Chapter 45 – Great Discovery in the High Class Inn, and…….

I wanted to get a room each, thanks to the exchange just now, both of us will be in one room.
……This was a big miscalculation.

I have a feeling that Aisha’s face is also somewhat red…….

「F, for now, why don’t we stroll around the town? We might find something good there」
「O, o, of course! Let’s’ go!」

In any case, being in a closed space, the guest room, with only the two of us will feel extremely awkward.
It’s completely different from living inside my house!

Of course, I actually want to stroll, but let’s use it as an excuse for this.

Our purpose and gains are perfectly aligned, and we rushed out into the evening Town of Adol.
We first headed towards the general store.
It has been decided that I will be living together with Aisha and Sylphy, so we don’t have enough various small articles.

Although there’s also a general store in Lucas, some things aren’t sold there. That’s why, we discussed in the carriage that we should search for them once we arrived in Adol.

Precisely because it is called the Town of Labyrinth, the general store has a lot of practical items, and we could buy a few good things.
Since we were able to have fun shopping, before I knew it, the awkward mood from the inn had completely vanished.

「As expected of a labyrinth town, there’s a lot of people, huh」
「Un, I wonder if there are more people than in the capital……」

Afterwards, I would learn that this time in the evening is exactly the congestion time when the adventurers come out from the labyrinth.
As expected, if it was usually this congested, life would be too tough, huh.

There’s a high chance one will get lost in the crowd.
I…… grasped Aisha’s hand with hesitation.

「W, we can’t lose sight of each other……」

As I said that like muttering an excuse, Aisha showed a surprised expression for a moment but she squeezed back.
I don’t think the little redness on her cheeks are all because of the settting sun.

The next place we headed towards was the weapon shop.
Precisely because the town is adjacent to the dungeon, I think there will be good weapons and armour.

Since I just bought weapons, I merely window-shopped, but this might be a good opportunity for Aisha.

As we were holding our hands while going around the shop, people who look like adventurers stared at us.
Well that’s understandable, after all, they might become jealous if I walk while holding hands with a beauty like Aisha.

Since the stares were too much, I stopped holding her hand for now.
Although the gazes didn’t stop with just that, there’s nothing more I can do so I ignored them.

Meanwhile, I discovered an “extremely eye-catching” weapon among the ones sold in the shop.
Pitch black “dagger”, “bow” and “one-handed sword”.

All three of them are carelessly placed in the disposal products.
In other words, it means that they are products which are unpopular and remain unsold.

It seems that Aisha also noticed the black weapons I was looking at.

「Myne-kun, that dagger…… it’s the same as the you have right now, isn’t it?」

That’s right, just as Aisha said.
That…… is the growing weapon “Dagger of Origin”.
Name: Dagger of Origin
Attack: +9
Grade: None
Attribute: Growth
Effective against: None
Required materials: Troll Hide x10, Iron Ingot x20, High grade magic stone
Un, there’s no doubt. It’s the same as the one I have.
It’s attack is a little lower, but I think it can be said to be the same.

That means…… the black bow and black one-handed sword placed with it might be…….
Name: One-handed Sword of Origin
Attack: +13
Grade: None
Attribute: Growth
Effective against: None
Required materials: Manticore Hide x5, Iron Ingot x30, High grade magic stone
Name: Bow of Origin
Attack: +10
Grade: None
Attribute: Growth
Effective against: None
Required materils: Manticore Hide x3, Elder Treant Wood x10, High grade magic stone x2
As I expected! It’s not just daggers!
If I remember correctly, Sylphy has 【One-handed Sword・Extreme】 and Aisha has 【Archery・Saint】.

I don’t know how strong these weapon will become, there’s no loss in having them!

「Excuse me! I’ll have these two!」

「Thank you for your patronage!」

「Do you have any others of this type?」

「They can occasionally be found ini the labyrinth, so they are often sold here.
Well, they aren’t that strong a weapon, so if there are new arrivals, they’ll immediately go to the disposal section.
Even so, there are those who buy them since they’re of a rare colour」

Both of them cost 5 silver coins. Un, they’re cheap.
If I see any others, it might be good to buy them too.

Aisha asked “Why do you buy things like this?” and made a curious face.
Well, that’s understandable.

While I dodged the question with a smile, I tossed the bow and one-handed sword I just bought into the storage bag.

I looked at the other things, but since there isn’t anything I want to buy right now, I thanked the shopkeeper and exited the shop.

「It’s quite late, huh. Why don’t we head back to the inn?
There’s also a time period for the meal so it’d be a waste if we missed it」

On the way to the inn, while we were tempted a little by the different food stalls, we somehow returned to the inn and could get our dinner.

As expected of a high class inn, there are a lot of complicated dishes, and both Aisha an d I were completely satisfied.
High class inns aren’t just for show, huh!
Finishing the delicious meal, we returned and relaxed in the room. Then, I heard Aisha calling me.

「Look at that, Myne-kun! A bath! There’s a bath, you know!!」

……Bath? Ah, the facilities nobles and royalty use to wash their bodies, huh.
Oh, as expected of a high class inn.

Famous people definitely stay here too.
Since we’ve specially come here, let’s try using it.

「How do we use this?」

「Warm water is put into this big box, and then you undress and enter it」

I see, like bathing in the river, and wiping our bodies with a wet towel, huh.

「Have you used it before, Aisha?」

「Yeah, ther’s one in the guild’s dorm, after all. It feels really good, you know.
You’ll also feel refreshed after getting out」

……I see, so my house is inconveniencing you, huh.
I’m sorry…….

I then decided to immediately ask Aisha how to use the hot bath and entered it.
「Phew~, this feels good~♪」

So this is what Aisha meant by feeling good.
I feel like the hot water is dissolving my fatigue.

Sylphy also probably…… no, definitely regularly enters a bath, huh.
I’ve also sold the Orc King and Orc General to her, I wonder if I should quickly build one at home.

I wonder how much this costs.

Experiencing the goodness of a bath, I exited the bath in a good mood, thanked Aisha for letting me enter first, and threw myself onto the bed.
Seeing me in a completely good mood, Aisha giggled and told me not to worry.

While I was lying on the bed, time passed, and Aisha stepped out of the bath.

Aisha coming out from the bath with a slight blush…… is really beautiful.
Looking at her figure, I immediately remembered the fact that we will be together in the room, which I had forgotten, and my cheeks were blushed a deep red.

Aisha also blushed deeply, no matter how you think about it, she’s the same.
I’ve always thought that it should be after Sylphy comes back and we hold the marriage ceremony, but…….

It’s unlikely that I can endure the really charming Aisha who just came out of the bath.

「……Aisha, is it okay?」

As I asked her that with a voice blurred by nervousness, she quietly nodded and came to my side.

As I gently embraced Aisha closely…… she smelled really nice.
……Then, a night passed, with us on the same bed.


Thank you for reading as always.

I gave a report of my plan from now on previous issues.

Also, from the matter of returning the impressions, I’ve received a lot of of suggestions. Thank you very much.
So that it’ll become better, I think I would like to consider them.

I’ve also received a lot of impressions, I haven’t replied but, I will look over all of them.
I’ve summarised all the opinions I can use as a reference in a notebook, and will compare the plot.

Also, this work from now on, I am thinking of preparing something.
So that the preparation takes little time, there might be a chance the work will be delayed.

It’s not like I can tell you the deatils, but I can inform earlier.
※I wonder if I should make a situation where they can’t escape the situation.

Please take care of me.

※ You can’t call Myne-kun a loser any more! (lol)

(TLN: I have no idea what the AN means because the jp level is a little too high for me orz)

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