Chapter 24 – The Orc Settlement (3)


It’s an S-rank monster which can only be subjugated by several tens of high-rank adventurers, knights and the like.

And a general being here is proof that the higher existence “Orc・King” is also here.
They are called the king’s bodyguards, since they will appear beside the king without fail.

Thinking about the size of the nearby general, there is a high chance that the large presences to the north I had checked just now using 【Presence Detect・Moderate】 are probably three Orc・Generals.

However, if it’s a general, if I organise my level and Skills, I think I will be able to defeat them some way or another.

The problem is the Orc・King.
As expected I have no choice but to question if I can defeat it.

If a general is an S-class then a king is a calamity-class existence.

It’s to the extent that gathering the strongest class adventurers, knights and the like from all over the country, it’s impossible to defeat it if they don’t tackle it with a war of attrition with hundreds of people.
The king being here, I regret my naive perspective.

However, I do not have the choice to leave the captured woman alone and escape.

After all, I’ve act violently until here.
There’s no doubt that for the sake of hunting me the king has started mobilising.

……At any rate I’ll defeat as much as I can for now, and concentrate on raising my own strength.
Because it’s the only chance for she who was captured and me to survive.

Deciding as such, I will quickly get rid of the three orcs in front of me and turn them into a stepping stone for me to become stronger.
The longer I take, there’s no doubt that the probability of me supplemented by the King will increases. (TLN: I have no idea.)

As usual I hurriedly stole their Skills, and cast as much self-enhancement Skills as I can.

From the battles until now, I know that I can defeat until high orcs if I fire 【AoE Magic・Fire Maximum】 with all my strength.

\If so, there’s only one thing to do.
Though I don’t know if I can defeat the general with this, even if it isn’t defeated I will probably be able to deal quite the damage.

After the damage has been dealt using magic, I will hunt it with all my strength.

I who decided as such, chose the timing when the three orcs are gathered together, and ensuring the timing in one moment, I released magic at full strength.


A thunderous roar even louder than from before resounded, while swallowing up the surrounding buildings, it directly hit the orcs.
As I had planned, the two orcs let out a scream and crumbled down to the ground.

Then, this is the bad part of what I had planned, the general, injured with large burns all over its body, let out a war cry and charged towards me.

Without panicking at its momentum, as I hit it with 【Support Magic・Speed Reduction】, the general’s movements became noticeably slower.
Probably because my level and my Skill’s level had increased, the accuracy rose.

Not passing up the moment its movements had dulled, I went around to its back using 【Presence Erase・Moderate】, I loaded all my strength and slashed at its back.

As expected from a general, even though I was using a steel dagger, I wasn’t able to cut it smoothly.
Maybe because of pain or anger, it let out an even fiercer roar, I snuck into the bosom of the general who was swinging its arms violently, and I struck it using the dagger martial arts, 「Shark Glow」.

With the Skills 【Strong Arm・Extreme】 + 【Arm Strength・Extreme】 which I had just took from it attached onto the martial arts, its power became absurd, and the general was literally cut up right in half.

「Phew, I did it……」

Confirming that its life had stopped, I quickly stored the general which has become a corpse.

Opposite to the direction of the opponents, the generals who are coming from the north, in other words, I escaped towards the south.

However, in a hurry, it was unwise of me not to use 【Presence Erase・Moderate】 and【Presence Detect・Moderate】.

I clashed with a group of three ordinary orcs and one high orc.

This, this situation is quite bad!!

The three to the north which I consider as Orc・Generals are coming here right now.
If this goes on I will be pincer attacked.

In that one moment I was agitated, there was one who could use magic among the high orcs.

What the high orc had fired, was probably 【AoE Magic・Fire Maximum】

Though I flusteredly used 【Fire Attribute・Resistance】,I received a direct hit.


At the excess heat and pain, I unintentionally let out a groan.
Blood then gushed out from my whole body, I involuntarily staggered and fell to my knees.

