Chapter 23 – The Orc Settlement (2)

「Sorry, I heard that a young man named Myne is in this guild……」

Though the person’s face couldn’t be seen because the mantle had a hood attached. she seems to be a woman.

「Myne was erased from the guild’s register yesterday but…… is it a designated request? There are other excellent people in this guild, you know」

The receptionist lady・Mil replied to the question of the woman.

「No, sorry but it isn’t a request. I have a personal business with him…… however, does the register erasure mean it’s not calm? Did he cause a problem?」

Probably from hearing her questioned like that, immediately after Mil received the retort, precisely because of that, I knew that guild leader had scowled.(TLC:そう問われたのが聞こえたのだろう、ミルに突っ込みを受けていた直後だっただけにギルド長が顔を顰めたのが分かった。)

If it’s business with Myne-kun, I who was his exclusive should probably deal with this.

「No, it’s nothing like that you know, well, there is of course a reason for that, but since the guild’s matter, it would be hard to give you an answer……」

「I see. Then it can’t be helped huh…… by the way, you who just replied to me, won’t you come here for a sec?」

As I walked closer to her side, though thinking Why me?, she muttered 「By the way, Aisha, long time no see」 in a low voice.

Due to my name suddenly called out, as I reflexively focused on her face which was concealed under her hood……

「……Y, Your Highness Sylphid…… Why, are you here……」

The person is the Augusta Kingdom’s First Princess, “Princess Knight” Sylphid・Augusta.

「Fufu, sorry but I’m going incognito, so can you keep silent about my identity?」

When I was still an adventurer, there were surely times when we had met through requests from the royal family.
However, to even remember my name…….

「Because of that, Aisha. I want to meet that young man Myne but where can I meet him?」

「Just like that girl from before said, he has been erased from the guild, honestly where he is right now is……」

Though I’m baffled by the sudden appearance of royalty, I suddenly thought of a question.

I wonder why the Hime-sama is searching for Myne-kun?
……Rather than that, I wonder why she knows about him?

Royalty calling a commoner’s name and coming to visit him is honestly abnormal.

「Hmm, since he has registered in the guild once, that means you know where he’s staying right? Won’t you tell me where it is?」

「P, please wait a moment! Since I’ll be guiding you…… Would it be okay for me to tell the guild leader?」 (TLN: Aisha speaks in humble form)

「Oh? I’m grateful if you can guide me, but it seems that you need to obtain approval even though you’re slipping out, huh. If it’s with the guild leader…… well that’s okay I guess」

Receiving approval from Hime-sama, I hurriedly ran to where guild leader is.
Probably because my hurried appearance was amusing, Hime-sama giggled.

When I told guild leader about Hime-sama, he noticeably panicked, and I hurriedly stopped him from going to Hime-sama and waiting upon her.

「Hime-sama is going incognito, please don’t do anything that will expose her!」

Receiving permission to go out from the confused guild leader, thinking for Hime-sama’s safety, continuing from last night, I quickly put on my arms and went to Hime-sama.

「What, to put on arms……if it’s a guard then I don’t need any you know? You know my ability right?」

Hime-sama is surely strong.

A knight to the point of having “Princess Knight” as a nickname. Naturally I know that she is even stronger than me.
However, even so, being a guard is another story.

In the first place, in the worst case that something happened to Hime-sama, I cannot even imagine what kind of rebuke the country will give.

「……No, it would be a serious matter if anything happened to Hime-sama. Please let me follow you like this」

Hime-sama probably understood, as she shrugged her shoulders and walked towards the guild’s exit.

On the way to Myne-kun’s house, Hime-sama once again asked me the reason for Myne-kun’s guild erasure.

Though it is a matter within the guild, if royalty asks, there’s no choice but to answer.
I talked about the incidents that have happened since Myne-kun first came to the guild until yesterday.

「Hmph…… As expected, there’s no doubt that he has a special secret, huh. It’s impossible for him to win against a C-rank adventurer with the Skills he has been bestowed with after all」

「Eh!? Hime-sama knows!? About his Skills!!」

Surprised, I accidentally raised my voice.

Far from blaming me, a smile surfaced as she answered me.

「Of course, even you know right? That the royal family receives reports about the Skills bestowed upon the new adults by the temple」

……Now that she said it, because of a certain reason it is necessary for royalty to know about the new adults’ Skills.

