Chapter 10 – The Guild Chief Appeared

「Tch, a kid wants to become an adventurer? Don’t you look down on us」

Yup, it seems like this is going to be troublesome.

「Hyold-san, quarrels inside the guild are prohibited.」

The onee-san shouted a warning at the adventurer.
However, it doesn’t seem to have any effect at all.

「Aisha-chan, this isn’t a quarrel, I’m just going to teach the reality to this kid who doesn’t know his place. Just shut up and watch.」

I see, if you deal with this kind of people regularly, you will be surprised at my greetings and speech.
I have understood this in a strange place.

Ah, this Onee-chan’s name is Aisha, let’s remember that.
Name : Hyold
Race : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 29 years old
Occupation : Adventurer (D Rank)

Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina)
So he’s a Rank D adventurer, he has fairly good Skills.
I’ll observe the situation, it he looks like a bad guy, then maybe I’ll take away his skills.

「Oi, shitty brat! Thanks to this Hyold-sama’s teachings, I saved your life, so hand over all your money as reward」

Hmm? Did he teach me anything? I don’t understand anything he said.

「Etto…… Hyold-san, was it? Did I receive any teachings from you? I have no idea, though……」

The adventurers inside the guild burst out in laughter at the exchange we had.

「Oi oi Hyold, isn’t he not taking you as an opponent? You’re getting looked down upon by a brat, you know」

An adventurer raised his voice, pointing and laughing at Hyold.
The other adventurers laughed harder at that.

The source of the laughter, Hyold, had his face turned red and started shouting.

「Don’t screw around, you shitty brat! If you don’t understand, I’ll teach you physically!!」

Saying that, he raised his fist and threw it towards me.

I can dodge it, but if I do, it might go wrong and hit Aisha-san, the receptionist lady.
I can’t forgive something like that.

It can’t be helped, I’ll let him hit me.
I’ve made a lot of potions, so I probably won’t die.

I firmly guarded against the shock, and clenched my teeth.

「Dogo」(TLN: As in hitting something, not doggo.)

As Hyold’s fist hit my right cheek, the shock sent me flying from my seat, and my back violently collided with the counter.


I then collapsed onto the floor on my back.

Aisha-san exposed an expression of anger, and among the adventurers were whistles and cheers.

While I frantically endured the pain which almost made me lose consciousness, I plundered both the asshole’s skills.
I formed a smile, saying ‘serves you right’ in my heart, as Cut & Paste finished without a hitch.

However, thinking that I was laughing at him, Hyold trampled on my stomach with full strength.


Seeing me who was fainting in agony, he felt refreshed, and with the foot that was trampling me, he put in strength in grinding as he crushed me.

As expected, this was unpleasant…….
My consciousness was then cut off.
「What happened? It’s awfully noisy downstairs, did some idiot do something again?」

Leaving the office, I went towards the first floor.
As I neared the stairs, I was able to clearly hear the racket.
「Oi oi Hyold, isn’t he not taking you as an opponent? You’re getting looked down upon by a brat, you know」

Hmm, the one who kicked up this fuss was that Hyold, huh. How many times does this make? I should prepare to give him a severe punishment this time.

「Don’t screw around, you shitty brat! If you don’t understand, I’ll teach you physically!!」

When I finally reached the stairs’ landing, the scene entered my eyes. (TLN:
That Hyold had his fist aimed at a young man sitting on the reception.

Hm, that young man……, though he could dodge, he clenched his teeth.
Since he might involve Aisha if he dodge, huh.

His action and resolution doesn’t fit his age. He’s quite good.
He shows promise for a youth.

Naturally, the young man was hit and fell to the ground.


Hyold that bastard, is he trying to kill him!?

As expected, I can’t just watch after seeing him putting strength in crushing the collapsed young man’s stomach.

「Stop it, you idiot!」

I shouted at Hyold with a voice which resounded throughout the whole guild.

Everyone sent their gaze towards me.
「「「「G, Guild leader……」」」」
「Hey, what’s this commotion about? Huh, Hyold」

My voice echoed throughout the whole floor which had turned deathly silent.

As I sent a stare full of bloodthirst at Hyold, he trembled and started giving his excuse.

「T, This is that, that education, giving this unruly shitty brat guidance as a senpai in the guild!」

「Is this like the last time you said this, where you picked a fight with a promising newbie, and then made him leave the guild? Haa?」

I remembered my irritation at this idiot who keeps repeating the same stupid excuse.

「You told me this before didn’t you? That you’ve repented and this won’t happen twice…… Oh, was it a lie?」

「Of course not! I didn’t lie to you, I’ve repented you see, I didn’t do anything bad, the fault is with this shitty brat」

Insisting that he’s right to the very end, huh. Very well.
I’ll confirm this.

「Hou, Aisha. Is what this idiot saying the truth?」

Despite being confused at suddenly being in the conversation, Aisha answered according to my wishes.

「No, he’s not. He picked a fight with “a civilian who isn’t an adventurer, furthermore a young man who had just come of age”, and demanded money from him.」

Hearing Aisha’s answer, Hyold’s face was dyed in red again, and started raving.

