Chapter 21 – Farewell, Adventurer’s Guild

「Myne-kun, you’ve just came of age, right? What kind of skills were you bestowed with? I know that asking about someone else’s skills is an unwritten rule but…… an F rank defeating a C rank is way to abnormal」

What to do, it’s true that my skill is abnormal.
Even I myself know that, but I wonder if it’s alright telling someone else.

While I don’t have a backer, there will only be downsides is my Skills were to be spread.

Even this time’s case, if Lyle were to know about my Skills, I will definitely be unable to win this quickly.
Rather, I might even be killed due to the difference in experience.

As expected, I can’t……. I definitely cannot talk about this.

It can’t be helped if I were to be fired from the guild because the guild leader gets mad at me for not telling him.
As I had thought at first, I’ll become a hunter and spend my time hunting orcs and sheep.

It’ll be enough to live, after all.

「……That, I’m sorry but I cannot say」

As I said that, the guild leader’s temple twitched.

「I see…… I didn’t put it correctly. This is an order as the guild leader. As the person who is in charge of this organisation, I have judged that there is a need for me to know your Skills. Of course, it will definitely not leak out」

「……Even so, I cannot say」

To the our exchange Aisha-san was in suspense while listening, but I know she gulped when I rejected the guild leader’s orders.

「……I see, then there’s no other way, I’ll remove you from the adventurer’s guild. Since I can’t possibly leave a person who can’t listen to the orders of the head of an organisation」

While he said that, he asked for my response.

There’s no helping it, it’s already decided.
Though I am regretful since Aisha-san treated me well…….

I didn’t avert my sight from the guild leader, on the contrary I looked at him while I stood up.

「Though our time was short, thank you very much」

As I said that I bowed deeply towards the two of them.

「……Are you serious? Once a registered adventurer has been removed, no matter the reason there will be no way they can register for a second time, you know」

Probably even the guild leader did not expect my answer.
It seems like he’s agitated, especially asking are you serious?

As I looked at Aisha-san, she was making quite a complicated expression.
While thinking beauties are still beauties no matter what kind of expression they make, huh, as i was thinking that this place is unsuitable, Aisha-san opened her mouth.

「Guild leader, though it’s not that I can’t understand why you said that, but isn’t that a little tyrannical? In the first place, it isn’t necessary for Skills of guild members to be reported」

Even guild leader backed off a little at Aisha-san’s angry look.

「No, as the guild leader I judged that there is a need for this as an exception. It can’t be helped if he rejected that」

I wonder if Aisha-san’s angry look on the contrary calmed the leader down?
The agitation I felt just now wasn’t felt in his words now.

「It’s okay, Aisha-san. ……Even though the time I spent with Aisha-san was short, I thank you for really taking good care of me」

As I said that, she stared at me with her eyes opened wide.

「Are you okay with that!? Even though you told me that you will work hard since you entered the guild after so much trouble!」

Ah, she’s talking to me so earnestly.
Aisha-san is really a good person huh…… Even though it was a short time, it’s really good that such a wonderful person being in charge of me.

「Even though I’m not okay with it, there’s not helping it. Rules are important after all……」

Hearing that, she casted her eyes downwards.

Guild leader probably also felt awkward, he checked the collapsed Lyle’s condition.

「Aisha, sorry but heal this guy. If this goes on he’ll die」

Interrupting our conversation, furthermore saying to treat Lyle, Aisha-san became noticeably displeased.

「Isn’t he just reaping what he sowed?」

「That’s true, but we aren’t a murder group. Of course, he will receive his judgement according to the rules later we can’t let someone die knowing that he will die if left alone.」

Saying that, Aisha-san reluctantly used the recovery Skill on Lyle.

「……Hey, Myne-kun. Since I know Aisha’s Skill I could instruct her like this. Thanks to that, I’m able to save a life. Won’t you change your mind even so?」

Guild leader is probably worrying about the one-sided exchange, and asked me once more.

