Cut & Paste Chapter 103

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I-i-it’s not like I translated this for you or anything. I just had time that’s all. It really is!


Okay, well let’s stop that. I forgot my headphones and mouse at my friend’s place so I can’t game for today. And since homework is meant to be procrastinated on, I translated.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 103

Cut & Paste Chapter 102

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Yes, yes, I know. Somebody translated this chapter already. Like eons ago. Well, I have my reasons for tl-ing this one. And no, I am not resuming translation. I will be posting whenever I feel like translating. In other words, no fixed schedule, until someone picks this up. (Previous tl-er dropped it, I think? idk, never checked) Maybe even a month till the next chapter, who knows. It’s just a hobby for now.

Who even reads this lol.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 102

Cut & Paste Chapter 101

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Yes, I know this took too long. In my defence, this was 3 times the length of normal chapters, which won’t take as long by itself, but motivation though.

Bad news, I will be on hiatus for probably a week. Well, less than that actually. I have orientation for uni, which will take a few days. I will not be touching my laptop for this period of time. I’ll count all the chapters I have left after I come back. My head’s spinning so I’ll stop here.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 101

Cut & Paste Chapter 100

FINALLY CHAPTE- Hello there. Izzy here.

-R ONE HUNDREDDDDDDD. Whew. That took a really long time, didn’t it. I would appreciate it if you don’t remember that I procrastinated way too much a lot. With us finally reaching chapter 100, I’m planning on tl-ing four chapters next week. Why am I piling more work on myself

If you read the author’s note last chapter, it might have seen weird. Well, that’s because I didn’t know what a certain word was, and translated it as gossip (Why have you failed me, O dictionary). Well, turns out it was side story, so I tweaked the previous author note to its correct meaning. And yeah, this chapter is a side story (not really), and was 1.5 times the usual chapter length orz

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 100

Cut & Paste Chapter 98

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This week’s first chapter. So, there are a few problems with the previous chapter (I tl-ed wrongly orz). Firstly, Waffle did not follow Myne to his dressing room. It’s actually Waffle followed them to the ceremony. Second, the ceremony hasn’t started yet, but I used the past tense in the last chapter (I edited it a few minutes (read: hours) later though, so the early readers would have read the wrong one).

And, the biggest change of all, is the phrase brother-in-law. Deciding to change it once and for all into Japanese (Do you even know how tiring it is to type that whole phrase out, with a san at the back???), I searched how it was read, since I wasn’t sure. And voila, it was read as Onii-san. Oh God, why didn’t I search this up earlier. Anyway, I’m still not a 100% sure, so I asked other translators on discord, so until someone answers it, I won’t be a 100% sure. I’ll be using it though, unless they tell me that it isn’t. Which one means brother and which one is brother-in-law? Well, use your brains šŸ™‚

Edited: I’m changing it to gikei, since a tl-er told me that’s how it’s pronounced. Edit 2: Debating. Yahoo answers tell me it’s nii-san. Edit 3: I’ll be using nii-san/nee-san even for in-laws. Unless it’s pronounced gikei, I’ll just have to use Brother-in-law (without the san)

I’m halfway through the next chapter, but I don’t know when I will finish it. Either today or tomorrow. Moon Festival event on fgo is beckoning me, so we’ll see.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 98

Cut & Paste Chapters 95 – 97

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Sorry for the extremely late post….. It’s been quite the rough week for me + procrastination (finally got myself skyrim). Anyway, I got some sponsored chapters, so that was a wake up call. I will resume translating as quickly as I can for these few days.

Cut & Paste – 5 chapters remaining, with 3 more for next week.
Slime – 2 chapters remaining, with 1 for next week.

Ugh. Anyway, I will be translating, so I’m really sorry for the delay! I will start with c&p first because I have to pump out the delayed ones before the sponsored chapters.

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97