「D, don’t joke around! I didn’t do anything like that, don’t you say irresponsible things!」

「Furthermore, when the young man rejected his demand, and suddenly hit “him who is a civilian”」

「I understand now, Aisha. For the time being, you’ll immediately bring that young man to the medical room. Leave the rest to me」

Nodding to my instructions, Aisha, along with another receptionist lady, carried the young man to the medical room.
Even though it’s a serious injury, he won’t die with this. I’ll need to give that young man apology money from the guild later.

After confirming that Aisha-tachi has left my sight, I quietly descend from the stairs. (TLN: -tachi means ‘and others’. Basically the ‘others’ is the other receptionist girl.)

「Hey, Hyold…… won’t you tell me? Since when in the world was it okay for an adventurer…… a D rank adventurer, at that, to raise their hand against an ordinary child?」

I asked a question lavished with bloodthirst to Hyold.

「I, I said I’m not at fault right? Naa, please forgive me…… I won’t do it again, absolutely, will not do it again, okay?」

「How many times does this make? You saying those words to me?」

「It’s also absolutely this time. I didn’t lie to you, really! Please believe me」

「No, as expected, I can’t believe that anymore, are you looking down on me…… on the guild?」

To err again and again, and this time he even raised his hand against a civilian.
I can’t possibly absolve him of his crime, if he really think I will forgive him for this, then he’s really a mindless idiot.

「I’ll give you two choices. First is that you pay ten platinum coins as breach of contract, and expelled from the guild.」

「D, don’t joke around, as if I’ll accept that! Don’t screw with me!!!」

「The other is, before leaving the guild, cut off both of your arms now to pay the debt. Choose whichever you like」

An adventurer the guild has accepted, and furthermore a D rank, raising his hand against a civilian and finally killing him and such, is an action looking down on the guild’s trust.
For it to happen until this, to the society, it’s a blunder which may be called still lukewarm/unstrict.

「……You bastard, I refuse both of them!!!!」

This idiot, I’ll fucking let you have the worst.
Pointing a weapon towards me.

However, something’s not right. Raising his voice, the axe he swung with all his strength, that strike had relatively little sharpness.
A strike unbecoming of a D rank adventurer.

…… I don’t think he’s taking it easy but, whatever. It doesn’t matter what he’s scheming. (TLN: 何か企んでいようが蹴散らしてくれる。What does 蹴散らす mean here?)

I drew the two-handed sword I carried on my back, and cut off both of Hyold’s arms from the shoulder.
I had planned to encircle him, but it ended fairly quickly, huh…… whatever then.

「Ugaaaa, m, my aaaarms~~~~」

Since he doesn’t have his arms anymore, his life as an adventurer has ended.
He’ll have to live quietly from now on.

While thinking as such, I casually sprinkled high-grade potion on his shoulders.
This is after all compensation, it’s not like I want to kill him.

I then said in a loud voice towards those within the guild.

「Okay, I won’t tell you to act irreproachably towards the adventurers. However, you shall abide by the rules decided by the adventurer’s guild.」

My voice unexpectedly resounded among the adventurers who were making a stir at the tragedy inside the guild.

「Those who can’t abide by the rules, those uninterested in abiding, and those who hold the guild’s sanctity in contempt, cannot enter the guild. Get out immediately」

so I declared, and started walking towards the medical room.

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – The Guild Chief Appeared

    • Answer:

      1. Quarrel inside the Guild isn’t allowed. Had he attack back, he’d be getting the stick too.

      2. the MC is NOT a physically OP character, he has cheat skill but that’s about it. His physical ability is just slightly better than normal after stealing the kills of the bandits but against experienced adventurer he’s definitely much weaker.

      3. He certainly did fight back. He stole both of the attacker’s skill and as we can see, that was a significant “attack”. He simply wasn’t the one who dish out the physical punishment.

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    • I like the part where he wants to keep his ability hidden but then uses it against literally anyone who antagonizes him. *facepalm*. If it wasn’t for the guild master, that guy would have figured out something was off real soon.

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  1. If it goes that far, it’ll be an error due to leniency, even to the society. … Lost in context because of previous something not being around in raws for me to look at, but… ここまでやっても世間からは、まだ生ぬるいと言われかねない失態だ … sth along the lines of “The surroundings even with this much, would probably call it lukewarm towards the ‘blunder'” or possibly that the guild master would be called ‘lukewarm’ for not demanding more.

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  2. I don’t get it… He didn’t dodge because ‘It might hit the receptionist’.

    He’s standing at a counter, she would been more than a meter away from the guy punching, it’s not like his fist is a bullet so why couldn’t he dodge exactly?


  3. This was dumb. This sort of retarded guild bully is retarded. Oh I am gonna commit a crime right in front of the cops with a dozen witness on a child for no good reason. I’m not even some sort of national level super badass.

    Oh and somehow this has happened multiple times?

    Also cutting off his arms. Is stupid. At th as the point just take his head for beating a child and robbing people. Seeing as it is almost impossible for him to come close to making living or afford regrow in his arms.


  4. Well… Pretty much the whole novel is that way. Although I like this kind of thing, it’s really hard to read and not feel like criticizing the author (RIP) or novel… But well… It is what it is.


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