Cut & Paste Chapter 102

Hello there. Izzy here.

Yes, yes, I know. Somebody translated this chapter already. Like eons ago. Well, I have my reasons for tl-ing this one. And no, I am not resuming translation. I will be posting whenever I feel like translating. In other words, no fixed schedule, until someone picks this up. (Previous tl-er dropped it, I think? idk, never checked) Maybe even a month till the next chapter, who knows. It’s just a hobby for now.

Who even reads this lol.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 102

12 thoughts on “Cut & Paste Chapter 102

  1. Know that I don’t count the other TL… It’s far too poorly done to read. Pretty sure i’m not alone.
    But you do you, perhaps this will get an licensed TL.


    • Lazy people are lazy, over worked people are over worked, commitments to disembodied text prompts online are far easier to stop caring about than the black mold in the corner. Its the same thing with most dropped TLs. Atleast this fella is going out on the limb of “Hey, I do what I do, so fuck you if you dont like it!”. Atleast hes not kneecapping me but giving me things to read with an above average quality translation from another language I know shit all about.

      My hangover fixer is telling me i might not be making sense so im stopping here.


  2. Post or dont, false hope is and always will be annoyingly bad and ungrateful as that made me sound.

    and yes I like this novel. It is weird and quirky in some different ways than others. For instance it seems like Mein has form of mental illness. Im not exactly sure what it is but its either this or hes just so pure and naive its almost scary. “My parents died, but its alright cause everyone was really nice to me! Im now of age to go to church and have God shine his LED flashlight at me, giving me the magical ability of Word Pad in a text based adventure game. Look look! I can steal stuff from people without them knowing and it would seriously ruin their lives if I did it all willy nilly! Guess I will just take from the bad like half a Rob Loxly! Oh due to my massively overpowered cheat ability I now have two sweet pieces of ass clawing at me to crawl into bed! Guess I should cause thats what they want! Heyhey! my sweet pieces, heres why im so badass..what? I shouldnt tell people? Buy why?!?!?! It could just topple the world and 95% of its power based heirarchy!!! See see look I can bestow powers unto others too!!! What? I shouldnt do that? Why?!? If I do it to you two (plus the dog), you cannot die to the weaklings (just about anything outside of dragon class and even not to them if im around!) so why? Oh…okay. Guess I will just listen to the instructions of my wives cause they are obviously always correct! Plus they smell nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

    *falls off chair*


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