Chapter 20 – This is bad, I might be exposed!?

Tracing back the time a little.

Dumbfounded by Lyle, his former comrades who had decided on a party dissolution went straight towards the guild after separating.

「Looking at that, it seems like he’ll immediately move. If we don’t quickly dissolve it we’ll be in big trouble」

「That, shitty idiotic bastard!」

Yes, it’s already late since it has happened, thinking that, they naturally quicken their steps.
Arriving at the adventurer’s guild, as they looked around quickly, they found the origin of this problem, the receptionist lady Aisha.
It seems like she had just finished her work, and was returning to the backyard.

「Aisha-san! Wait!」

The members called for Aisha to halt in a loud voice.

Noticing that voice, Aisha looked over her shoulder and stopped her feet.
The other receptionist ladies, in order to not become a hindrance, moved towards the exclusive counter.

Seeing that, the members walked up to Aisha’s side.

「Thank goodness Aisha-san is here. Hear us out, Lyle that bastard wants to kill your exclusive newbie!」

「……What do you mean by that!?」

「That’s because he’s under the impression that it was the newbie’s fault that you aren’t his exclusive. Because of that he lost his temper at the bar and picked a fight with the surrounding adventurers……, as a result, he was beaten up, and said that if it wasn’t for the newbie he wouldn’t be injured……」

Aisha recalled Lyle’s situation from the other day, and understood.
However, killing someone…… is too much of a hasty thought.

Because of Lyle’s previous appearance and conduct, she couldn’t picture that at all.

「We also despeartely stopped him! ……but, that bastard, he didn’t listen to us at all. Sorry for getting you involved in this but we’ve come to dissolve the party」

「Understood, to process the dissolution please head over to the regular counter, I will report this matter to the guild leader!」

If what he said was true, then Myne is in danger.

Lyle is a remarkable adventurer who will undoubtedly rise to a B rank.
Such a person seriously wanting to kill a newbie, as if we’d let that happen.

There is a need to discuss this with the guild leader, and to urgently restrict Lyle.

For the sake of restraining Lyle, naturally there is a need to prepare an adventurer who has the ability to suppress him.
For that, this case needs the approval of the guild leader.

There is a way to protect Myne, but right now he is not in the town, since he is completing the request Aisha had personally recommended him.

Unable to hide her impatience, Aisha burst into the guild leader’s office.
When Lyle’s party members have went back after finishing the procedure for dissolution…….

The guild leader who received the report from Aisha, along with Aisha, Myne’s exclusive receptionist lady, urgently summoned three adventurers and talked with them.

Among those three was Keith, the C Rank adventurer who Myne encountered previously inside a carriage.

Telling the three the situation, they were ordered to capture Lyle in the form of a designated request.

「Sorry for suddenly calling you over, it’s because this is something I can’t overlook」

「Yeah, I understand. However, that bastard Lyle huh……, I can’t think of him like that」

Keith saying that is not unjustifiable.
That adventurer Lyle has never been viewed as a problem when it comes to his behavior until now, and he has been evaluated as a man of character within the guild.

「Well, that guy was charmed by Aisha jou-chan after all……, he’s someone with a grudge of love」 (TLN: I refuse to tl it as Miss Aisha-chan. That just makes it sound unnatural.)

The one who said that and shrugged his shoulders is an adventurer with a height of about 140cm.
A dwarf named David. (TLN: David in Japanese though ダビデ)

A C rank adventurer, though like Lyle, he is a remarkable adventurer said to soon become a B rank.

「Even if it’s love, it’s not like you’ll become lovers with just becoming exclusive?」

Flood who listened to David answered. (TLN: Suggestions? フラッド)
Flood is a cat-person with scouting as his forte.

Aisha who listened to the two’s conversation had her expression turn cloudy, but she silently watched them.

「Well, that’s the case, so go capture that bastard Lyle at once and bring him here」

The guild leader who clapped while saying that ended the conversation, and the three adventurers immediately started their action.
「What!! That bastard Lyle brought that newbie out!?」

Keith・David・Flood, about five minutes after these three stormed out of the guild.
Hearing the report from Mil, my coworker, guild leader said in a loud voice.

「This is bad, Aisha, that bastard…… he already fucking brought Myne out」

Guild leader told me in a unusually flustered voice.

「Mil!? Which direction did they go!?」

I asked with a voice driven to a corner, and Mil, understanding the seriousness of the situation, immediately told us the direction where they were headed.

Hearing Mil’s answer, I immediately took out the bow and quiver I had used before from my locker.

