Chapter 11 – Guild Registration and the Exclusive Receptionist

「……An unfamiliar ceiling」

As I opened my eyes, a view I have never seen before entered my sight.

「Ah, Myne-kun…… You’ve woken up? Thank goodness.」

Perhaps my muttering was heard, I heard a woman’s voice.
I think I’ve heard this voice somewhere before…… where was it……?

As my mind was in a mess, I couldn’t collect my thoughts well.
What in the world happened to me?

While my mind was in a mess, an extremely beautiful onee-san entered my view.

I’ve seen this person before, this receptionist…… Aisha-san, was it?

Ah, I’m starting to remember.

An adventurer named Hyold picked a fight with me, I was hit by him …… and my stomach was trampled with full strength.
I’ve don’t have any memories since then, which means I lost consciousness then, I think.

「……Where is this?」

After I enquired from Aisha-san, she wore an expression of relief from the bottom of her heart and replied 「It’s the Guild Medical Room」.

I see, Aisha-san was the one who brought me here, I have to say my thanks.

「Thank you very much for helping me, onee-san.」

After I expressed my gratitude, before Aisha-san responded, I heard a man’s voice.

「Sorry…… Myne-kun, was it? I am the Guild Master, Bazzam. I, as the guild master, sincerely apologise.」(TLN: バザム Any suggestions?)

A man who called himself the guild master suddenly appeared, bowed deeply at me and spoke words of apology

「No no, not at all. It should be me who should be sorry for troubling you.」

As I replied, Bazzam-san said 「Eh?」 and showed a surprised look.

「Guild Master, Myne-kun is like this, you know.」

Aisha-san, for some reason, had a triumphant look on her face as she addressed the guild master.

「No, sorry. Since I’ve only been talking to the those guys who use rougher tones, hearing your polite speech surprised me.」

Come to think of it, Aisha-san also said something like that.

「Now then, the man called Hyold who picked a fight with you, I’ve handed him his punishment just now on behalf of the guild.」

With the previous topic settled, Bazzam-san started talking about the cause of me sleeping here.


「Ah, I’ve expelled him from the guild and cut off both of his arms.」

Cut off his arms!? Seriously?
I reflexively pulled back hearing those dangerous words he suddenly uttered.

Probably realising my expression, Bazzam-san grinned broadly and told me directly.

「That guy didn’t just break the rules once or twice. Furthermore, this time he’s guilty of trying to kill an ordinary person.」

As he said that, he glanced at me and continued.

「If I didn’t act then you’d definitely be dead by now. As the guild master I can’t overlook this, he wouldn’t be able to live freely up until now with his arms cut. Well, he got what he deserved」

I feel like it is overkill, but if the guild master says so.
At any rate, since the punishment has been handed out, it won’t matter even if I say anything.

「Therefore, this incident was completely due to our guild’s incompetence. We will give 20 gold coins as compensation, take it from Aisha after this.」

「Eh? That…… Isn’t 20 gold too much money!? I can’t accept it!!」

「No, the guild also has to keep up its appearance. We’ll be troubled if you don’t accept it, so please understand.」

As he said that, the guild master stood up from his seat, said 「Goodbye」 and left the medical room.

While I was flabbergasted at the rapid development, I came to when Aisha-san cleared her throat.

「Sorry, even though he acted like that, he is worried about you, you know?」

said she as she gave me a wink, and followed-up for the guild master.

「Now then, I would like to properly apologise. ……Also, thanks. For taking the hit to protect me.」

「N, no, it’s only because I don’t like a girl being hit…… besides, it’s originally my fault that he picked a fight……」

「Yes, but remember that I am grateful to you, ne」

「Ah, yes……」

Somehow, it was forcibly concluded.
As expected, there’s this feeling of an older woman.

「Well then, let’s proceed with our talk. About registering for the guild, you still haven’t changed your mind?」

Ah, right. I came here to join the guild, I’ve completely forgot about it because of the disturbance.

「Yes, please take care of me.」

I bowed and gave my affirmation, Aisha-san smiled sweetly and continued.

「Understood, it’s not mainly for an apology for this time’s incident, but I am assigned as Myne-kun’s exclusive receptionist.」

Exclusive receptionist? What’s that? An unfamiliar word appeared again.
Though I still didn’t understand and was confused, she continued talking.

「Ah, I haven’t introduced myself, have I? I am Aisha. Aisha・Laurel! Please take care of me, Myne-kun♪」

「Eh? Um, Aisha-san, please take care of me too…… not!? What is an exclusive receptionist!?」

「Exclusive receptionists are receptionists designated upon special adventurers by the guild master and are exclusive to them. So, as an apology for this time, Guild Master Bazzam assigned me as an exclusive receptionist to you.」

Exclusive, does it mean that when I don’t come Aisha-san wouldn’t be working!?
I’m extremely sorry for that.

「No no no no, as you can see, I’m weak, and will trouble Aisha-san, you know!? Please let me off」

「Don’t worry, even though it’s called exclusive, I’ll still work as usual, you know? It only means that I will attend to you if you come, so don’t worry.」

Afterwards, I tried putting up resistance, but since it has already been decided, I couldn’t change the fact that she was now my exclusive receptionist.

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Guild Registration and the Exclusive Receptionist

  1. 「Eh? Um, Aisha-san, please take care of me too…… not!? What is an exclusive receptionist!?」
    “Not?” Really? Does the raws possibly say Jannakute!? — It context is a rebuke towards the fact that the person casually continued on the conversation without touching up on the subject. Like a “or rather!?”… (Did youz notice I’m not good at explaining things yet?)


    • 「Understood, it’s not as an apology for this time’s incident, but I am assigned as Myne-kun’s exclusive receptionist.」
      Is it possibly something like kondo no koto no shazai ni ha narenai ga… or something like that?
      (TLN: Somehow she said it’s for the trouble, but above she says it isn’t.) — Because if it is, that means that she was implying that it [isn’t much] of a apology for what happened


    • That “not” in japanese often means simple “!?” or “-!”. The phrase being cut off by a character remembering something suddenly or something sudden happening and interrupting them. Sudden interruption


      • No, the ‘not’ that time is the retort one. Like how the english wannabe funnies say “Oh you’re handsome … not!”, the not doesn’t just not have a meaning. I mean not that I’m not saying that you’re not wrong, but not not.


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