vortex appeared in its path, and the catfish leapt into it.
……Of course, the place I connected to before it entered it, is the “ground” a few metres away from me.

If it can’t dive underwater, there’s no way it’ll be a hard fight!

I equipped my steel dagger, and stabbed it towards the body of the flopping catfish.
After the stabbing with the dagger, I ran horizontally.

I rushed away from the catfish which let out a terrifying shriek, and stole all its remaining abilities, and pasted them onto a pebble.

Because of its big body, it didn’t immediately die, but violently shook its body, and continued struggling.
As it loudly struggled, I hesitated to approach it.

It might take some time, but I casted 【Sorcery Extremity LV2】 and used 【Magic・Wind】, and delivered damage from a distance.

…… I fired about ten blows of 【Magic・Wind】.
Its struggling finally started calming down.

I roughly casted defence type Skills, and carefully approached its head, and stabbed my steel dagger towards its forehead.
The catfish jolted for a moment, before it became completely still.

「Phew, it’s over〜」

As I said that, the little Fenrirs who were sitting down hard on the floor flew towards me with a great momentum.
They were probably worried, huh. They licked my face intensely.

『『『Are you okay? Are you okay? Wasn’t it painful?』』』

『Un, I’m alright! Thanks for worrying!』

After getting healed by the little Fenrirs for a while, I started dismantling the catfish.

「……If I bring this, I’ll probably get quite a lot of points, won’t I?」

As expected, I was a little tired, so today’s hunt will have to end here.

While thinking that, I sent a telepathic message to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, and the result was that I will be guided to their residence.

『『『We’ll guide you to our home!』』』

Thus, my bed for tonight will be in Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s residence.
Thinking that I originally had to hunt alone on top of fighting all night, I am really thankful for this.

I’m really grateful to these kids and Divine Beast Fenrir-sama!


Name: Myne
LV:63 (61→63) LevelUp!
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years
Occupation: Hunter

【Acquired Skills】
Two-handed Scythe・Extreme | new!
Martial Arts: Heavy Fist | new!
Earthquake | new!
Presence Detection・Large | new!
Magic・Water Colossal | new!


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Brandon P.

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