Cut & Paste Chapter 100

FINALLY CHAPTE- Hello there. Izzy here.

-R ONE HUNDREDDDDDDD. Whew. That took a really long time, didn’t it. I would appreciate it if you don’t remember that I procrastinated way too much a lot. With us finally reaching chapter 100, I’m planning on tl-ing four chapters next week. Why am I piling more work on myself

If you read the author’s note last chapter, it might have seen weird. Well, that’s because I didn’t know what a certain word was, and translated it as gossip (Why have you failed me, O dictionary). Well, turns out it was side story, so I tweaked the previous author note to its correct meaning. And yeah, this chapter is a side story (not really), and was 1.5 times the usual chapter length orz

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 100

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