Chapter 3: Slime is being Analysed by Dwarf Daughter

TLN: Changed Orfeu to Orphe as suggested by Shreddys

On the third day of my new slime life, I was tamed by my daughter.
I accepted that positively.
Seeing my daughter sorrowfully shedding her tears for the father she lost, I watch over her for a while as I lead a life as a familiar…… In no way is it because being hugged feels good.

Even now, I am being hugged by the elf Orphe.
This is bliss. It’s soft.
She seems to be heading to the kitchen. Which reminds me, it’s almost afternoon now.
Orphe who had just reached the kitchen, called out to the person who had been here.

「Ah, Nikola-chan. What’s for lunch today?」

With a gentle clinking of a large pot, the lone girl was making stew.
…… Something smells weird.

「Orphe-nee, what I’m making now is 〜Prototype Garnish Potion〜, a suspicious medicinal plant stew with suspicious meat〜」

The one standing in the kitchen who answered Orphe’s question was a dwarf…… a dwarf which doesn’t look like one, a little girl with silver hair and white skin.
Nikola and Orphe are of the same age, fourteen years old.
She’s short, and doesn’t have these splendid things Orphe is pushing my slime body against.
However, I wonder why there’s this much of a difference in growth. 慢心、種族の差。(TLN: a reference to a 2ch slang when used to compare to characters. No idea how to tl this so….)

「Why does Nikola-chan always venture with meals!?」
「Enhancement of the human body is alchemy’s eternal theme. It will be efficient if it intertwines with our basic necessities. Today’s meal is also linked to that research」

Nikola took over my 【Alchemy】. The Enlight of Alchemy.
A hardcore research idiot.

「Relax, I won’t make anything inedible. There’s no poison, rather, it’ll become something healthy. Shimazu-nee, while saying she will become stronger with just eating and that it’s the best, she happily asked for seconds.」

If Nikola is a research idiot, the Enlight of 【Sword】, the fox-girl Shimazu, is a training idiot.
She’s the type who couldn’t care less as long as she becomes stronger and won’t be injured.

「Though it certainly might not have poison, it’s genuinely unappetising」
「Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth. Either way, since the body can’t bear the responsibility if it’s continuously eaten, I can’t make it every day. It’ll me okay if I eat delicious food when Orphe-nee’s in charge. When I’m in charge, it’ll be strengthening food, it’s divided well like this」
「Mou, alright」

Orphe gave in.
Nikola’s stubborness is hardcore.
Nikola has a point. It’s for the best if daily meals can strengthen oneself.

To the other party, Nikola’s cooking is worth hundreds of gold coins. ……In actuality, Nikola’s cooking increased the sisters’ potentials. I was the one who built their foundations. With the doping cooking, these kids have already surpassed me.

Thus, the finished dish was an offensive smelling purple meat soaked in a coloured soup.
……Although it’s to become stronger, it’s quite tough.
Orphe sat on her seat with a face as if she had given up on everything.

I was placed on Orphe’s lap. Although it’s being embraced in her chest is good, her thighs are also okay. Orphe’s whole body feels good, and with this, I felt glad that I became a slime.

「Uuu, it looks terrible as usual」
「Don’t worry, although its taste, smell, and texture are all hopeless, it’s a healthy food which can make you stronger just by eating it…… Orphe-nee, I’ve been wondering since just now, but what’s that?」

Nikola stared at my cute slime body with her grey eyes.

「It’s a magic creature Otou-san created. It was loitering around Otou-san’s room so I tamed it」
「……So this is what Tou-san stealthily made. Helen-nee and Shimazu-nee went back and this mansion became lonely, it might be good with a new pet」

Nikola muttered with a lonely look.
Looking closely, her eyes are red and there are traces of her tears. She was probably crying last night.

「Is Nikola-chan not leaving the mansion?」
「I’m the same as Orphe-nee. I want to sort out my feelings in this mansion we’ve been in with Tou-san for a while longer. Also, there isn’t any place as well-equipped as this mansion」
「That’s true. I’m also the same」

The remaining sisters laughed together, and put the fiendish lunch into their mouths.
When they finished eating, Nikola came to my side.

「Sorry. Let me borrow you for a while」

Nikola extended her hands to my slime body, and plucked the edge. She then fixedly observed it with her grey eyes.
Nikola possesses the rare 【Appraisal】 skill. She is probably analysing me.
Then…… she then ate a part of me.

「I see, that’s how it is. I got the general idea」

Probably satisfied, Nikola returned to her seat and enjoyed her after-meal black tea.

「Aah, you’re terrible, you ate Sla-chan」
「Slimes don’t have a sense of pain, and they become bigger as it pleases. I can analyse the details of the things it brought inside of it. Research before ethics. As expected of Tou-san. He made an interesting thing. …… 【Infinite Evolving Slime】. With this approach, it might become the strongest. He didn’t allocate in its strength as a race, but in its possibilities」

Nikola was smiling.
Because this kid loves alchemy, she was happy for the appearance of a study target.
I should put up my guard for a while. It’s possible that I might get dissected…… If it’s this kid, there’s a possibility she might arrive at the fact that I reincarnated into a slime.

「Orphe-nee, it’s good that this kid came, isn’t it?」
「You musn’t conduct research on it. This kid is our new family member, after all」
「……That’s also true, but that’s not what I meant. You’re making a better face than yesteday. I’m just happy that it filled in Orphe-nee’s loneliness」

Looking at this, I can see that Nikola’s a good girl who thinks of her sisters.
There are no bad kids among my daughters.