The blood flowing out from my forehead stole the sight from my lef eye.

If the 【Fire Attribute・Resistance】 I had casted just now did not reduced, perhaps I would have died.

The orcs who saw me falling to my knees, disgustingly gossiped, a smile… yes, it was probably a smile that surfaced, it raised the stone axe it was holding high up, and put an end to me.
No, I’ll be done in!!!
「Myne-kun!!!!! Don’t give up!!!!!!!」
At the same time the voice reached my ears, three white paths passed above my head.
The three white paths directly hit the orcs who had just wanted to end me.

Unable to completely receive the impact, the orcs stumbled a few steps back.

As I looked at the direction of the voice…… there stood Aisha-san who I was indebted to in the guild, with a dignified posture with a bow.

When I noticed that I looked back, I saw that she had started nocking the next arrow in order to pursue the orcs.

Then, it seems that there was a female knight who I have never seen before behind Aisha-san.

Why? Why is Aisha-san here?
Who, is that female knight?

Ah, it’s no use, Aisha-san…… there’s an Orc・King here.
Don’t worry about me, quickly run!

This place is a hopeless battlefront, if a beautiful person like Aisha-san is here…… they’ll aim at her first.
Aisha-san being sexually assaulted by orcs, definitely…… I will definitely not accept that!!!!

「Aisha-san, it’s no use, run!!」

I shouted towards Aisha-san from the bottom of my heart.

However, probably she heard it, or probably she didn’t hear it, Aisha-san continued shooting.

One shot, two shots, three shots…….
The arrows who were continuously fired by Aisha-san flew towards the orcs with unparalleled accuracy.

As expected of a former B-rank adventurer, it seemed to have accurately delivered damage to the orcs.
Even though high orcs aren’t like orcs, damage was reliably delievered.

There’s no choice but to quickly defeat this guys to let Aisha-san-tachi escape.
Get a hold of yourself! Myne!!

Collecting my thoughts, I quickly plundered their Skills, and casted 【Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Large (Stamina)】 on myself.
I was still staggering a little, but I firmly stood up, and grasped my daggers on both hands.

I overlapped 【Leg Enhancement・Small】【Swift Feet (Small)】【Body Enhancement・Small】【Body Enhancement・Large】, and closed in on the orcs in one go.

Differnet from the situation when I had bumped into them just now, since I properly casted enhancements, if I’m not careless then I can defeat them without problems.
Then as expected, the four orcs quickly cut down towards me.

However, I still cannot be careless.
Since the Orc・Generals who are approaching from the north will immediately be here.

Confirming that I’ve defeated them, Aisha-san and the knight-san beside her ran towards me.

「Myne-kun! Are you alright!? Wait a while, I’ll immediately heal you!!」

「I’m alright, I can do that myself…… Leaving that aside, the two of you please quickly run away from here. Three Orc・Generals will soon come here」

Hearing about Orc・Generals, the female knight-san beside her rose an even louder voice in surprise than Aisha-san.

「W, wait!? Did you say Orc・General? Why’s an S-rank monster in such a place!?」

「I don’t know the reason, and I don’t have time to think, quickly run away!! Besides the thing about the generals being here……」

I pointed towards the opposite direction of the generals coming here, and urged them to run.

「An Orc・General being here…… I see!? That also means there’s an Orc・King here!!!?」

At the moment the female knight shouted, even though they are not their aim, a roar which seemed like it reverberated through the whole orc settlement could be heard.
……There’s no doubt, it’s them.

A response suddenly appeared in my 【Presence Detect・Moderate】

Compared to the generals, it was a tremendously larger presence…….
No doubt, it’s an Orc・King.

Finally it’s existence was exposed, no matter what it takes I have to defeat the three generals before it appears here.