「Haa!? Don’t tell me, Hime-sama’s aim is!!!?」

「Fufufu, good guess. The reason’s probably as you say, but it’s useless telling others you know? Since it’ll become an uproar」

I see, that’s why she came to see Myne-kun! Surely if such a thing were to come to light there will be an uproar in the world.
Hime-sama is fearlessly smiling, but if that were to be implemented…….

「Don’t be that confused, I’ve only come to see this to the end. Also Aisha did you know, that guy seems to be able to hunt orcs solo」

Soloing orcs!? If that is true…… then I can understand him defeating Lyle.
What in the world are his Skills…….

Probably knowing my question, Hime-sama continued.

「You seem to be curious huh, about his Skills. Since he wants to hide it, I can’t possibly say it. It’s a secret for “now”」
Mm mm mm, I was surrounded while I was stealing their skills huh・・・.
Eei, since I’ve got nothing to lose I’ll hit them with 【Support Magic・Sleep】.

Miraculously it wasn’t resisted, and the orc in front of me fell asleep in a moment.
While cutting the abdomen of the sleeping orc open with my dagger, I cut across its side.

I who had just broke through the enclosure faced my back and fired another 【AoE Magic・Fire Maximum】!

The explosive flame rolled up in the middle of the rocs, and in a blink of an eye, the group of orcs huddled together had been burnt up.

I already stole all their Skills.
I had absolutely no hesitation in exterminating them.

Using 【Presence Erase・Moderate】, I left the place which was rolling in flames and temporarily took shelter.

「Phew, I somehow escaped……」
The orcs nearby had noticed the thunderous roar when I first fired 【AoE Magic・Fire Maximum】.
I immediately started moving to escape, but an orc suddenly appeared on my way out and blocked my escape route.

I stole its skill, and at the place I defeated it I realised a large quantity of orcs was approaching me from behind.

For the time being I did not check what kind of Skills they had, continuously plundered, and the conclusion was 【Support Magic・Sleep】 just now at the place I was surrounded.

I wonder if I had just defeated more than 10 orcs?
If I add the ones I had defeated at first there are probably around 10 orcs left.

Though my exhaustion is quite extreme, if I slip in a little rest, I have a feeling I will somehow manage.
Name : Myne
LV : 20
Race : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 15 years
Occupation : Hunter

Appraisal・Complete LV2 (196/200)
Cut & Paste (55/200)
Tenfold Experience Acquisition (-/-)

Dagger・Extreme LV3 (56/200)
Grappling・Extreme Lv4 (19/200)
Twin Blades・Extreme LV2 (36/100)
Two-handed Axe・Extreme (0/50)
One-handed Blade (0/50)
Two-handed Blade (0/50)
One-handed Axe (0/50) (TLN: Previous Axe)

Body Enhancement・Small LV3 (6/200)
Body Enhancement・Large (0/50)
Leg Enhancement・Small LV2 (79/100)
Sight Enhancement・Moderate (16/50)

Finger Bullet Lv3 (1/150)
Swift Feet (Small) LV2 (55/100)
Strong Arm LV2 (98/100)
Iron Wall LV 2 (76/100)
Agitate (0/50)
Presence Erase・Moderate LV2 (96/100)
Presence Detect・Moderate (0/50)
Strength Rise (0/50)
Physics Rise (0/50)

Magic・Fire (0/50)
Magic・Water (0/50)
Magic・Wind (12/50)
Magic・Small Recovery (36/50)
AoE Magic・Fire Maximum (9/50)
AoE Magic・Wind Maximum (9/50)
AoE Magic・Water Maximum (0/50)
AoE Magic・Earth Maximum (0/50)
Magic・Large Recovery (0/50)
Support Magic・Speed Reduction (2/50)
Support Magic・Sleep (1/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina) (29/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Large (Stamina) (0/50)
Support Magic・Defence Reduction (0/50)

Fire Attribute・Resistance (6/50)
Water Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Wind Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Earth Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Light Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Dark Attribute・Resistance (0/50)

Cooking (19/50)
Needlework (0/50)
Etiquette (0/50)
Art of Negotiation (2/50)
Alchemy (6/50)
Cleaning (11/50)
Tame (0/50)
Woodwork (0/50)

Martial Arts : Successive Shot (0/200)
Martial Arts : Flurry Attack (0/200)
Martial Arts : Shark Glow (0/200) (TLN: No idea either. シャークグロウ)

Somehow, Skills I don’t quite understand have multiplied.

For now, the one I’ll immediately use is…… 【Presence Detect・Moderate】, seems like I can use this right now.

