Chapter 58 – Various Things, Decided

「For now, Sylphy. Can you tell me about what happened in the capital?」

As I said that, Sylphy said “Alright” and started talking.

「Firstly, our marriage has been approved.
Since there’s the preparations at the temple and the selection of guests, it’ll take some time, we’ll go to the capital.
It has been quite a while since there was a marriage in the royal family, so I think the scale will be quite large.」

Eh? We’re having a marriage ceremony? (TLN: F-ing what. You, you literally heard this from Alto like just now)
Quite large-scaled she says…… I see, that’s understandable, I guess…….

The First Princess is marrying, after all.
Well, that is important, isn’t it.

I wonder if it’s really okay for a commoner like me to be her partner…… Though they agreed, I still have some worries.

「There certainly is no choice but for the scale to be large. Hime-sama is really popular, after all……」

Though I didn’t know, speaking of the Princess Knight Sylphid, because of her looks and strength, she seems to be treated as the commoners’ idol.
There seems to be a lot of youngsters who admire her and hope to join the chivalric order.

Everyone understands the fact that the royal family attaches importance to Skills when it comes to marriage, yet there is an unceasing line of young nobles who apply for marriage with her.
I was surprised when I heard about it, there was even a Marquis over 50 years old who applied for a second wife.

Of course, it is hard for an over 50 year old man to have many kids, and Ou-sama said that it was out of the question and directly refused him.

This time, the fact that she is marrying has spread within the capital endlessly, and the hottest topic seems to be the question “Who is she marrying?”.

Uu, my stomach hurts…….
Perhaps the nobles who were trying to court Sylphy will pick a fight with me…….

「Danna-sama, I understand your worrying, but…… it’s no use getting nervous from now, you know」

Looking at my condition, Sylphy called out to me.

「……But there’s a lot of nobles proposing to Sylphy, isn’t there?
Won’t they not be pleased with a commoner like me as your partner?
I’m scared that they will say something……」

「I think it’ll probably be alright, though? This marriage has been formally approved by Chichiue.
If an idiot who tries to pick a fight with Danna-sama appears, it’d be as if flinging mud at Chichiue.
There probably isn’t an idiot who would go that far」

……Though that’s what Sylphy says, there are such idiots in this world.
There’s Hyold who picked a fight with me in the guild, and Lyle who tried to kill me, thinking about what will happen after this, I can understand, but…….

「Well, if there is such a guy, Aniue probably won’t stay silent.
Danna-sama doesn’t need to worry」

I see, Alto-san will help me, right?
……I feel a little relieved now.

For now, I understand that the marriage ceremony will be grand.
I’ll have to prepare myself.

「By the way, Aisha, you’re seem calm, but you’re coming too, you know? Do you understand that?」

Sylphy dropped a bombshell on Aisha without hesitation.


Aisha raised her voice in surprise at the talk suddenly turning onto her.

「Eh, eh, eh!? Me too!!?」

「Well, of course.
The nobles will start making a noise afterwards if Danna-sama’s wives increased.
Aisha is after all, famous as Sacred Bow.
Isn’t it better to end the troublesome things in one go」

After Sylphy said that, Aisha felt down.

I tapped the dejected Aisha’s shoulders, and sent her a signal “Just give up” with my eyes.
Her beauty would go to waste if she had teary eyes.

「That being the case, we’ll be contacted from the capital once their preparations have finished.
The both of you should mentally prepare…… Shall we proceed to the next topic?」

Aisha and I nodded in return to Sylphy’s question.
Seeing that, Sylphy also nodded, and started talking.

「Next is about the establishment of the Clan, this was also approved.
We will cooperate with my little brother’s Clan, rather, mutual finance has also been settled.
The details is that they will offer purchase of materials and subjugation requests of specific monsters.
Before the departure, my little brother’s Clan purchsed the King and Generals I was entrusted with.
The King costs 550 platinum coins, and the generals are 130 platinum coins each, which means three for 390, and the combined total is 940 platinum coins」

N, n, n, 940 platinum coinssssssssssssssssssssss????
Wait a minute, eh? Isn’t that a really outrageous amount?
It isn’t on the level of building a luxurious bath or something, you know?