「I thank you for the concern, but no matter what I cannot answer you」

Hearing my reply, guild leader was evidently disappointed.
I’m sorry, but I cannot yield to this.

「……Uu, I…… where’s that shitty brat?」

Receiving Aisha-san’s healing, he regained consciousness.
Lyle stood up and started shouting.

「Lyle, you of course know what you’re guilty of, right?」

He’s probably containing his outburst with my case.
Unconsciously, while scattering bloodthirst as thick as wetting one’s pants, guild leader moved in front of Lyle. (Izzy: ew?)

「Haah? Who do you think you’re…… Eh!? Guild leader!!?」

He probably did not know who the other party was.
He reflexively started cursing, but when he knew that it was the guild leader his attitude noticeably changed.

「Even though just recently Hyold received his punishment, what are you fucking doing? You’ve naturally prepared yourself right?」

「What preparation I didn’t even do anything wrong right!? It’s all that brat’s fault! You’d know if you asked my party members!」

「I came here after asking those “former” party members」

Hearing that sentence, Lyle seemed to have recalled something as he suddenly became quiet.

Thus, within that delicate mood, we went straight back to the adventurer’s guild.
Right now, Aisha-san and I are together in the guild leader’s office.
I was told that there was a need for guild leader to hand down punishment to Lyle so I will wait here.

The talk about dealing with me will probably be held here.

Aisha-san who is waiting with me had a rigid expression like she was brooding over something.

「Thanks for waiting」

While saying that the guild leader entered.

Glancing at me and Aisha-san, the guild leader sat down on a chair opposite us.

「Now then, …… firstly, we’ll deal with Lyle, but……」

In the end, Lyle paid 8 platinum coins as penalty for breach of contract and was expelled from the guild.

The penalty for contract breach seems to be determined by the rules, and it seems that 8 platinum coins is the second highest amount.
It seems that if something like this time’s case was done against a civilian, it will become 10 platinum coins.

Also, if it’s against the same person after being expelled from the guild (in this case it’s me), if the same problem happens, it will be capital punishment in the capital as a lesson.

Half of the penalty for contract breach will be handed over to the victim.

By the way, because the previous time, Hyold’s two arms were cut off instead of the contract breach fee, because of money for sick treatment by the guild, the amount is reduced.
To make up for the amount of money, it seems that Aisha-san became my exclusive.

「This is this time’s breach of contract fee, please take it」

Saying that, guild leader handed me 4 platinum coins.

Even though the money should be deposited in my guild card, but after this my guild registration will be deleted.
Naturally, since my card will be confiscated, I obediently put them in my Storage Bag.

Seeing me put the money inside my Storage Bag, he probably know what I was thinking.

Aisha-san showed a sad face, and guild leader’s face had a little scowl.

「Now then, next is you…… you’re not going to reconsider, right?」

「Yes, thank you for taking care of me」

「I see…… Aisha, I’ll be entrusting his expulsion process to you」

As I handed over my guild card to Aisha-san, she hesitated for a moment before receiving it.

「Ah, that’s right. The request Aisha-san has accepted, the slime oil you’ve obtained, can you hand it over here?」

As he said that, guild leader said it’s okay here, instead of Aisha-san.

Hearing that, I took out “all” of the slime oil I had put inside my Storage Bag.
By the way this slime oil. Though it is dropped when slimes are defeated, it is dropped inside a transparent bottle-like container.
Because there is no lid, when taking it out, a hole will be made in this container before extracting it.

And there are 1269 of those transparent containers.
The floor of the office was completely covered by slime oil.

「T, this……」

The wake-like atmosphere seemed to have completely turned into astonishment at the excessive amount, turning into a shocked-like delicate atmosphere.

「T, this was obtained in just today!?」

Aisha-san asked me.

