Chapter 2: Slime becomes Adopted Elf Daughter’s Familiar

Since then, while I enthusiastically ate grass, I searched for monsters, but only found two Forest Rats.
I enjoyed eating them, and felt my movements becoming more agile, but I couldn’t obtain any new Skills.
No matter how many identical monsters I eat, the Skills I have won’t increase.
However, it’s acceptable since I became stronger and saved up Forest materials.

『I’ve gathered recovery potion ingredients because of eating so much grass』

Since I am a Great Sage, I have memorised every single potion’s recipes.
Because of storing each of the medicinal plants’ components I’ve ate with 【Storage】, I manufactured and mixed them within my stomach.
I spat out the liquid from my mouth and tried making a fountain.
……Nobody will ever think that the fountain a slime made for fun would be first grade potion which only top alchemists can make.
If I can one day transform into a human, let’s use this potion to earn travelling expenses.
Now then, I’m tired, so let’s go back to the residence.
Wait for me, my lovely bed.

Thanks to the Forest Rat’s 【Presence Sensing】, trespassing into my home was quite easy.
I avoided my daughters’ presences, and smoothly got inside as I made use of the soft slime body.
Different from when I was getting out, there were various barriers to detect intruders when entering, but as the person who set it up himself, I know the openings.
There’s a few reasons I’m taking the risk in returning to the residence my daughters are in.

First, I’m scared of living a stray life as a frail slime. I might be hunted by other monsters or adventurers at any time. Until I become stronger, I need a base for me to safely sleep.
Second, I said that no one shall enter this room as my last request. There’s no way for me to be discovered by my daughters inside room.
Third, if I don’t see the elf Orphe and dwarf Nikola, who are especially pampered among the sisters, accepting my death and move on, it’s inevitable that I’d feel worried. (TLN: Pronounced or-feh, because idk how to change it to roman letters)

Let’s work hard and become stronger tomorrow. After that, let’s secretly take a quick look at my daughters’ faces if possible.
While thinking such things, I entered my beloved coffin, extracted the strength from my body and became liquid. This is the most comfortable. My first day in my slime life, which I still am not accustomed to, was quite tiring.
Let’s take a good rest for today and get ready for tomorrow.

I who slept plenty and was feeling refreshed, put in strength into my slime body, and broke out from the coffin.
Today’s gonna be a fun day too.

「Did you do this?」

I met eyes with my daughter.
The one who I bestowed 【Magic Arts】 to. My third daughter, Orphe. The Enlight of 【Magic Arts】, Orphe Enlight.
Glossy golden hair, eyes a vibrant jade green, white skin like porcelain, slender limbs, but a splendid chest unbefitting of a fourteen-year-old.
A girl with peerless beauty who would turn every single head if she walks through a town.

That Orphe alternatingly looked at the slime me, and the empty shelf which I had took the potions from.
Although she always have a gentle smile hanging on her face, her mouth crooked into a へ shape.
Huh? That’s weird. Even though my last wish was for no one to enter this room. Never has Orphe break my orders in the three years she was here.

「Did Slime-san eat Otou-san? And not only that, also devastated the shelf?」

I feel cold sweat running down me. ……Though a slime body doesn’t have such a feature.
Orphe’s mad.

After all, I’m a slime who scavenged her father’s dead body and willfully ate the articles her father left.
……This is bad, this is really bad.
With this body, I can’t convey my feelings.
Having said that, there’s no way I can run from Orphe.

With me dead, right now, this girl is probably the third strongest magic arts user in the world.
There’s nothing I can lose, so let’s try talking to her.
Putting strength into my slime body, I deformed and try made vocal cords, and with a scream…….


Only a cute sound came out.
Is my slime life ending here!?

「Bad kids will be punished, you know」

Orphe pointed her hands towards me.
The amount of magic power’s outrageous. The slime body’s strong against physical attacks, but it’s weak against magic. If I were to receive that, let alone dying, I’ll be obliterated.

「Puyuu, Pyuui」

Damn it, if it was my previous body, I’ll be able to see through what kind of magic art it is and fire an opposing one. I haven’t 【Evolved】 enough.
I can’t even read the composition of the art Orphe’s using.
Orphe completed the art.

「The bonds binding ourselves shalt be that of master and slave, 【Slave Seal】」 (TLN: spell language is hard. help.)

Orphe fired off outrageous magic power.
I could feel a heat, not on my body, but in my soul.
【Slave Seal】.
To put it simply, a enslaving magic art which turns monsters into familiars.
A magic art which requires the user to have magic power several grades above the target to succeed, and useless for your usual magic arts user.
However, if it’s Orphe whose magic power is two digits different, she’ll probably be able to subdue even high ranking monsters.
There is no way for a slime who was just born like me to oppose her.
Orphe’s seal was carved into my soul.
Like this, I was quickly tamed by my daughter.

「Mou, you shouldn’t pull any tricks」

Orphe smiled and tightly hugged me.
The feel of Orphe’s tender bosom was transmitted to me.

Warm, soft, and feels good.
What’s with this satisfying feeling. I could feel a motherliness from my daughter. If I were to put it into words, a sense of security as if I returned to being a baby…… Babumi? Something like that, I guess. (TLN: ……. explanation on babumi)

「Sorry for startling you. I know Slime-san’s the 【Infinite Evolving Slime】 Otou-san created. You know, yesterday, I discovered a document. I thought that the miracle drug I put into the coffin might be a slime so I came to check. Otou-san’s mean, isn’t he, since he hid from us about making slime-san and passed away」

……That’s weird.
I went all out on concealing the 【Infinite Evolving Slime】’s research.