「Haha, Danna-sama’s a splendid backbone for the family, to be able to earn so much」

As expected of a princess.
She isn’t agitated at all at such an outrageous amount, 940 platinum coins.

As I tried glancing at Aisha, she seemed surprised, but I feel like she strangely understand.
Am I the only one surprised by this?

Well, there’s no helping it.
I’ve been working hard just to get one silver coin up until now, after all…….

「There’s also the Clan’s headquarters, Chichiue said that he wanted to build it at the capital, but,
I rejected it since there wasn’t a choice but this distant town for Danna-sama.
Either way, the Clan’s headquarters is necessary.
Since this house can’t do, there’s a need to build a building, but…… you don’t mind, right?」

Aah, I see.
……That’s understandable.

There’s a possibility that we will receive requests from nobles, this house is as expected, unfit for that, huh.

「Un, I think it’s necessary, but…… I wonder if our money’s enough?」

I can’t intuitively know, even if you say building a Clan building.
I wonder how much money it’ll cost?

「You don’t need to worry about that, Chichiue will pay half as the wedding present, and I also have some savings.
Fortunately, there’s a lot of area left over around this house, and the land is extremely cheap.
If Danna-sama says it’s okay, I will negotiate with the town headman.
……All that’s left is where to ask for the quality goods」

If it’s going to the town mayor, then Sylphy is certainly suitable for it.
If a princess discusses with him, he can’t just refuse, huh.

I wonder if I should request Craftsman for the building.
He knows Otou-san, and he also build the bath.

I can also entrust it to him with a peace of mind.

「Un, I’ll entrust Sylphy with the land, okay?
I’ll take over the matter of the building」

「Hm? Do you have something in mind?」

「Un, I was thinking of asking the Craftsman who built the bath. That’s if he agrees」

「Aah, there shouldn’t be a problem with the Craftsman who built the baths.
Putting the scale aside, it’s even more gorgeous compared to the royal family’s」

Fumu, it seems to be favourable.
If this matter’s over, I should probably turn up at the workshop quickly.

「Yosh, this will be the last matter.
It’s about our position after the marriage, like I said before, we will be treated as an emergent noble.
Well, though it’s called nobles, it’s just a name, so there isn’t a land to manage or duty to fulfil.
Also, a house name is needed. Danna-sama, please think about it until the marriage ceremony」

……Name, a name, huh…….
I can’t think of one at all.

Even if you tell me, a commoner since birth, to think about a house name, there’s no way I can think of one.

Aah, what should I do…….


Thank you for reading as always.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

That’s why, everyone will be taking part in Myne-kun and the others’ house name. (TLN: This is author’s note, so please note that it has already been decided.)
I’ve thought of a few candidates, but everyone might as well participate.

Nobody giving any suggestions probably won’t happen, right?
If that happens, I would think of one myself.

I would be happy if it is given a cool name fully loaded with chuunibyou.

*syosetu stuff*

Donors: Johannes B., James K.

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    • I think it’s more like “The gap between the rich and someone who had only been able to hunt rabbits until recently cause he was wasn’t an adult and hadn’t received his skill(s) yet”. XD

      Also, thanks for another chapter Izzy~


    • Hey, u r right… This similiar… Thx 4 remind me.
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  1. 「I think it’ll probably be alright, though? This marriage has been formally approved by Chichiue.
    If an idiot who tries to pick a fight with Danna-sama appears, it’d be as if flinging mud at Chichiue.
    There probably isn’t an idiot who would go that far」

    I think the flag for another mob character picking fight has been risen with this line


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter…

    Of course it would make a fuss and envy for male around country. An unknown boya marrying two beautiful onee-san. One is princess and one is infamous adventurer.


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