Cut & Paste Chapter 36

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Here is the chapter:

Chapter 36

Cut & Paste Chapter 34

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Just to clarify, I am in no way switching to a 7ch/w schedule. I’m just free for now so I thought I’ll translate more to make up for my hiatus.

This isn’t really edited, because my brain is fried from translating. The previous chapters (not all of them) are edited by Caudyr. Thanks!

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Here’s the chapter:

Chapter 34 – CASE : Aisha (1)

Cut & Paste Chapters 31-32

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Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve finally finished my foundation studies. I can get back on regular release, and since I have more time (literally free for one month or so) in my hands, I can probably translate a few more. The schedule will still be the same though, so please don’t ask for more than three per week. I’ll post more if I’m generous then c:

You might have noticed there’s only two chapters this time. I’ll post the third in one or two days, and try to pump out a few more as an apology.

As usual, I’m terribly sorry if I’ve translated wrongly, especially since the second chapter is an info dump.

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 31 – Aisha’s Suggestion

Chapter 32 – Sylphid’s Proposal