Chapter 44 – I wonder if it can grow a little?

I woke up while the sky was still dark.
I washed my face, waking up my dazed face in one go.

Now then, I couldn’t think at ease yesterday night.
Let’s think again about 【Appraisal・Complete】’s level up.

Thinking that, I appraised the things in one side of the house.
However, the only writing that has changed was in the end the Dagger of Origin’s.

No, there are too few samples, so I completely don’t know the conditions.
At the moment, I only know about the weapon’s “required materials”, huh.

For now, this is fine.

The problem is the “Dagger of Origin”.
From just the explanation of the growth, it seems like there’s a Skill called 【Training】. (TLN: Yes, I know the previous chapter said skill training. Yes, I’ve rechecked the previous chapter. Probably a typo in the author’s part. Either that or my Japanese is wrong)

Including the monsters I’ve fought up so far, I’ve obtained the Skills of those who held hostility towards me.
That’s why, it’s not like I stole specific Skills.

That’s why, I think the chances of me obtaining the Training skill is quite low.
I wonder if I should prioritise it obtaining it and hoping for a coincidence.

I wonder if I should collect the required materials for now.
Fortunately, it seems like I could now create storage bags, so I don’t need to worry about a depository.

Honestly speaking, I am now free. It’s not like I can receive requests from the guild, and I don’t have anything of priority to do.
If Sylphy comes back, it’ll probably be different again, huh.

It might be good to have material collection as an urgent objective.

……If that happens, I wonder where could I get these materials?

If I ask Aisha, I’ll probably know.
While thinking about the time I received lots of advice when I was collecting slime oil, I concluded my thoughts.

Now then, while I was thinking, isn’t it now a good time to wake up?
Now, let’s start today’s activities all-out.

While eating the breakfast I made with Aisha, I asked about the question I had.

「I have something to ask……」

「Hm~, what is it?」

While being at ease, probably from getting used considerably to this life, she was eating her meal, but after being interrupted she replied.
It’s a secret that I thought her eating form looks cute.

「Where should I go to find trolls?」

「……Again, that’s sudden. Simply put, they’re higher ranking monsters than orcs, you know? Though if it’s Myne-kun, it’ll be an easy victory, huh…….
Let me see…… there doesn’t seem to be any trolls living around here.
If you wanted to defeat them no matter what, you have no choice but to go to the dungeon, though it’s a little far」

I’ve heard about it before, so they’re at the dungeon, huh. I thought it’s a place which will be unrelated to me in my whole life, though…….
Although I need the trolls, since I might also get some good Skills, I should go.

「Un, I want to go there」

As I said that, Aisha lightly replied “Why don’t we go then?”.
Well, after all, she’s a former B-rank adventurer, so there shouldn’t be a reason for her to hesitate, right? …… However, since it’s far, I wonder if it would be better to wait for Sylphy to come back?

「Will Sylphy not return then?」

「Hime-sama said that she will take about ten days, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem」

Fumu, then there’s no need to hesitate.
I informed Aisha again that I want to go to the dungeon.

「Well then, after eating I’ll head to the weapon shop to replenish my arrows」

「Un, I understand! I’ll clean up the tableware then!」

As I said that, she smiled happily, and once again, we returned to our meal.
Right now, Aisha and I are heading towards the town with the dungeon…… rather, the town adjacent to the dungeon.

In the first place, what’s a dungeon?
A dungeon is a place which has a space with a fixed structure such as natural places like gigantic caverns or an underground space, and places humans have abandoned like towers or forts.

Although at first, it’s just a space with nothing inside of it, when a gigantic magic stone which demons possess, which is also called a core, is installed, the environment will change and it becomes a space where demon race is born.

The monsters prowling around the dungeon will change depending on the size and the type of core installed. (TLN: fyi, monster in jp is literally demon thing)
And if the installed core is destroyed or taken away, the dungeon will collapse.

In the olden days, these circumstances have been confirmed by the adventurers who caused the collapse of the dungeon.

The dungeon we’re heading towards right now is popularly called the 《Dungeon of Strength》.
There are a lot of monsters with strong attack power roaming about, and special monsters called Rare Monster rarely appear.

That’s how the dungeon is like.

「Phew, we’re finally here!」

Swaying in the carriage, it took about ten hours.
We departed in the morning and it was already evening by the time we arrived.

Maybe I should stay in this town, Adol, and enter the dungeon from tomorrow.

I alighted from the carriage and stretched a lot.
Aisha also seems to be quite tired as she also stretched a lot.

Ah, that’s right, there’s no “robber” inside the carriage this time, you know! I’d be scared if an incident like before happened.
I appraised everyone inside and there were only ordinary people, huh? I understand that there’s only ordinary people.

「It’s already this late, so why don’t we enter he dungeon tomorrow and rest in the town for today」

「That’s true, I’m also tired from swaying in the carriage for such a long time…… that’s be fine」

Aisha also agreed, so let’s first look for an inn.
We have some leeway financially, so maybe we should stay in a slightly better inn.

In my life so far, high class inns were just dreams within dreams.
Or rather, I never thought about it.