「The both of you hurry up…… quickly run away from here! Quickly!!!!」

However, my earnest complaint was……not…in time…… it was too late…….
Why, Why is……!!
「Why is the “King” here first!!! Damn it!!!!」


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If it is alright with you, please, by all means m(_ _)m

Next, The Orc Settlement will definitely end next chapter.
Even I have times where I felt like that…….

Orc Settlement arc? It seems like it will continue for a while.
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32 thoughts on “Chapter 24 – The Orc Settlement (3)

  1. It’s been bugging me why in conversation people still say human but in satus their race is hume?
    Oh btw anyone have read the raw besides translator? I just want to know if this novel have a good prospects, because ubtil now besides cut and paste skill and guild keaving the events quite generic or in other words” template”


      • Yeah, a General has to be powerful…so even if it’s fairly low level, it’s probably going to be more powerful than any other orc type aside from the King, heh.

        I’m guessing these monsters EVOLVE in some sort of way to get these roles, though…so it might’ve needed a ‘naturally strong’ orc to begin with in order to get a General… =x


  2. thanks for the chapters.

    ‘Shark Glow’ is most likely something like ‘Shear Cut’ or so. It comes out the be ‘Shear Kuguro’ in google translate with a bit of editing as the only thing that makes reasonable sense. As such it is most likely a martial skill (based upon placement) that enhances the held weapons ability to Shear (cut/separate) something. So Shearing Edge or Cutting Edge makes sense.

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    • You can get “Shear” in that way…and “Kuguro” pulls up the following if you look at it in Translation Aggregator and look at the japanese reading directly:

      To go under… To pass under… To go through… To pass through… To dive (into or under the water)… To evade… To get around… To slip past… To survive… OR To surmount.

      It could be any of these meanings for it, probably. However, I’d say it’s probably one of the first four.

      It seems like it means something like “to shear through”…but it could still simply be “Sharkglow” as in a name of a specific technique…that “shears through” things.

      Not all skill names are going to ~make perfect sense~ in english, after all, heh. I also wonder why when you just throw the whole thing into GT it kicks back “Sharkclaw”. I think that would make more sense than “Sharkglow”…but…yeah. I have no idea which is right, I’ll see if I can’t find someone to explain it to me, heh. =x


      • Ok, talked to someone I know, and he said it’s probably “shark grow/Sharkgrow” or something like that.

        He also then referenced the Jojo series saying that there are times when an ability’s name is NOTHING like what the ability actual does (referencing Stand names i that series, heh). So…it be that it’s MEANT to be like that. ^^

        Friend also recommended after that, saying “don’t expect the author to name skills properly, unless he has done so all the way until this point”…but…it’s a different skill from most of the MC’s other skills, so…yeah, that’s difficult to determine.


      • Hmmm… Since it’s quite hard to determine, with the author not explaining the Skills, I’d probably stick to one translation for now. Does Shark Grow sound better or Shark Glow (Which sounds even weirder, I know)? I won’t correct the posted chapters (since it’s troublesome), but I’d change it for the future chapters though.


    • Me too, tbh, haha.

      He’s gonna face some serious repercussions for this, for sure. Can’t see him NOT doing so, given all the crap going down.


  3. By the way, with regards to “receptionist girl” from previous chapters…I’d either go with “receptionist” or “female receptionist”.

    Considering they tend to be female already, though…I don’t know that the “female” is necessary here.

    Personally, I’d just go with “receptionist”. Either way you do it, “receptionist girl” is bad english grammar…so I wouldn’t do it regardless. ^^


    • I’ll try to remember. Since it’s ‘woman receptionist’ in Japanese, I kind of translated it as such, since it’s sometimes hard to restructure the sentence after translating, especially since I’m not that fluent in English. Thank you anyway!


  4. ” The longer I take, there’s no doubt that the probability of me supplemented by the King will increases. (TLN: I have no idea.)”

    Probably means that the Orcs he’s fighting will get reinforcements sent to them by the Orc King if he takes too long to wipe out the group he’s fighting.


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