Chapter 60 – Blooms of Sunflowers

Separating from my fiancees, I made my way to Craftsman’s workshop.

On the way there, I met Alchemist-san’s wife, and while exchanging gossips a little, I informed her of my marriage.


Something probably caught her attention.
She clung onto it greatly and asked me various questions.

「And, who’s the partner??」

「Aisha-san who worked as a receptionist at the guild and…… H, Her Highness Sylphid」


Un, that’s understandable.
Madam-san hardened to the point of hilarity. (TLN: Madam-san because oku-san)

「S, sorry〜, Myne-kun…… Oba-san seemed to have heard wrongly.
I heard you said you were marrying two people but〜, who is it other than Aisha-chan, you said〜?」

Aah, as expected, she can’t believe about Sylphy.
Well, even I can’t believe it…….

However, she seems to know about Aisha.
As expected, I once again felt that she’s well-connected because she’s a popular receptionist.

「……Her Highness Sylphid, I will be marrying the two of them……」

「Is it that Princess General, Her Highness Sylphid?」


Madam-san went into an uproar.

Well, I understand…… I understand but I’d like you to stop, please.
Madam-san kicking up a fuss attracted the attention of the passer-bys, and they steadily gathered.

After kicking up a terrible fuss, Madam-san finally managed to calm herself down after noticing my teary eyes.
In a panic, she drove the gathered people away, saying, “It’s nothing〜 Hohoho”.

「S, sorry…… Myne-kun…… Oba-san got a little surprised」

From the looks of it, I am a little worried, I should give Madam-san a warning to not talk about it.
Even though I told her because she had been taking care of me…….

「The official announcement hasn’t been made yet, so please never talk about it.
If any unfortunate remarks are made, the royal family might be troubled, so……」

Madam-san was probably aware of it as well, as she meekly nodded.
Although Sylphy didn’t specifically tell me to keep it a secret, I understood from Madam-san’s reaction.

This is something I cannot say.
If I use the royal family as a pretext, I don’t think Madam-san would say anything.

「Please do not tell Onii-san as well!」

I emphasised that thoroughly before separating with Madam-san.
……I’m a little worried.

While carrying uneasiness, I finally arrived at Craftman’s workshop.

「Good afternoonーーーーー!」

As I gave my usual greetings and entered the workshop, the dwarven woman who had previously received us greeted me.

「Oh, well, if it isn’t Myne-san? Thank ya fer the other day!」(TLN: Forgive my bad rendition of an accent. Tried using accent translators, but I can’t even read them orz)

Since I paid quite a lot for the bath, all the employees seem to have been treated to sake.
I was told that the sake was quite expensive, so everyone seem to have a favourable impression of me.

As I said that I came to discuss with Craftsman, she immediately ran to call him.
As usual, the scene of her noisily running looks really pleasant.

I also thought about this when they were building the baths, but every one of the dwarf race’s movements seem to exude their utmost effort, and feels good.
It’s been said that they are a hard-to-please race, but I don’t think that at all.

「Ooh, Myne, huh, thanks fer comin’! How’s the bath?」

Craftsman’s smile stretches across his whole face, as usual, his smiling face looks great.

「Yes! My housemates are also very pleased with it! Thank you for such a wonderful product!」

Craftsman said “Ah see, ah see,” while looking delighted.
It must have been a work Craftsman is satisfied with.

Even Sylphy and Alto-san wholeheartedly said that the bath was more wonderful compared to the one at the royal palace.
It’s not really surprising, I guess.

「And, whatja come ‘ere fer?」

“Actually,” I said, and explained to him about my marriage with Aisha and Sylphy, and following the flow, about the establishment of the Clan.
As expected of a master craftsman, he didn’t kick up a fuss like Alchemist-san’s Madam-san.

……Well, he was a little surprised, though.

「Fumu, so〜? Ya want us ta build a Clan house, that it?」

「Yes, of course, Craftsman-san may have work right now, so I won’t ask the impossible, though……」

As I said that, Craftsman folded his arms and pondered.

Then, he said something to the receptionist.
They were deep in talk for a while, but seem to have settled on something and talked to me.

「When should we start?」

「I think the construction will take some time, so I think it’s better to start earlier, but it’ll be at Craftman-san’s convenience.」

「Understood, I’ll accept it then.
I have work I have ta continue doin’, so〜, we’ll start after that」

Un, there’s absolutely no problem with that!
Let’s exchange the details with Sylphy and Aisha at home.

As soon as he’s free, Craftsman will come to my house.

Craftsman, thank you very much even though you’re so busy!