Hmm, the detection range does not seem to be wider than I thought.
There are three large presences about 500m to the north, and there is one large presence and two just a little big presence in the vicinity.

First I will defeat the one near me, since if I take too long the woman who was caught will be in danger.
Since it’ll take a considerable amount of time, I am terribly worried but…….

While thinking such, I checked the situation in the direction of the nearby presences using 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate】.
Name : High orc・Knight
LV : 15
Race : Demon Race

Martial Arts : Sharpness・Sword

Name : High Orc・Dark Knight
LV : 18
Race : Demon Race

Stamina Absorption・Large

Name : Orc General
LV : 25
Race : Demon Race

Strong Arm・Extreme
Arm Strength・Extreme

……Eh? Orc・General……really?

AN :

Thank you very much for reading.

The Orc Settlement, I never expected to continue it to (3).
I did not plan for it to be this long though…….

Since around yesterday It has become that different time PV can be somewhat seen no matter the time.
Though I know that PV will increase when it is updated, it is mysterious that the PV is about the same at night during the update.
Everyone, we’ve finally arrived from somewhere, right? (TLC: 皆さん、どこから辿り着いているんでしょうね?)
At any rate, I am grateful, and am feeling full of gratitude.
I truly thank you very much.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    I would like to recommend changing the “Maximum” in the AoE Magic columns to “Very Large” instead, because wouldn’t he have mentioned finding the “top level” of the skill if he had found it? We know that magic has the potential ranks of “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”…and now this “Very Large”…but we don’t know that it’s the max one, right?

    In addition, I’d also like to suggest a slight change in how you display the “ranks” of skills as well (at least for the ones that aren’t separated with that dot, heh).

    For example, the AoE magic one…I’d suggest making it “AoE Magic – Fire, Very Large” instead. This way it’s easier for people to understand that they’re both descriptors on the TYPE of AoE magic it is, rather than it just being a “very large fire” magic. Also, in the case of skill names like this, the dot can probably be safely replaced with a hyphen like I did above. ^^

    This could also be done for “Support Magic – Gradual Restoration, Small (Stamina)”…which btw, I think “Vitality” would be a better word for instead of “Stamina”, since it can mean both stamina AND health (since he uses it to slowly heal his wounds and stuff like that). I might even go so far as to say that it might be better to change it to “Support Magic – Gradual (Stamina/Vitality) Restoration, Small”…it sounds much better this way, imo…even if it’s not the EXACT order that the kanji are written in. ^^

    Hope this helps. ^^


    • Ah. Thank you for proposing this. Only now did I search the meaning of 極大 in a Japanese dictionary (these are hell for not so proficient people, i.e. me :c) instead of JP -> EN dictionaries. What I found was ‘extremely large’, but since extremely large is too long, I might change it to colossal instead. I won’t change the dot, since it’s in the raws. I prefer to stick to the raws as much as I can, though my bad Japanese sometimes won’t allow for that.

      I’ll change stamina to vitality, since now that you mentioned it, stamina does sound weird ._. I still will follow the Japanese raws, so I’ll just substitute the word.

      I won’t change the ones I’ve already posted, since they’re a pain to change @@ Sorry for that. I will change the future ones though.

      Thank you for your feedback!


      • Another thing that I noticed…

        One-handed Blade (0/50)
        Two-handed Blade (0/50)

        For these two…it MAY be better for “Blade” to be “Sword” in this case (even though it uses the same kanji for Twin Blades). This is basically only because I feel that One-handed/Two-handed Sword sounds better than Blade, though. ^^

        It’s not a critical thing or anything like that…just thought I’d mention it. XD


      • Also feel that “Presence Detect” and “Presence Erase” should be “Detect Presence” and “Erase Presence” for grammar’s sake. I’m almost completely certain that this is how they should actually be read, as well. ^^

        …kinda wish I could edit my posts, haha. Hope they continue to help, though. =x


      • Here’s one last response, because I just wanted to double check the other ability names to hopefully help you out with those, as well. Here’s some suggestions for those. ^^

        Support Magic – Speed Reduction
        This could either be changed to “Support Magic – Reduce Speed”…or…you could also make the leap and make it “Support Magic – Slow”…which is typically what you see when you see speed reductions in games (either that or Snare, but Snare is just MOVEMENT speeds usually, and not always ATTACKING speeds).

        Support Magic – Defense Reduction
        I personally feel that, like Speed Reduction, this would be better represented as “Reduce Defense”…though it’s certainly fine the way it currently is, heh.