「Mou, it’s presumptuous for you to worry about Onee-chan」
「Orphe-nee, it hurts」

Orphe who was overcame with emotions stood up and hugged Nikola tightly.
Nikola’s face is buried inside Orphe’s breasts. Nikola made a complicated face. She was happy at her sister’s embrace, but Nikola has a complex of having a flat chest.
I looked at the both of them and felt relieved.
Both of these fathercons are properly getting over the sadness of losing me. I’m really glad for this.

As we finished the meal, we went outside.
Since Nikola said she wanted to see my ability.

The whistle Nikola herself made sounded.
It’s a tool that calls out the surrounding monsters with a tone colour loaded with magical power.
Hearing that sound, a bird monster came over.
A large tawny pigeon. The pigeon is also about as large as a medium-sized dog, and has quite the impact.


It raised a cry and swooped down.
The name of this race of pigeon monster is Pidgeotto. (TLN: …….yes, that is its name.)
A monster which carries off prey with its large talons and brings them back to its nest.

Slime is naturally the weakest around here. In other words, it was swooping down on me.

「Ah, Sla-chan」

I jumped from Orphe’s chest, and drenched my slime body in the strong acid potion I 【Stored】.
Orphe will get a burn if she hugged such a body.

My body changed into a green colour.

『Pyupyuui (Poison Slime Mode)』

The Pidgeotto tried to abduct me, and dug its talons into my slime body, but were melted and couldn’t lift me up.

「Kuru, kuruu」

This stupid thing. Physical attacks can’t pass through slimes.
The injured thing flapped its wings and ascended, and tried to run away
However, I won’t let it go.

After all, a monster I haven’t 【Absorbed】 finally appeared. I completely 【Absorbed】 it and received a Skill.
That guy waits for its chance in the sky with a peace of mind. You could say that it had let its guard down. Slimes don’t have long range attacks.
If that’s what it’s thinking, I’ll wreck that illusion.

「Pyu, Pyuii (Acid Beam)」

I delicately altered my slime body’s inner structure and made a compression pump.
Then, I vigorously spat out the strong acid potion.
The powerful acid gun directly hit the Pidgeotto who had already distanced itself more than ten metres.

「Kuru, kuu!?」

Its wings which were bathed in acid melted, and the Pidgeotto crashed.
This is the one-hit knockout, Acid Beam.
Fufufu, by 【Absorbing】 some monsters’ bodies, the precision of my transformations have increased delicately, and it became possible for me to make such a risky attempt. It’s powerful, but its weakness is that its consumption of the strong acid potion is extreme.

I 【Stored】 the strong acid potion which was soaking my whole body, and returned to normal form from Poison Slime Mode. My colour changed from green to a transparent blue.
I slime run to the place where the Pidgeotto crashed, and bit into it.

Chew chew, munch munch. Delicious. As expected, pigeons are more delicious compared to rats. I securely 【Stored】 a part of the materials.
I finished 【Absorbing】 and strength is welling up from within me.
Yosh, I obtained a new Skill.

『【Flight Ⅰ】, huh. It’s convenient to be able to fly』

Let’s try using it immediately.
I transformed my slime body, and a wing-like slime coloured thing sprouted from my back.
As I put strength into it, it flapped, and my body floated about twenty metres in the air.
Then, all my strength was used up in a minute and I fell.

『Fumu, my limit now is twenty metres, it might become more convenient the monsters I eat』

Being able to fly in the sky is a big advantage.
From now on, let’s proactively eat more bird-type monsters, and level up the Skill.

「Sla-chan, your figure with wings sprouting out is also cute!」

Orphe rushed over and tightly hugged me.
I was brought to my original place while in her chest. As expected, this place is good. How should I say it, I feel relieved here.

「As expected of the slime Otou-san created. A beast with the potential to infinitely become stronger with 【Absorb】 and 【Evolve】.

Nikola muttered as if in admiration.
Nikola continuously observed my evolution after the battle and 【Absorption】. She then once again felt the potential of this slime.
Hahaha, it’s good that you’re respecting your father. This slime is my masterpiece, after all.

「I wanted to see it battling a bit more」
「I also agree. Sla-chan also wants to become stronger, right」

Of course.
I’ll rapidly become stronger. I’ll be for my own safety, and I can also exterminate the pests who approach my daughter.

「Now then, Orphe, Sla, I’ll call a monster one more time」

Like this, my hunting time with my two daughters continued.


Race: Forbidden Slime
Level: 3
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skill: Absorption Storage Presence Sensing Familiar Flight Ⅰ
Belongings: Strong acid potion Various medicinal plant components Forest Rat materials Pidgeotto materials
Physical strength G Endurance G Agility F+ Magic power F Luck F Uniqueness EX


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  1. thanks for the translation. could you maybe put some seperators between the skills, belongings and status? That would make it easier to read.

    “Skill: Absorption | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ” works or big dots for example.


  2. Really, pidgeotto. I wonder, if this is because the author is too lazy in thinking up a name for a small fry that only appeared once


  3. I find the pokemon-esque elements humorous (Acid Beam instead of just Acid Shot), but then again, the attack itself is a logical one. Now if he starts firing “Solar Beams” under the guise of “Flamthrower”…

    I like the fact he’s trying to deny his attraction to his own daughters. A pervert trying not to be a pervert (after all; he got sad his 12 yr old elf daughter didn’t want to bathe with his old self).


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