Now then, the talk with Craftsman has finished, what should I do now…….


……Ah, that’s right…….
About my marriage…… I’ll have to tell Otou-san and Okaa-san about it…….

I quickly paced towards the public cemetery north of the town.

On the way, I decided to buy some flowers my parents loved.
They’ll definitely be delighted.

The florist-san asked me “Are you going to decorate a grave with this flower?” and made a dubious face, but this flower is my only choice.

This flower’s name is 「Sunflower」

Using selective breeding with magic power or something,recently, any kind of flower can be bought all year round.
However, this flower is originally a flower which blooms in the summer.

Otou-san and Okaa-san also love this flower.
……Of course, me too.

『Hey, Myne. Don’t you feel better looking at sunflowers?
A flower which puts a smile on people’s face and makes them feel lively, isn’t it wonderful, Otou-san and Okaa-san both love this flower as well』

Otou-san and Okaa-san were smiling all the time.
They greeted everyone they met with a smile on.

The weapon shop’s Oji-san said.
That Otou-san and Okaa-san’s smiles were like sunflowers.

I also think that too.
That’s why, to me, this is the only flower I can bring to Otou-san and Okaa-san.

Otou-san, Okaa-san…… I wonder if they’ll be glad at my wedding.
It’d be good if they would.

I then arrived in front of the grave Otou-san and Okaa-san were lying in.


「……Otou-san, Okaa-san, it’s been a while」

Of course, there was no reply.

「Today, I have something to report to Otou-san and Okaa-san……. You’ll surely be surprised.
……I am getting married. Isn’t it amazing? It’s surprising, isn’t it」

There didn’t reply, but I know that Otou-san and Okaa-san are surprised.

「Actually, I have two partners, isn’t it surprising?
There’s something more surprising, you know? Do you want to hear it? ……No helping it, I guess」

Before I realised, my eyes were flooded with tears.

「Both of them are beauties that won’t lose to Okaa-san, you know!
Eh? What did you say Otou-san, they lose to Okaa-san? No way! Okaa-san is a beauty, but
my wives are also really beautiful!
On top of that, one of them is this country’s princess, isn’t that amazing? I’m the most surprised, you know!
I never thought that I would marry a royalty and polygamy would be approved! When I realised, I got two wives.
……Okaa-san’s definitely saying that I’m getting too carried by the flow again, right……」

My eyes are becoming blurry, and I can’t see anything, you know…….
I wanted Otou-san and Okaa-san to see my wedding.

I wanted Otou-san and Okaa-san to see it with their sunflower-like smiles on.

「We’ll be having a wedding ceremony.
They said it’ll be at the temple in the capital, it’s far, but…… both of you must definitely come and see it!」

Otou-san, Okaa-san…… Why did you have to die…….
I’m lonely, come back.

As I couldn’t contain my wailing, something warm hugged me from my left side and back.
I wiped the overflowing tears with my hand, and when I looked at that ‘something’…… there were my two fiancees who I was talking to my parents about.

As I was surprised, Aisha and Sylphy put their hands together in front of Otou-san and Okaa-san’s grave.

「Father-in-law-sama, Mother-in-law-sama, nice to meet you. My name is Sylphid.
I will be married to Myne-san.
I will certainly make him happy in Father-in-law-sama and Mother-in-law-sama’s place. Please rest assured」

「Father-in-law-sama, Mother-in-law-sama, my name is Aisha.
I will also be married to Myne-kun.
I have heard from the townspeople, and will certainly become a couple that is as wonderful as the both of you.
I will make a home brimming with smiles, please watch over us」

I who was taken aback, graspped both of them tightly.
I am alright now, I’m not alone, that is what I want to say.

「……Otou-san, Okaa-san, it’s just as I said.
They are beauties that won’t lose to Okaa-san…….
Please watch over us from now on as well. I will persevere」


『Do your best, Go for it』


……I had certainly heard both of their voices at that time.


Thank you for reading as always.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Please don’t retort with “Are there sunflowers in another world? “.
Please understand that they exist in this world.

TL: Izzy (who cried while TL-ing q.q)

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  1. This is not tears…….this is…….is…….. manliness water……. the last time that i cry with a ln was from sirius teacher(other world teacher), this time was a few manliness water….that time was like a river. I ended in my mothers house.
    Love this kind of ln that make you fell the flow of the story, from the silly funny things to the tearfully sadness things
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  4. Presence detect moderate that MC said he has on all the time to prevent ambushes somehow didn’t activate and he didn’t notice he was followed? hmm… I think I will drop this novel unless something noteworthy/interesting happens soon.


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