        Shouldn’t this be “Sewing” instead of “Needlework”? I mean, they kind of mean the same thing…but…I think Sewing is just easier to understand.

        This should definitely be changed to “Woodworking” imo since it’s a skill regarding things made of wood. ^^

        Martial Arts: Flurry Attack
        When I looked this up I got “Martial Arts: Consecutive Attacks” instead of “Flurry Attack”. I mean, I get why you’d go with “Flurry”…but I’m not sure if it should be written that way, personally. ^^

        Arm Strength – Extreme
        This is a case where I feel that you might have actually translated this wrong. I feel that this one should definitely be “Strength Enhancement – Extreme”. The kanji that you wrote as “Arm” CAN mean “Arm Strength”, but I’ve seen it used much more often with regards to “Physical Strength”. In addition to that, we’ve already got an “Arm Strength Increase” ability with “Strong Arm”, don’t we?

        Stamina Absorption – Large
        There’s two things I’d like to point out here. The first is that, like with the restoration skills, I feel that the “Stamina” in this should be changed to “Vitality” (to cover both health AND stamina). The second is that it might be better to rearrange this so it’s written as “Absorb Vitality – Large”…though I guess it’s not entirely necessary, heh.

        Anyway, this was a long comment…and I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds with it, but I do hope it helps you with deciding on the skill names and stuff. It should be the last one (for this chapter, at least, heh). ^^


      • Holy. That’s a lot @@
        So… (by order of your suggestions)

        I’d probably change it to sword, since it does sound a little better.

        OR maybe presence detection and erasure? Since I personally feel that verbs in Skills are weird, since Skills are nouns by themselves.

        I’d like to keep them as nouns, and stick to the original.

        Same as above

        Just searched in an English dictionary and it turns out sewing and woodworking are both nouns. wai u do dis engrish

        Also searched in an English dictionary, and it seems like my memory has failed me orz. For some reason I remembered flurry = consecutive, but it seems like I was wrong. Changing it to consecutive.

        Regarding the arm strength, I thought for quite a while, since I can’t really understand physical strength orz. I first translated it as physical strength, but I thought it was quite redundant with leg strength. Probably because I rarely play games nowadays so yeah. Since you pointed it out, probably gonna change it back to physical strength.

        Regarding the vitality part, I’d probably change it, since you mentioned it in your first post.

        I used probably since idk if I’m even gonna remember all of this orz.

        Thanks though! I don’t think you’re overstepping any boundaries and whatnot, since I’m trying to improve my translation, and any suggestions would help.


      • Indeed, by author’s own logic one handed blade somehow doesn’t include dagger that he was using constantly. It should be changed to sword instead of blade. Because if it was blade he would have gotten at least level 2 of that skill by now, yet it is still (0/50)


  2. そう問われたのが聞こえたのだろう、ミルに突っ込みを受けていた直後だっただけにギルド長が顔を顰めたのが分かった。– [Sō towa reta no ga kikoeta nodarou], [miru ni tsukkomi o ukete ita chokugodatta dake ni] [girudo-chō ga kao o shikameta no ga wakatta.] — [Probably having heard the question being asked as such] type of thing, [and having it happen just after (chokugo — immediately after) being tsukkomi’d (rebuked) by Miru] [I knew Guild Leader ‘scrunched’ his face] (sorry, don’t know a good translation for shikameru/shikameta and I always forget how others translate it…) — So, either the Mary from before was a typo that you could ask the Author as a itten (一点) on syosetu or he received another ‘rebuke’


    • After giving it some thought while it does translate into Sharkclaw, perhaps it is more referring to Shark-strike if you take into account the weapon the MC uses there is also the preferred attack method of the MC fast silent and LOTS of power. Which can be summed up to a Shark-strike. I can say for sure but if you considered the MC and his Characteristics then it fits perfectly.

      But, then again that is just my take on it.


  3. That sleep aint moving at all and other skills like cooking etc looks weird as well, is author-san a bit tipsy perhaps?

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


  4. Yep… well… After this, he’ll have to bury the bodies or live at the castle. Defeating this entire Orc camp on his own with multiple High Orcs and even an Orc General…
    I still wonder who that woman is, though. I doubt it’s someone already introduced… Is she a kidnapped slave or a free person? There were slaves mentioned right? (or is my memory bad from reading half a dozen different manga yesterday and only getting 3 hours of sleep?)


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