Chapter 19 – C Rank Adventurer, Lyle

When I arrived at the guild, the sun was already setting, the crowded guild had become considerably quiet.
I looked around quickly, but Aisha-san seems to be absent.

If I were to insert my card at the exclusive counter, I think she will definitely come out though…….
At this time, I think she’s already changed shifts.

In the middle of her break, coming out specially for me, would make me feel guilty.
I’ll give my report for the request tomorrow, maybe I’ll go back for today.

As I thought that, a voice called out for me from behind.

「……Hey, kid」

Hm? Who? A person I’ve never met.
Because he’s wearing expensive-looking equipment, he must surely be a strong person.

「Good evening! How may I help you?」

「The name’s Lyle…… I’m sorry but could you please come with me?」

What is this, somehow this person…… gives me scary vibe.
Name : Lyle
LV : 22
Race : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 28 years
Occupation : Adventurer (C Rank)

Finger Bullet
Uwa, he’s a really amazing person! He has 【Grappling・Extreme】, and even his own level is 22…….
But, even so I don’t know this person after all.

Somehow, he has a smile on his face, but his eyes are not smiling.

I wonder what he needs with a newbie adventurer like me?

「……Umm, I wonder what you need me for. I’m sorry but this is our first time meeting, right?」(TLN: How do you even polite English >_>)

He probably knows I’m being vigilant.
Considerably softening his attitude, he showed me a smile and said 「I won’t do anything bad」.

However, I noticed.
The fact that his eyes were absolutely not smiling even though he was.

What should I do……. But he hasn’t done anything to me…… if I reject him, he might pick a fight in the future and it will become troublesome.
I am very curious about his eyes, but if worse comes to worst I can run away, so for the time being I’ll try going with him…….

「……After this, I have things to do, so I don’t have much time though……」

「It’s okay, this will finish “quickly”, so just follow me」

Perhaps he was satisfied that I will follow him, saying that, he exited the guild.
I have a bad premonition about this, for the time being I wholeheartedly want to avoid troublesome things after this, and chased after him.

Since I’ll be troubled if it’s like that time with Hyold, I secretly casted self-enhancement Skills on myself.

After that…… as a precaution, I’ll steal all his skills.
If nothing happens I’ll just return them.
While I stealthily did various things, the scene around me quickly became deserted.

「Excuse me, until where are we going?」

Even though I asked a question, he did not reply and we walked in silence.

As I expected…… there’s something wrong with this.

So that I’m not careless, I put myself on guard while walking, finally we seemed to have arrived at our destination as he stopped his feet.
Looking around, the place was completely deserted, there was an abandoned-liked building in front of me.

「Sorry for bringing you all the way here. About what I needed…… I want you to die here」

As expected it was like that…….

「Can you please tell me the reason? I’ve asked this in the guild before this, but we have never met before right?」

Why must I be killed by a person I have never met before.
Of course, I will resist him with all my strength, but before that I would like to hear his reason.

「Is there a need to explain to a person who’s going to die after this?」

It’s no use, he’s unapproachable.

While picking up my steel dagger, even so maybe he can’t avoid while in a conversation, I started speaking.

「Guild members are prohibited from killing each others right? If this gets out, even you won’t get away with this, right!? Please stop this!」

It seems that my frantic persuasion also had not reached him.
As proof, he gripped both his hands tightly, took a stance, and readied for battle.

It’s because he has【Grappling・Extreme】, so this is probably is battle posture.

It can’t be helped, though my opponent is of a higher rank, I’ve already plundered his Skills.
Naturally, he doesn’t know that I am in possession of a lot of Skills.

If I take him by surprise, I’ll somehow manage, I think.

「I’ll show you a little mercy, I’ll take the first hit, come」

I wonder how long this calmness will continue? I’ll resist him with everything I got!

The self-enhancements I had casted beforehand are 【Body Enhancement・Small】【Leg Enhancement・Small】【Strong Arm】【Iron Wall】【Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina)】, these five.
On top of that I supplemented them with 【Presence Erase・Moderate】 and 【Swift Feet (Small)】.

The skill Presence Erase is a Skill which dilutes one’s presence.
If used in a place without anyone looking, it will be difficult for opponents to notice, it is an excellent skill which can make one disappear from the opponent’s view for but a moment even if one is within sight.

In other words, if I use it in this situation…… yes, I can get close to him before he can respond.

I, who then rushed into him, swung my dagger straight towards him with all my strength as if to cut him up.


I then immediately backstepped to where I was.

Probably he thought that I was gone for a moment, and only thought that his chest was suddenly torn directly.

「Y, you fucker!!! What did you do!!!!!」

While holding down the wound on his chest with his arm, he shouted towards me.

「What, you say, since you said you’d let me have the first strike, I attacked. I can’t possibly let myself be killed after all……」

I think he was careless.
I feel that the wound I gave him, seemed to be quite deep.

I don’t know what kind of leather it is, but his armour was severed, the sensation of cutting up flesh remaind in my hand.
I wouldn’t say that it’s a fatal wound, but if it’s left alone it won’t be safe and he’ll receive damage, I think.

「What do you think, will you pull back?」

「Don’t fuck arouuuuuuund!!!!! As if I’d lose to something like a F Raaaaaank!!!!」

With an expression full of rage, he thrust towards me.

……Probably if 【Grappling・Extreme】 was still in his hands, his strike would still be a threat to me even though he’s injured.
However, the him now is injured, and on top of that he has…… no Skills.

The fist which he packed all of his strength into sadly had no power.
Probably because of his serious wound, his balance was greatly disrupted.

And as a result, naturally…… probably exerted with all his strength, that fist…… missed.

I flung my dagger at that chance, and using 【Grappling・Extreme】 which I plundered from him and 【Strong Arm】 I swung my fist towards his solar plexus with all my strength.
A loud sound of destruction which sounded like something was smashed resounded around us.
Lyle spat out a large amount of blood, fainted and collapsed on that spot.

Repelling a ruffian, as I let out a sigh of relief, I felt a pain from my right fist.


Looking at my fist, it was smashed and bloody, there were parts where my bone had protruded.

Flustered, I casted 【Magic・Small Recovery】,but once wasn’t enough, and after repeating that a few times, the wound seems to have somehow closed.

Without a knuckle guard, my fist received a abnormal destructive power from 【Strong Arm】+【Grappling・Extreme】.
With that even a fist will be crushed.

Anyhow, I wonder if I’ve somehow got through this predicament with this?

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