Chapter 59 – The Town’s Hero

Let’s put the house name aside for now.
Nothing can be done if nothing comes to mind.

Fortunately, there’s still some time left.

「That’s all the things which were settled in the capital for now…… Next is……」

Hm? There’s still something else? Her face’s strangely red though…….

「……No, it’s nothing. Well then, I’ll head over to the town headman’s place」

「I’ll follow Hime-sama, since he’s an acquaintance of mine, after all」

She had something she wanted to say, right? It’s okay since the person herself said that it’s nothing, right?
If Aisha’s going to the town headman’s place, it’ll be reassuring.

At any rate, she is formerly the guild’s popular receptionist.
She probably also had a few conversations with him.

「Un, understood! I’ll be going to Craftman’s place」




「Hime-sama, is it okay to not talk about that?」

Aisha asked me.
She’s probably inquiring more deeply about the matter that I didn’t say just now.

「……No, it’s embarrassing putting it into words, it’s really hard to say」

There’s no way I can directly say something like I want you to make love to me.
The fact that only Aisha was embraced is one which I cannot turn a blind eye to.

I feel guilty to Aisha, but from my standpoint, I’m the one who will become the legal wife.
A situation where a child is born to the concubine earlier than the princess, the legal wife, must be avoided at all costs.

Of course, it’s not impossible that a pregnancy suddenly appears when the Clan’s establishment with only the three of us has already been settled, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter.
Danna-sama and Aisha also seem to understand that, and are properly using contraception, but…….

「Well…… at night…… I’ll say it」

This should be where Aisha and my age differences show.
That’s because I’m not accustomed to such things.

The issue between husband and wife is quite the difficult one.

While having such an important, but embarrassing talk, we arrived at the town headman’s office.

「Now then, let’s enter」

We entered the governmental office.

Although we told the receptionist that we wanted to meet the town headman, we were rejected since we can’t meet him without an appointment.

Aah, I see.
She doesn’t seem to know who I am, since I have a hood and robe on.
Since I was together with Aisha I completely forgot about that.

I took off my hood, showed my face and once again talked to the receptionist.
Seeing her face as if saying “You’re here again?”, she probably doesn’t know who I am.

As I did that, Aisha sent a signal with her eyes as if saying “Please leave this to me”.

「Long time no see, Bilt-san」 (TLN: ビルト help?)

As Aisha called out to her, the receptionist Bilt showed a little pondering face.
Then, the face and a name probably matched, and she replied to Aisha with a smile.

「Look who’s here, if it isn’t Aisha-san, are you here on a business for the guild?」

After glancing at me, she addressed Aisha.

「No, actually I’ve retired from the guild the other day, today I’m here for a private business」

While saying that, Aisha whispered something into the receptionist’s ears.
…… She’s probably telling her about my identity.

Just as I thought, once Aisha finished whispering and separate from her, her eyes opened widely and stared at me.
She then pitifully bowed her head, and fired off words of apology.

「I am deeply sorry!!! To be ignorant of Your Highness Sylphid’s identity, please forgive this rudeness」

「Raise your head, it’s my fault for coming here so suddenly」

Though I told her to raise her head, she didn’t comply.
She was determined to continue apologising.

The talk can’t proceed like this.
Aisha then started talking to her again.

「Isn’t making Hime-sama wait a disrespect?」

As she said that, she started and immediately trembled, stood up with an intense force, and ran off saying 「I’ll immediately talk to the town headman」.

U〜n, she seems to have quite the extreme personality.
Isn’t it troubling for the receptionist to disappear?

Aisha probably didn’t expect her sudden movements as well.
While smiling wryly, she stared at the path the receptionist ran away on.

Before five minutes had even passed, she returned.
As she was panting violently…….

It’s not like I learnt this from Aisha, but I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

「Your Highness, sorry for the wait. Please let me be your guide to the office」

「……Er, isn’t it bad for the receptionist to be absent?」

「There is no problem!」

I don’t think it’s alright but…… well, if the person herself says so, I guess there’s no helping it.
I decide to obediently follow her.

