Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Fun Slime Life

Morning came as I slept soundly in the coffin.
With a べたー,I put in energy into the slime body which had already become liquid. (TLN: Betaa. As you can see, I’m horrible with onomatopoeia)
I’m a troubled since it’s too insubstantial. If energy is taken out, it’ll become liquid.
Then, it became a splendid slime body and I jumped out from the coffin.
This body’s movement is unusually slow.
All of the 【Infinite Evolving Slime】 is concentrated on growth, adaptibility and evolution, so its initial state is terribly weak.
But, I have to persevere. There’s a chance this body will become the strongest.

『My current objective is to take a human form』

It’s not a laughing matter that I can’t use even a magic art as a great sage, and since I was originally a human, I want to enjoy humans’ amusements as expected. If I can obtain a human form, the things I can do will increase.

I tried putting in energy into the slime body. The body moved windingly and transformed.
Although I tried to make a hand, it could only become a awkward fat pole.
I tried changing the way I put in energy. I became a little reddish.

That’s right, with training, the shape and colour can be freely changed, and if I evolved, the hardness can also be adjusted, and the reproduction of texture can even be changed.
A slime’s body can become anything. With the formation of a magic circuit, I can even reproduce the magic arts I’ve mastered when I was a human. ……Only if I can form a magic circuit.

For that, I will need 【Evolution】.
Just like how I took in my corpse, I’ll have to rapidly use 【Absorption】 on monsters and take their strength and skills.
That’s why, I only have one thing to do. Hunt monsters.
My first step in my new slime life. Let’s go outside immediately.
Before that…….

『Weapon supplies, huh』

The particularly sad thing is that this soft body doesn’t have any offensive ability.
The sole weapon I have is to wrap enemies with my body, but they’ll escape before I can digest them.
That’s why, I’ve prepared plenty of weapons for slimes in this room.

『If I remember correctly, it’s around this area』

Plenty of potion bottles are lined up on the top shelf.
I tossed them into my mouth, putting in strength in my belly and dexterously unfasten the bottle caps, and the contents are saved inside my stomach.
Potions rapidly gather inside my stomach.
The identity of these potions is extremely strong acid.
This will become a strong weapon for this slime body.
One of the few strong points of this insubstantial body is that it is immune to all poison and acids.
On the contrary…….

『This body is unexpectedly amazing』

I perfectly understand the ingredients of the potions I’ve ate.
I can make its ingredient list in my head.
It seems that I can synthsise them inside my stomach if I eat the ingredients. That’s good. I was the one who mixed the potion, but it’ll be hard for this clumsy slime body to mix it.

However, it seems like I’ll somehow manage if it’s just the slopping of the materials I’ve ate inside my stomach.
While thinking that, I raced through the potions.

Phew, I’m full. Since I’ve drank more potions than my capacity.

『What the heck’s the principle behind it?』

The 【Infinite Evolving Slime】 is a magic creature I created, but it has a proper base.
That slime’s characteristic is absorbing eaten prey, and has two abilities: obtaining the eaten thing’s ability, and storing it in a different dimension. The stored thing absolutely does not deteriorate from the time it was eaten, can be properly stored separately and is immiscible.
Of course, this slime body has that function.
To absorb into the body, or to only store it, both can be chosen. This is really a convenient slime.

『Now then, let’s go outside without meeting my daughters』

Until I’ve become stronger to a certain extent, I plan to make this residence my base.
Also, I requested that nobody enters this room after I die, so even if I make this my base, nobody will find out.
It’s tough for a feeble slime living as a stray.

I flattened my body, passed under the door, wriggled through the keyhole and making the best of my movements as a slime, I went outside without anyone noticing.
As I passed near the horse carriage shed, the carriages of the Enlight of 【Sword】, the fox-girl Shimazu and Enlight of 【Medical Arts】, Helen, had disappeared.
Shimazu has been invited by a certain country as a swordsman, and Helen has left for another country as a royal place doctor. They probably returned to their work.
I had arranged for those girls to temper their abilities in the outside world.
I’ll be happy if they decide to properly do what they ought to do. Let’s take a look at the remaining two, the elf Orphe and dwarf Nikola after this. Those two are spoilt children among the sisters. It’d be great if they aren’t too caught up with my death…….
While thinking that, I finally arrived at the prairie where monsters appear.

『Isn’t there any monsters around here?』

Since my perception ability is low, while walking steadily I searched for monsters.
The monsters around here are weak but numerous.

I’ll probably find one before long.
That’s why, I’ll eat some grass for now. *Munch munch*, the grass is delicious.
Thanks to my residence, a spot with uselessly overflowing continuing magic power, the ecosystem around here changed, and various precious medicinal plants sprouted.

My slime body takes them in and digests them. I 『Store』 each of the ingredients. If I stock the ingredients for the miracle drug, I may probably use it someday.
Like that, I ate the grass, and before I knew it, I became engrossed with it.
It’s an unexpected discovery that grass would be delicious after I became a slime.
Then, our eyes met.

『Splendid fangs you have there』

I carelessly forgot to be on caution for monsters.
I was influenced by a monster’s instinct more than I thought. Let’s use my reasoning more.
The monster in front of me is an extremely big violet rat.
It’s about the size of a medium-sized dog.


From it’s fiendish outward appearance, you would have never imagined that it has a cute cry resembling that of a mouse.
I know this monster.
Forest Rat. A low level monster.

It has long front teeth.
It attacks my slime body with a hit that can split a human skull in one try.
That one attack easily pierced my slime body.

『So, what about it?』

This body was amorphous from the beginning.
There’s no problem with it torn to pieces, let alone pierced.
Instead, I let the strong acid potion which was stored in the other dimension permeate through the slime body, and because of that, its front tooth started to melt.
Before it becomes surprised and escapes, I slime jumped at the forest rat with all my might, and engulfed it with full slime body acid.

「Kyui, kyuiiiiii」

It screamed while melting, but it’s too late.
If it was the original digestive fluids, it would quickly shake me off and quickly escape, but the one this body carries is a special potion the great sage created. There’s no way a low level monster can escape from it.

It died within seconds.
I 【Stored】 the strong acid components from its body. If it dissolves completely, I can’t 【Absorb】 it.
I temporarily release it, and eat the forest rat’s corpse.

*Munch munch*, as expected of a rat, it smells a little fishy, but I’ll have to bear it for my level.
Using my interior digestive fluid, I digested the forest rate and 【Absorbed】 it.
Since it had the cheek to carry poison, I properly 【Stored】 it. Poison is a convenient weapon. I want to stock it. Since I might also use the bones and hide for something, I 【Stored】 them.
As I finished 【Absorbing】, my body became hot.

『Oh, there’s an ability I can adapt, huh』

By consuming the monster, I obtained a Skill.
It’s 【Presence Sensing】.

It’s a plain but useful Skill. It’ll be easier to notice surrounding enemies.
Thank you. Forest rat. Thanks to you, I’ve become stronger.
I didn’t only get a Skill. My slime body’s movements has become more agile.

『Let’s go back once I eat two or three more』

While thinking that, I started eating grass. I also didn’t forget to stock up various medicinal plants components.
To become stronger, such steady movements are needed.
Species: Forbidden Slime
Level: 2
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skill: Absorb Store Presence Sensing
Belongings: Strong acid potion     Various medicinal plant components     Forest rat materials
Physical strength G     Endurance G     Agility F     Magic power F     Luck F     Uniqueness EX

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