「Guild leader, I’ll be heading out!」

Even though I have retired, I was a B rank adventurer.
If only I wasn’t careless, I would be able to capture Lyle.

「It’ll be dangerous by yourself, I’ll also be going」

Guild leader also took out his two-handed sword and while carrying it on his back, he answered me.

We sprinted with all our might and blended into the night.
After about 20 minutes of running, the guild leader and I suddenly heard the sound of something being smashed reverberate nearby.


The direction it came from only had an abandoned building if I remember correctly, a place where practically no one goes.
Such a sound is too unnatural.

Myne-kun and Lyle are definitely there.
The battle had probably started, there’s no way Myne-kun can win against Lyle when it comes to their true strength.
Because it sounds like a blow, thinking about Lyle’s battle style, it might be the sound of Myne getting done in. (Izzy: Sorry to break it to you but…)

Although we were in a hurry, guild leader and I looked at each other and nodded, we changed our route towards the direction of the sound.

And when we finally arrived at our destination which was a dead end the scene that entered my eyes…….

At Myne-kun’s feet was a collapsed…… Lyle.


I unintentionally shouted, he looked over here and showed a little shocked expression, and was immediately relieved as he sat down.
In the middle of the silence, suddenly resounded a voice.

As I looked at the direction of the voice, for some reason Aisha-san was standing.
Furthermore, she was even wearing armour? I wonder why…….

Even though this place doesn’t seem to be frequented much.

As I thought of such things, my body suddenly lost its strength, I collapsed sitting down.

Ah, I see.
That battle just now, I had steeled myself more than I had expected.

I probably felt relived looking at an acquaintance’s face.
At any rate, I wonder if this issue is settled?

「Are you alright!? Myne-kun!!」

Aisha-san plunged straight towards me.
Though I caught her as if I was embracing her, the shock was unexpectedly strong and I unintentionally collapsed. (Izzy: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

「I, I’m alright…… rather than that, why are you here Aisha-san?」

While sensing a fragance peculiar to women from Aisha-san’s body, I threw a question I had been thinking from earlier.

「I’ve heard from Lyle-san’s party members. He wanted to kill Myne-kun due to an unjustified resentment……」(TLN: I really need to make my English sound more natural =/)

Ah, I see! Worrying about me, she even gotten her armour ready and came to such a place!
I finally understood! But, even though Aisha-san is a receptionist, I wonder if she fights??
Name : Aisha・Laurel
LV : 28
Race : Hume
Gender : Female
Age : 26 years
Occupation : Adventurer’s guild’s receptionist lady

Magic・Large Recovery Lv4
Archery・Holy Lv3 (TLN: I just realised that 聖 had a lot of meanings, and picked holy because of half-baked knowledge. It’s not like it’s a holy type or anything but rather a skill grade, like extreme (refer ch.1) Would saint or master be better here?)
Cooking Lv6
Woah, what is with this strength…….
She’s completely stronger than Lyle!?

Rather than that, isn’ she the strongest out of the people I’ve seen up until now!?

Thinking I was dumbfounded by the impact, Aisha-san asked me in a suspicious voice.

「……What’s wrong? Myne-kun」

Not good, I have to concentrate.

「N, nothing! Leaving that aside, thank you very much, rather than that, isn’t a beautiful person like Aisha-san coming to such a place alone dangerous!」

Panicking, as I said that, a 「Ahem!」 came from behind Aisha-san.
Ehh? Even guild leader is here!? I completely didn’t notice him!

「Sorry for disturbing your happy talk…… but I’m also here you know?」

As I hurriedly apologised to the guild leader, he said 「It’s a joke」 while grinning broadly.

「Well, it’s okay. Even though I also came here, there’s no one who here who can do anything to Aisha. You don’t have to worry about that matter」

I was told that Aisha-san was a former adventurer! And a “B rank” at that!!!

About two years ago, the party she was in had dissolved, so guild leader called out to her since he had nothing to lose, it seems that she quickly took up being a receptionist.

I see, that’s where she got that strength. I understand.

「……By the way, did you do this?」

Guild leader’s face immediately turned grave, he turned his sight towards Lyle who was lying down, collapsed on the floor.

「Yes, it was me」

As I said that, both guild leader and Aisha-san’s showed a surprised expression, and stared fixedly at the collapsed Lyle.

「Sorry but I can’t believe this…… You who had just came of age defeated this guy who is top class even within the C Rank is just……」

Ah, damn!!
Isn’t this bad?

Even though my skills is a secret…… what should I do?

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