「Her Highness Sylphid has arrived」

The receptionist opened the door and entered the room.
We followed her and entered the room as well.

「Your Highness Sylphid, welcome.
I am Xamaba, serving the Town of Lucas」 (TLN: サマバ …dammit author)

The town headman who stands up from his seat, offers a couch for reception use and greets from his name to his job.
……Fumu, he seems to be the quite the good statesman.

From my standpoint, I have met a lot of such town representatives, but sometimes they exist.
Those who think only for themselves despite their position as the ruling party.

「Sorry for disturbing your work when you are busy.
I am Sylphid・Augusta, I look forward to working with you」

While sitting on the couch he offered, I apologised for suddenly intruding.

「No, I am happy that Your Highness, famous as the Princess Knight, has come to meet me.
Incidentally, for what has Your Highness come here for」

A royalty suddenly looking for him without an appointment, of course he would be curious about the reason.
Even if he’s not guilty about anything, it does make one uneasy.

「No need to be so guarded, I’m not here for some kind of inspection.
Actually it’s about my marriage, my partner is from this town.
For that reason, I will be troubling this town.
Today, I came here to greet you and also have a little request……」

「Ohh, congratulations!!!
I see…… Your Highness is marrying…… No! This is an auspicious occasion!
The partner is from this town…… Fumu, he is Claude-sama from the Roselia Family, right?」

「No, he’s not a noble. His social status is that of a commoner」

「Oh, a commoner who made Her Highness, famous as the Princess Knight, his own, huh…… He’s really enviable.
If possible, can Your Highness tell me his name?」

「He’s a hunter who lives in the back of the town, Myne, a young man who just came of age, you know him?」

「……D, did you say Myne……!? Dyne-san and Yukino-san’s orphan child…… that Myne!?」

As soon as he heard Danna-sama’s name, the town mayor’s suddenly changed.

「His father’s name even appears here……」

Hm? Aisha said something interesting.

「What do you mean?」

As I asked Aisha, she said that the Craftsman gave a similar reaction when they went to request for the drawing up of the bath.

The town mayor who heard our conversation agreed, saying 「Naturally」.

Carefully asking him, it seems that Danna-sama’s parents are this town’s benefactors.
He didn’t tell me in details, but it seems that most of the citizens who have exceeded a certain age is thankful to them, and even now they respect them.

There are a lot of townspeople who support Danna-sama from the shadows, though I think that’s also because of his polite behaviour.
Also, even if they never heard of the name Myne, if they only hear that he is Dyne’s son, there will be a lot of people who will spare no effort to cooperate.

「……Of course, I am also thankful to Dyne-san and Yukino-san.
I see, Myne-kun is Your Highness’s……」

After this, the talk proceeded without a hitch.
About the establishment of our Clan, and the construction of the Clan headquarters.

The mayor gladly gave his permission.
He suggested to overlook the cost of the land and the profit.

This isn’t because of my position.
I think that it would be okay even if Danna-sama came, but it’s a good thing for Aisha or me to hear about Danna-sama’s parents.

Like this, Aisha and I safely completed our objective, and we went back home.

「Hime-sama, the one over there…… Isn’t it Myne-kun?」

Aisha discovered Danna-sama who was walking a little further from us.
……However, somehow, he looks weird? What happened?

Aisha and I decided to stealthily follow behind Danna-sama without him discovering us.
It would be good if it is something we can help.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now as always.

Regarding the house name, I’ve received an extremely large number of opinions from everyone.
There were a lot of things I didn’t thought of, so it’s really difficult to choose (lol)

I am thinking of receiving ideas for the house name until November 16th.
I am looking forward as to what kind of cool name it will be given.

Please continue to give your suggestions.

※Somehow this work appeared in the top page’s PICKUP!
It was extremely surprising.

TL: Izzy.

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