Orphe, how far on earth did you investigate. The document was hidden in a hiding spot which can’t be discovered with ordinary persistence, and I even laid out three layers of sealing arts. On top of that, I wrote all of the research data down in an original code so that it’d be okay even if it’s found.
And yet, how did you find the document in just one day since my death and even decrypted it!?
I admire my daughter’s talent and ability. As expected of the Enlight of 【Magic Arts】. That name isn’t just for show, huh.
At least I didn’t leave anything related to the soul transcription to monsters even in the document.

「Otou-san’s also weird, isn’t he. Putting in a Slime into his own coffin, and letting it eat him. I wonder if he wanted to become nourishment for the slime he made, since he’s dying anyway?」

As expected, she didn’t notice that I reincarnated into the slime.

「For now, slime-san’s a little dusty so let’s enter the bath together. Since Otou-san made you, that means you’re my little brother, right? Fufu, umm, since you’re a slime, your name will be Sla-chan. Please take care of me from now on」

Saying that, Orphe hugged me and moved to the bathroom.
Stop it. Orphe, you’re already fourteen years old.
Didn’t you suddenly tell Otou-san that it’s embarrassing getting into the bath together two years ago?
At that time, Otou-san was really sad, you know.

「Sla-chan, you’re excited for the bath, aren’t you」
「Pyuii (Stopp)」

Like that, she took me into the bathroom with my shouts unheard.

Together with Orphe, we soaked in the bathtub.
Because of my and Orphe’s tastes, a splendid bathtub was installed in this mansion.
Drawing up underground water and putting in plenty of the Great Sage’s handmade bathing powder.
I built even such a trivial thing. My cherished opinion is that inventions should be made to bring people happiness.
As usual, I was hugged tightly by Orphe. Too much of direct contact was transmitted to me.

「Sla-chan, does it feel good?」

Since I can only say this, I replied vaguely.
……She’s grown, huh.
What I knew was until she was twelve. For her to grow this much in just two years.

Her breasts which is pressed against me should fit tightly in a palm.
It’s not huge, but it’s already a little above average for a fourteen year old.

Elves grow just like humans until they are sixteen, and from there their growth speed drops to a tenth of it.
In other words, there are still two more years for Orphe to grow.
I look forward to the future.
Even so, I’m glad that Orphe’s fine. I was worried that she would break down crying, but now I’m relieved.
After looking at Nikola’s situation, and if both of them are alright, as soon as I 【Evolve】 and can use magic arts, I’ll undo 【Slave Seal】 and leave on a journey.
It was originally a magic art I invented, so it’s possible for me to undo it.

「Sla-chan, you smell like Otou-san」

Orphe buried her face in my slime body.
I put in some strength and become a little harder. If I don’t, Orphe’s face might sink into it.
Aah, it’s no use. I’m losing strength. The bath’s warmth and the blissful tenderness is snatching my strength away.
I’m at my limits.
When I thought that, I felt something cold.

「Sorry, Sla-chan. Let me hold you a little tighter」

Just as Orphe said, she hugged the slime body tightly.
I was soaked in Orphe’s tears.
……This girl isn’t alright. She was desperately behaving cheerfully for me.
She’s the most emotionally attached to me among her sisters.
With the hecticness of my funeral and the sorting of my document, she didn’t have time to feel sad, and now, the tears are probably welling out.

「Thank you. I feel a little better, all thanks to Sla-chan」

Orphe separated her face from my slime body.
She then showed me a smile. There was still some trace of her tears. Seeing her strong but frail smile, my heart tightened.

「Let’s go out tomorrow. Sla-chan’s different from a normal slime, and will keep becoming stronger, right? Let’s work hard and become stronger. Sla-chan’s still weak, I’m worried that some monster will take you away」

I gave a reply.
My heart wavered.
……I had planned to quickly undo the 【Slave Seal】 as soon as I finish making a quasi magic circuit.

However, I changed my mind looking at Orphe who was hugging me with tears streaming down her face.
I’ll stay by Orphe’s side for a while longer.
Hiding my true identity, I’ll watch over her as a familiar until she gets back on her feet.

Furthermore, I realised another important thing.
A child, Orphe who I regarded as a child had grown splendidly. She isn’t a child but a fine lady.
She’s a beautiful girl, her housework is first-class and has authority in magic arts. Above all, she gently shown me her best smile.
There’s no way no pests (men) are approaching her.
I have to crush the pests as her father.

「Sla-chan, you’re clean now」

This body is immortal, there’s no need to live hurriedly.
Let’s enjoy a slime life as Orphe’s familiar, Sla-chan the slime for a while.
Orphe stood up from the bathtub and held me in her arms.
My slime body is pushed against her tender chest.
……I’ll watch over Orphe as her father to the bitter end. I am absolutely not captivated by the feeling of being embraced. I declare that in my honour.
The Great Sage who was reincarnated as a slime is being hugged by his adopted elf daughter.

Race: Forbidden Slime
Level: 3
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skill: Absorption     Storage     Presence Sensing     Familiar
Belongings: Strong acid potion     Recovery potion     Various medicinal plant components     Forest rat materials
Physical strength G     Endurance G     Agility F     Magic power F     Luck F     Uniqueness EX

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