At any rate, I had been doing my best to live on everyday.

That’s why, I have a great interest in it.

I can’t just decide by myself, let’s try asking Aisha.

「Since we have some financial leeway, why don’t we stay at a slightly better inn?」

After thinking for a while, she replied 「Well, okay then」, we decided to get a room in the second most expensive inn.
If you asked “Not the most expensive one?”, I said 『slightly better inn』, and give up.

Well, we’ll be living together after this.
Extravagance is an enemy! something like that, I guess.

By the way, the most expensive inn is 3 gold coins per peson per night.
The second most expensive inn we’re staying at is 1 gold coin and 5 silver coins per person.

Both of these inns offer dinner and breakfast.

And it seems like a typical adventurer using an inn will usually cost approximately 3~5 silver coins.
As I think that, although it’s the second most expensive, it isn’t a low level inn.

I think Aisha is splurging a lot for me.
Once again, thank you, Aisha.

As I stepped into the inn, a person who seems to be the proprietress came and received us.

「Welcome to the Silver Bell Pavilion Will the two of you be staying the night?」

……Although it can’t be helped, the proprietress addressed not me, but Aisha from the start.
Although Aisha frowned a little, she showed the proprietress a smile so that she doesn’t pick up on it.

Rather than the me who just came of age, Aisha naturally looke more like the representative…….
Up until now, I’ve never cared about such things.

However, it feels a little vexing now.
After all, we are getting married.

「Is that okay, “Dear”?」


Aisha-san replied to the proprietress.
This isn’t how she usually talks.

……Ah, I see. Aisha-san definitely picked up on my current feelings.
Perhaps, she herself might not be pleased with it.

If so, I’ll work hard as her partner (though it might be a little early).

「Yes, I don’t mind」

As expected of the high class inn’s proprietress, she understood from our relationship from the conversation.
She immediately faced towards me again and lightly bowed as she said 「Thank you for staying with us」

Although it was a modest, a truly modest event, I feel like I’ve grown a little.
And at the same time, I thanked Aisha-san for her gentleness once more.


Thank you for reading as always.

I was troubled about whether I should put something related to the labyrinth in the title, but…….
SInce this title left an impression in me, I used this title.
Sorry for the tasteless title m(_ _)m

I don’t think it’ll be possible for me to update two times today.
Sorry to the people who was hoping for it.

※The matter of replying to the activity report, thank you very much.

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    • No, I don’t think so. I’ll update when I finish, so don’t get your hopes too high. Especially in a few days, I will have stuff to do. I’ll announce when I’ll be busy though.


      • Well, we can hope. XD But it is a sad truth of this world that hopes (especially the irrational ones) are usually meant to be dashed, killed, mutilated and sent to the same place as common sense.


  2. > ……Although it can’t be helped, the proprietress addressed not me, but Aisha from the start.
    See? Even people in this world regard this MC as a small child.

    Though I was talking about his mental age. Did you notice how he’s so weirdly polite for a commoner orphan? So timid? Quick to get scared even though he’s essentially a god now? Or how his first reaction was to cry a river after some missy princess threatened him? Even though he’s a god? That’s not a normal behavior for an orphan teenager in a fantasy world. He acts like a modern, sheltered child.
    Obviously, there’s a hidden meaning behind all of this. Probably some mental trauma or disability. Gee, people, be sensitive.


    • No, you’re just insane. The author arbitrarily decided that Myne’s character should be reserved and polite, then half-assed a backstory to vaguely justify it. Also, he’s not quite a commoner orphan. It’s been made pretty fucking obvious that his dad was a big deal adventurer.

      He cried because Sylphy made him realize that he might have to spend the rest of his life disconnected from other people due to his skills, not because he was threatened. How can you fail to read a scene this completely? Are you mentally ill? Is that why you’re insisting on Myne having some kind of trauma? How… sad.

      Look. Just stop posting this inane nonsense. If it eventually turns out that you were right, though of course that won’t happen, then you can post and gloat about how ‘sensitive’ (lol) you were all along. Until then, please shut up.


  3. It is sad that there are only few novels with Ability Steal, Game Elements, Level System tags. If there’s a lot it, I wouldn’t waste my time on this. I’m not anti-Harem but getting married for a very young age is simply stupid unless it is part of your culture or tradition. The behavior of the protagonist isn’t match with his history. It is like telling me that a person who hear gun shots every day and night would cry out loud for hearing an explosion. People who’ve been through a lot have enhanced their mental strength. At first, the behavior of the protagonist is match with his history, he didn’t trust people easily but then suddenly he became very open with some girls even though his priority should’ve been his survival. The most stupid thing he did is to have far more connection to royalty. The author and editor of this novel have bad knowledge in psychology and didn’t have ask a psychologist for their opinion. When people aren’t passionate with what they do, they can make great ideas into trash and that is exactly what happened to this novel. I hope the future chapters will turn the protagonist cunning. I’ll just endure it for a few more times.


  4. “Give me the hardcore S&M room please.”

    *Turns to zoned out MC*

    “Is that ok dear?”

    “Yeah, sure thing honey…”

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