Chapter 102 – Things Regarding the Clan

We were able to finish the wedding ceremony without any incidents, except for our mental fatigue.

The people of the royal family.

The people of the temple.

……And above all, the general public who live in the royal capital, all of them celebrated our wedding.
Of course, there’s probably a great deal of people who do not accept our marriage and are not pleased with it.

Even so, I am delighted from the bottom of my heart at the fact that a crowd of people congratulated us with smiles.
I am really, really blessed.

Kami-sama who had given me the chance to obtain this happiness.
My two wonderful wives who married me.

To all the people who had anything to do with me, thank you!


「I’m glad that it went without a hitch」

Aisha who felt the pressure of the crowd during the marriage like me, talked with a genuine relieved expression.

「……Un, I am happy that a lot of people congratulated us, but as expected, it’s really tiring」

As I was being lazy by reclining on the couch, Aisha came and sat on my right side.
She then leaned her body on mine and similarly started lazied herself.

「Fufu, we really match each other, don’t we!」

Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I flirted with Aisha like this, hasn’t it?

While entwining her own arm with mine, we leisurely chatted, and Sylphy who went to King-sama’s place returned to the room.

「That’s unfair!!」

Declaring her disatisfaction at us flirting with all her strength, she jumped to my left which had been empty.
With flowers on both hands, it’s weird for me to say this but…… we passed the time in supreme bliss with really great smiles.


……Eh, Waffle?

Un, Waffle is yawning on my head as always.
It seems that one won’t feel anything even if on looked at males and females of another species flirting, so he doesn’t change even while looking at us.

In the end, we continued flirting until Ari arrived.




「Now then, your wedding ceremony has been successfully completed, so you’ll firstly have something like a break.
However, there are still various things that you have to decide on」

We were summoned by King-sama, and heard about such a thing.

Things we must decide on? I wonder what it is…… We even decided on the house name already…… I don’t think there’s anything in particular, though?

His Majesty probably noticied my expression, as if saying “Huh?”.
King-sama wryly smileed and continued speaking.

「You are establishing a clan, are you not?
I will of course give you permission, just as I have said, but you cannot officially register without deciding on a Clan name, no?」 (TLN: …..Okay, it seems that I made a mistake with the previous ‘clan name’. The previous ones seem to be House Name, or Myne’s family’s surname. Clan name is a different one, like how Cass’ name isn’t Cass Soaring Sandstorm orz)

That’s true.

Clan name, huh, somehow, it seems like we are deciding on a lot of names these days.
Waffle’s name, House name, and now Clan name…….

And, must that be decided now?
It shouldn’t be something which has to be decided in a flash, huh.

「……King-sama, may I please have some time on deciding it?」

「Fumu, as expected, it’s too harsh to tell you to decide it right now.
Alright then, report as soon as you decide on it.
The room you are staying in right now will always be available.
Use that magic to transfer here」

Having gotten King-sama’s approval, and time, we need to have a third family meeting, huh.
However, have already received a request from the country, so we’ll have to decide ahead of time.

「Also, you are now one of the nobles, although a new one.
I think that it is rare, but there might be other nobles and the like who will visit you.
For that, your current house is unfavourable in a lot of ways.
What are your plans on that?」

Sylphy answered King-sama’s question.

「The Clan House is currently in construction, so we were planning on making the second floor the Fortuna House’s center of foreign affairs」

Un, Sylphy did propose such a thing when we decided on constructing the Clan House.
I, however, do not know much about nobles’ residences, so Sylphy and Craftsman discussed and drew a plan together.

Craftsman and the others should be working hard right now.

「Oh, you’ve thought this through, haven’t you? There shouldn’t be a problem then.
What are your plans for the Clan’s reception and staff?」

Staff? If it’s a receptionist, then isn’t Aisha a professional at it?
She’s the Adventurer’s Guild’s popular receptionist, after all.

「……Myne, let me set this straight, Aisha-dono isn’t staff, alright?」

Brother-in-law-san saw through me, and reminded me.

U~n, what should we do then?
I haven’t talked with them about this…….

While I was racking my brains, Aisha started speaking.

「……I have an idea……
Did you not receive a report from Bazam Hathaway, Lucas’ guild leader?」

Hm? An idea…… are we going to poach a receptionist from the guild?

「Lucas’ guild leader……! Ah, are you referring to that? I did receive it, but…….
Wait!? By idea, do you mean the girl mentioned in the report!?」

「Yes, I was thinking that it would be most convenient for our Clan to shelter her. Is it alright?」

Hm? Hm? Hm?? A conversation I have absolutely no idea about started between Aisha and King-sama.
I thought I was the only one out of the loop, but it seems that Sylphy too doesn’t understand what they are talking about.

She’s tilting her head from one side to another.

Ah! Brother-in-law-san seems like he knows.
He suddenly made a surprised expression.

「……Aisha-dono, about that」

Brother-in-law-san is unusually trembling.
I wonder what it’s about?

King-sama shut his eyes and went into deep thought.
Aisha did not say anything else, and seems to be waiting for King-sama to collect his thoughts.

……We were enveloped in a heavy mood for five minutes.

「Fuu, alright. It isn’t unreasonable.
I was thinking of sheltering her in the royal capital, but there are too many people there. It’d probably be less conspicuous over here.
If she’s here, then we’ll be able to watch over her from a close distance, and above all, Myne’s here」

Yup, I understood absolutely nothing!

Hearing what King-sama said, Aisha let out a sigh of relief.

「If that’s the case however, wouldn’t you need one more person to be a permanent guard?」

「……That’s certainly true」

「Very well, I’ll select one for you.
Myne, Sylphy, you have no objections, right?」

Objections, you say…… I don’t even understand what’s going on…….
Well, Aisha seems to understand, and King-sama isn’t bothered by our choice of personnel, so there isn’t a particular reason to be opposed to it, right?

「……Honestly, I don’t understand, but I shall leave it to you」

As I said that, King-sama nodded his head, and this talk came to a close.

「Now then, the other matters aren’t that urgent, so I’ll talk to you about it when you report on your Clan’s name.
It’s about time for you to return to Lucas, no? You’ll be returning by carriage, for the commoners to see」

With those words, we ended the meeting, and we’ll finally be returning to Lucas.




……Right now, we are in an extremely gorgeous carriage prepared by King-sama, and are on our way home.
There isn’t much vibration, and the travelling speed is extremely fast, just like when we came to the capital.

At this rate, we might be able to arrive at Lucas before the day is over.

Now then, I’ll have to ask Aisha about the exchange between King-sama and her.

「……Hey, Aisha……」

「Yes, I know……. The person coming to our Clan……」

……I wonder who it is?


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