Chapter 22 – The Orc Settlement (1)

The day after I was expelled from the adventurer’s guild, searching for orcs, I came to the forest behind the town.

It is to earn income, but I also thought that there might be those who have all kinds of names like the goblins.

The battle with Lyle was a good lesson.
Though I was taken by surprise, it proved that one can win even against a stronger opponent if one only use useful Skills.

I’ve reached the conclusion that to keep on living after this, as expected it would be best to have as many Skills as I can.
As such, here’s a feel of my Skills.
Name : Myne
LV : 9
Race : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 15 years
Occupation : Apprentice Hunter

Appraisal・Complete LV2 (36/200)
Cut & Paste (23/200)
Tenfold Experience Acquisition (-/-)

Dagger・Extreme LV2 (3/100)
Grappling・Extreme Lv4 (1/200)
One-handed Blade (0/50)
Two-handed Blade (0/50) (TLN: I’ve just realised it was actually two handed blade and not twin blades… Sorry for the mistranslation)
Axe (0/50)

Body Enhancement・Small (48/50)
Leg Enhancement・Small (35/50)
Sight Enhancement・Moderate (16/50)

Finger Bullet Lv3 (1/150)
Swift Feet (Small) (41/50)
Strong Arm (25/50)
Iron Wall (28/50)
Agitate (0/50)
Presence Erase・Moderate (6/50)

Magic・Fire (0/50)
Magic・Water (0/50)
Magic・Wind (12/50)
Magic・Small Recovery (36/50)

Support Magic・Speed Reduction (2/50)
Support Magic・Sleep (1/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina) (29/50)

Fire Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Water Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Wind Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Earth Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Light Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Dark Attribute・Resistance (0/50)

Cooking (1/50)
Needlework (0/50)
Etiquette (0/50)
Art of Negotiation (2/50) (TLN: It went down? Author typo?)
Alchemy (6/50)
Cleaning (0/50)
Tame (0/50)
Woodwork (0/50)

Martial Arts : Successive Shot (0/200)
It’s going to be my first time fighting with orcs since I obtained 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】, I’m very looking forward to this.

While thinking that, I located medicinal plants, and while defeating gathering sheep, I proceeded deeper and deeper than usual.

The trees then disappeared before I reached a steep slope, my view improved and I discovered the place.

The view spread before my eyes was…….

「My goodness……, an orc settlement in such a place……」

What I came across was an orc settlement.
Just, how many are there……?

Rather, I should have realised such a possibility earlier.
In the first place, there wasn’t much talks about orcs being in the forest in the past.
But, when I defeated orcs previously, I had lightly thought that they had probably accidentally lost their way.

My first battle, my first victory, the delight from such things had covered up the doubting feeling of “Something’s not right”.

Because the orcs have settled down here and built a settlement, that’s why I came across orcs at such a place.

It’s no use, this…… isn’t possible by myself.
No matter how I think about this, this is a case to be reported to the guild!

While deciding to retreat in my heart, I scouted out the village by using 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate】.

「Briefly looking there’s around 40 of them huh…… hm?」

As I roughly counted, I noticed for some reason a human figure in the middle of the settlement.

「Dokun!」, throbbed my heart greatly.

T, that’s…… a human female!

A human female in an orc settlement…… what it means naturally, even I know.

Not good, I don’t have time! Even if I go the guild now she won’t be saved…… I…… I can only do this.

I made my resolve.
Since I have decided I have to act quickly! I frantically searched for those guys who left the flock.

I found them! Though three of them are gathered together but if it’s three, then I’ll somehow manage!
Name : Orc・Assassin
LV : 10
Race : Demon Race

Twin Blades・Extreme (TLN: The real twin blades orz)

Name : Orc・Warrior
LV : 11
Race : Demon Race

Strength Rise

Name : High Orc・Magician
LV : 13
Race : Demon Race

AoE Magic・Fire Maximum

The orcs with different names, as expected they exist! Furthermore there’s even one with high orc!!
As expected, they all have useful looking Skills.

If it’s like this I might be able to do it.

I immediately plundered all their Skills, used self-enhancement which can only be casted on myself and held a dagger in each hand.
It’s all thanks to the 【Twin Blades・Extreme】 I plundered.

I used 【Presence Erase・Moderate】 at the back and approached them in one go, and aimed at the troublesome looking high orc’s heart and stabbed.
I then slashed at it diagonally from the shoulder, after that, I aimed at the windpipe of the assassin beside it and stabbed at it.

I didn’t seem to have instantly killed it, but because it is a fatal wound, it feebly fell to its knees.

The warrior who finally realised that they were ambushed swung a stone axe of about my height downward.

However, that’s too bad! Too slow!!!!!

Before the axe came falling towards me, I used 【Presence Erase・Moderate】 a second time and went behind it.
I then thrusted the dagger on my right hand towards its heart, and the one on my left towards its nape.

I then let go of my daggers, and drove a punch towards the assassin’s solar plexus, who still had a breath left, with all my strength.

The time for all this is about 40 seconds.
There doesn’t seem to be any sign of being noticed from the surroundings.

Confirming that all three of them have died, while casting 【Magic・Small Recovery】 on my crushed fist, I put the orcs’ corpses into my Storage Bag.
Because if they discover the corpses, the remaining bunch will naturally make an uproar, so thought I.

