Cut & Paste Chapter 101

Hello there. Izzy he–//slapped


Yes, I know this took too long. In my defence, this was 3 times the length of normal chapters, which won’t take as long by itself, but motivation though.

Bad news, I will be on hiatus for probably a week. Well, less than that actually. I have orientation for uni, which will take a few days. I will not be touching my laptop for this period of time. I’ll count all the chapters I have left after I come back. My head’s spinning so I’ll stop here.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 101

3 thoughts on “Cut & Paste Chapter 101

  1. Hmm…. Alright! Get Bubba & Tiny a Picture of Izzy! Change all there there food&drinks to Protein based, laced with Viagra, Caffeine, and Pure Adrenaline extract… Also put on the music just for them Donna Summer – “Hot Stuff”…. Bah give them also The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Men” Song.

    1 hour later


    In the distance two extremely large demons cry out for Izzy with blood shot eyes and rocking hips!


  2. Goodbye
    September 9, 2017 / IzzyLeBlanc / 14 Comments

    Hello there. Izzy here.

    So, yeah. I’m stopping my translations. I don’t have time to tl, along with studying and gaming. I had to choose, and I went with studies and games. Sorry for that.

    The journey’s been a good one. There were a lot of comments, good and bad, spam or not. Though most of them weren’t directed towards me (hint: author), it was fun reading through them, and sometimes frustrating. I will still be receiving emails from comments, so please do comment if there are mistakes anywhere. The chapters that have been translated will still be available, to help the next translator.

    Farewell. frum Trip / too lzzy Ty for the 100 and Good luck in your future endeavors !!!!!


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