Chapter 09 – Adventurer’s Guild and The Promise

「However, potions can be created using drawn well water, huh…….」

When I returned home, I immediately prepared to try making potions.

According to plan, when I was able to make the potion with the flow I saw at the alchemist, my impressions were as above. (TL: Basically the soliloquy above)

I can make approximately 6 L of potion from just the medicinal plants I’ve collected.

As expected, if I sell these, the alchemy shop’s sales will be affected…….

And I’ll be repaying his kindness in teaching me with evil.

I’ll just make enough for my own use.

「This much will probably last me some time, right?」

For now, the completed potions were put in a big transparent bottle which I previously bought from the general store.

Tomorrow, I’ll buy small bottles and divide the potions.

With my work roughly finished, while I was taking a breather my stomach let out a rumble. (Izzy: The original says Guu~~, but not much onomatopoeia is usually used in English) (JiN: *doki doki* :3)

「Come to think of it, I still haven’t eaten yet.」

As I only needed to make food for one, I cooked the leftover orc meat teppanyaki-style, and garnished the salad with Nobuchu leaves I bought from the vegetable shop. (TLN: Probably fictional?)

Thanks to the Cooking skill, I was able to make simple but very delicious food.

Also, since it was the special first-class orc meat and not the usual rabbit meat, it wasn’t only due to the skill.

Although I intended to make quite a lot, I licked my lips as I finished eating, and it seems that I was able to relax after a while.

Since I spontaneously used too much energy, I threw myself on the bed.

「Today’s also peaceful, and I was able to survive…… It really became busy all of a sudden, huh.

Well, because of that my earnings were also amazing……」

5 gold coins and 83 silver coins.

Along with 6 copper coins were my income.

Furthermore, I obtained a Storage Bag (Extra-Large).

All of these were thanks to the skills I was bestowed with, no matter how many times I thank God, it’ll never be enough.

Thinking about the income and skills, as expected, becoming an adventurer is probably the correct decision.

Let’s try making an appearance at the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow.

I should think about this seriously.

Yosh! I’ve worked hard today! Good night!


『Adventurer’s Guild』

It includes not just the Kingdom of Augusta, which the Town of Lucas, where Myne’s residence is in, belongs to, but also other countries, and is a for-profit organisation which exists in practically every town.

A few centuries ago, there existed a hero who for the sake of subjugating monsters efficiently, called out to people who were bestowed battle-oriented skills, and an organisation which gathered these people were formed.

With the flow of time, that system was polished.

It is now changing into an existence that will provide information and build a network to raise the survival rate of adventurers, soldiers and the like who fought against monsters, and will support their lives by making it profit-based.


In each continent, country, and town, etc., a branch is established, and every day it assists the registered adventurers.

The Adventurer’s Guild is basically open every day of the year, and is operates in the morning, afternoon, night and even midnight.

In the case of unexpected situations, they will take care of it immediately.

It is a for-profit organisation, and though they are an independent business organisation, basically they are in charge of defence of the towns they are established in.

On the surface, they receive requests for defending the town made by the head of the place where they are established, such as kings and lords.

Of course, since it is a request, there is a reward.

Though, a large reward will only be given out when there is catastrophic damage at the level of the monster’s great invasion ≪Flood≫ which happens a few times over the course of several years.

If there are no special situations like that, every month a fixed amount of money would be paid by the country or town, etc., and is reduced to a part of the reward for a request made to the adventurers.

A boy, no, a young man who has come of age, paid a visit to such an Adventurer’s Guild.

Yes, that young man was Myne.


「So this is the Guild, it’s my first time entering, huh…….」

Unintentionally, I looked around me restlessly.

As I did that, I found Keith-san, the C-rank adventurer who was on the same carriage as me on the way back from the capital.

Besides him, I also happen to see the other adventurers from that time.

Keith-san and the others were standing in front of a large board which looked like a notice board with their arms folded, and it seems like they are looking at the papers affixed onto the board with a serious expression.

『Their expression is really serious, what are they looking at, I wonder……』

I became very curious at what they were looking at, but first let’s ask various questions at the reception.

Even if I become an adventurer, as expected information is still necessary.

I lined up at the counter with the shortest line, and waited for my turn.

Then, my turn came around and I greeted the beautiful onee-san at the reception.

「Good morning!」

She was probably surprised at my greeting, as the onee-san showed a dumbfounded expression for a moment, but immediately a smile surfaced as she replied with a 「Good morning」.

「Etto, my name is Myne.

Actually I just came of age the day before yesterday…… Today I came because I am interested in becoming an adventurer, but there are some parts which I don’t really understand, so I thought that I should learn about it. 」

Hearing my words, the onee-san once again showed a surprised expression.

Huh? I can’t ask questions here?

「……Sorry, was I being a bother?」

While I was feeling dejected, the onee-san flustered, shook her head as she heard my question and replied 「No, it’s nothing like that」.

「……Really? You don’t mind? 」

I thought that she was probably taking care of my feelings, and I asked again while feeling dejected.

「It’s really nothing like that, sorry.

You see, a lot of adventurers are rowdy.

However, Myne-kun is really polite so I was surprised. 」(TLN: Myne usually speaks in polite language with other people, but not when talking to himself.)

Even if you say ‘a lot’, since I don’t understand it that’s why I came…… so I thought while feeling relieved.

「That’s good, I feel relieved.」

「And, what did you wanted to ask?」

Since I’ve already prepared what I wanted to ask beforehand, I asked them one by one.

Thus what I understood was

・A Guild Card will be issued if one registers, which can be used as a formal identification document. (JiN: Aaaaand here comes the Guild Card XD)

・The guild is generally a place to mediate the requests as work for adventurers.

・There are ranks for adventurers, and by completing requests the rank will gradually increase, and will be able to receive requests with a better reward.

・There are four types of request: 「Subjugation」 「Harvesting」 「Escort」 「Special」.

To rank up, it is necessary to receive requests equally.

A request which involves the life and death of people in the town where rank does not matter is called an 「Emergency Request」 and it is a compulsory duty to accept it.

・Materials obtained from quests or outside quests can be sold.

・There is no need for guild members to pay the tax directly.

A part of the request reward will be deducted beforehand for the tax.

・If no requests are accepted in a long time, one will be expelled from the guild, and the country will claim the unpaid tax from when one was still a guild member.

It is roughly like this.

Depending on the request received, it is necessary to go to distant towns and dungeons as I thought.

Yes, it seems like there’s a lot of merit for me.

However, because I want to hide my skills, it is probably hard for me to join a party in accepting a request.

「Thank you for teaching me even though you are busy.

Hearing your explanation, I’m determined to become an adventurer. 」

As I gave my thanks and said as such, the onee-san smiled and answered 「I’m glad to be of help」.

While thinking a beauty’s smile really makes one feel lively, I also unintentionally smiled.

「So, you want to become an adventurer?」(JiN: And to which Myne replies, “Nope, I came to ask questions about adventurers, in an adventurers’ guild cuz my cat is pregnant with rocks”)

As I answered 「Yes! 」at the onee-san’s question, I could hear a rough voice from behind me.

「Tch, a brat wants to become an adventurer? Are you looking down on us?!」 (JiN: How? Just HOW on earth you came to this conclusion?!)

Yeah, somehow a bothersome thing happened.

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  4. So, you want to become an adventurer?」(JiN: And to which Myne replies, “Nope, I came to ask questions about adventurers, in an adventurers’ guild cuz my cat is pregnant with rocks”


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