I am really grateful to the alchemist onii-san.

Using 【Magic・Small Recovery】 once more, I hid under a cover.

At the moment I killed the high orc, when I realised my body had suddenly became lighter.
I had probably leveled up.

If I go at it like this I might somehow be able to manage.

While thinking such things, when I probed the situation I discovered a herd of five.
There doesn’t seem to be any other individuals in the surroundings.

Convenient that the five are gathered together, since the sight is bad from the surroundings I decided to use the 【AoE Magic・Fire Maximum】 which I had plundered earlier.

Before that……

Name : High Orc・Magician
LV : 12
Race : Demon Race

AoE Magic・Wind Maximum


Name : High Orc・Priest
LV : 12
Race : Demon Race

Magic・Large Recovery


Name : High Orc・Grappler
LV : 14
Race : Demon Race

Martial Arts : Flurry Attack


Name : Orc
LV : 6
Race : Demon Race

Strong Arm


Name : Orc
LV : 6
Race : Demon Race

Strong Arm

I plundered all of their Skills, and pasted the unnecessary Skills and Abilities onto the ground.
I then used self enhancements, and threw 【AoE Magic・Fire Maximum】 into the middle of the gathering orcs.

While a terrifyingly thunderous roar spread, the flame magic impacted.
The orcs raged within the burning flames.

Aiming at the raging orcs, I fired the 【AoE Magic・Wind Maximum】 I had plundered.

Probably because of receiving the wind, the flames which were engulfing the orcs had grown larger, and the edge of the remaining wind chopped up the orcs.

When the flames had become smaller, the remainders were the corpses of the five orcs who were burnt to death.

After I used 【Fire Attribute・Resistance】, I quickly put the orcs’ corpses into my Storage Bag, used 【Presence Erase・Moderate】, and left the scene.

「This might be bad…… as expected, they seem to have realised huh」

For now, with this, I’ve defeated eight orcs.
There’s probably around 30 left.

……Now then, from now on is the critical moment.
「Guild leader~, was it really okay?」

The receptionist Mary started a conversation with the leader listlessly.

「……What is?」

「Even though you understand~, I’m talking about the exclusive rookie-san Aisha-san’s in charge of you know~, I understand the reason, but from the guild’s essence, isn’t it bad~?」

Glancing over to me, Mary criticised the guild leader.

That’s true, if we think from the perspective of guild leader prioritising professional duties, you can say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with how he dealt with it this time.
But if we’re thinking of it as a “Guild”, the situation changes a little.

In the first place, the reason for prohibiting guild members killing each other is so that the guild’s war potential doesn’t drop.
It’s a rule with an uninteresting reason so that the precious human resources aren’t lost.

From the point of view of the guild’s nature, no matter what strong war potential must be possessed.
They want promising rookies to the point of desperation.

A rookie who can defeat a person who places top among C-rankers, properly speaking, he is a talent who will be warmly welcomed.

Personally firing such a talent.

That was what Mary had said to the guild leader.

「It’s something I’ve decided, don’t complain!」

After a night has passed, the guild leader who has probably cooled off a little, even he understands what Mary wanted to say.
Therefore, he returned a reply containing irrepressible anger to Mary.

While seeing such a situation within the guild, my feeling has not completely cleared up.
Inside my head, were the various expressions Myne-kun had showed last night.

Starting with “astonishment”, to “delight” “bewilderment” “determination” and ending with “gratitude”

Even he probably had things he had wanted to say.
No, it’s impossible he doesn’t.

……But, at the end the smile he had shown, only a genuine gratitude can be felt from it.

As expected, I should have opposed more strongly then.
When I was crushed from regret……, yes, it was at such a time.

When she appeared! At that time, the encounter between her and I, it was unexpected that that had greatly changed the fates of Myne-kun and me myself.


I feel extremely happy that the readers have been increasing day by day, though gradually.

According to the original plan, Myne-kun did not leave the guild, but before I realised it had become like this.

Since it’s the preparatory phase, it’s centered on fighting monsters, but from now on I plan for opponents with enormous powers to stand in his way.

About the promised development, I will develop them, but I do not know how far I can imagine with my capability, though I will work hard so that everyone enjoys it.

Also, it will be useful for my writing from now on, if you don’t mind, I don’t mind if it’s simple, I will feel happy if you can give your impressions.

Well then, please treat me well too from now on.

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  1. it proved that one can win against a stronger opponent even if one only use useful Skills
    >it proved that one can (even) win against a stronger opponent if one only uses useful Skills.

    even he understands who Mary wanted to say.
    >even he understands what Mary wanted to say.


    • Mary’s a character just mentioned here. One of the receptionists, apparently.

      “Inside my head, were the various expressions Myne-kun had showed last night.”
      Only Aisha and Bazzam were there. So it’s obviously Aisha’s POV.


  2. Too much reading boxing manga or fan of boxing maybe why he use solar plexus much, I’ve read Ippo and that was his trademark punch
    thanks for chap


  3. Why doesn’t he try to paste duplicate skills onto himself to see what happens. I think there is two possibilities, one, the skills combine and rank up, two, he gains a duplicate skills, which, if I’m not wrong, can be abused to avoid cool down timers.

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