「Yes! I’ll also take the medicinal plants out okay!」

I then took out the medicinal plants.
There was also a massive quantity even though I only brought about half of the large amount of medicinal herbs growing en masse. (TLN: Why do I keep changing between medicinal herbs and medicinal plants orz)

Aisha-san became confused, and called for the other personnel to carry out the containers and medicinal plants.
The total was 17 gold coins, 12 silver coins and 2 copper coins.

Breaking them down, the medicinal plants were 1618 tufts (TLN: or stalks?). Since the amount was incomprehensible, 2 tufts were given as freebies and was seemed like it was calculated as 1620 tufts.
During the request it was stated as 50 copper coins for 20 tufts, but since the roots and soil was secured, it was calculated as 60 copper coins.
Good thing I did as Aisha-san said! The total amount was 16 silver coins and 2 copper coins!!

31 bodies of goblins was 27 silver coins, it seems that there wasn’t any fractions.

The slime oil though, seems to be 1 silver coin each.
Previously it was a request to accumulate guild points, so I didn’t have much hope, but since it was insufficient in Lunawan the price became higher than usual.
With that said, the amount was 16 gold coins and 69 silver coins.

Receiving this time’s request money and the 20 gold coins deposited in my card, I once again stored them away.

「……Sorry, Myne-kun…… in truth your rank would have been raised but……」

「No, it’s okay. I’ve said this before but rules are important, guild leader’s judgment was correct」

Finishing all the work, I bowed deeply towards Aisha-san and guild leader, and left the adventurer’s guild.

Like this, enrolled for only two days, the curtain fell on my life as an adventurer. (Izzy: Nuuuuuuuuu)

Izzy: Great way to celebrate Valentine’s, eh? :’)

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      • Yeah, this is DEFINITELY a case where he’s absolutely correct to stay silent about his skills.

        He’d either be assassinated, captured, or used (or maybe all of the above) if he released the info to ANYONE he had absolutely no trust with.

        He barely even KNOWS the guild leader, after all…and both circumstances in which he encountered him honestly didn’t give him much reason to trust him enough to reveal his skills to him.

        There are times when I’m frustrated that the MC is staying quiet about his skills/skillset/whatever…but this certainly isn’t one of them. ^^

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  2. I think it is stupid to assume he couldn’t beat a C rank adventurer in the first place just because he is new as it all depends on the skills you receive, he could have had sword skill holy to begin with or hero or something so they are to blame for this. They were not thinking clearly after all, I mean he beat orcs on his first day by himself and they new that. Haaaa! Now that my rant is over, thanks for the chapter!

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  3. The guild leader is an idiot. There are steps before doing anything. He just expelled him without any proper observation first. Now, he just lost 3 things.
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    • Yup, this guild is trash. He was attacked and almost killed twice. He was then kicked out of the guild because he was attacked and didn’t tell the leader his skills even though its considered rude to ask.

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    Granted not perfect, but unless other people suddenly start popping up all over with appraisal:complete no way expose it. As for upgrading future harem members, ofcourse they’ll be slaves who can’t go against their master, female slaves only ofcourse.


  5. Excuse me, can you please tell me how much did Myne-kun earned?
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    I didn’t understand this “Receiving a TOTAL 20 gold coins from Aisha-san for this time’s request and the money deposited in my card…”
    He had received 20 Gold from the guild leader, then spent 18Gold and 60 silver to buy new equipment, so 1 gold and 40 silver is in his card. So can I conclude that he received 18 Gold and 60 silver???

    And thanks for the chapter.


    • Terribly sorry for the mistranslation. So apparently he didn’t withdraw the 20 gold coins in the card, making it 20 gold coins in the card + money from the request, since he can’t use the card anymore. Again, I apologize for the mistranslation, and thank you for informing me. c:


  6. As I said that, stared at me with her eyes opened wide.
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  13. Guild leader ticks me off a little here. I understand where he’s coming from. However, like others said, he’s done little to truly earn trust. Now he’s permenetly severing this huge asset from this organization because the guild leader had no tact. 😤


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