Chapter 42 – CASE: Sylphid (2)

Sylphy’s POV the 2nd.

「I’ll never accept this! As if I’ll let my cute little sister become a bride!」

……Read the mood, you damn siscon!

Although I am shocked by Brother’s inability to read the mood, I calmly started talking.
Goodness, if only he didn’t have this, he’d be an excellent brother I can respect…….

「Aniue, my marriage is my duty as a part of royalty and before long, Aniue will also have to decide on a partner, no?
Won’t you celebrate your younger sister’s big moment…… If so, I’ll feel extremely sad」

As expected, with me putting it this way, even Brother cannot help but re-think his words.

「……Certainly, if you put it that way, I can’t say anything as the First Prince.
However, I am worried! Worried of my cute little sister marrying into the family of a man I have never seen before!
Sylphy, you are a girl. Even if you are called a Princess General, you are still a girl!
Even if it’s you, you can’t defend yourself against all the malice, can you?
If that time comes, who will protect you? If it’s after your marriage, it’s that man who will become your partner, right?
Can he really protect you? I doubt that」(TLN: No, I have no idea why it’s a princess shogun here.)

It’s not like I don’t understand Aniue’s fears.
From now on, something might appear to hurt me when I leave the capital.

It’s indeed a question whether I can absolutely oppose it.

「I can certainly understand what Aniue’s trying to say.
However, you’ve seen it, haven’t you? The Orc King’s corpse!
He has the power to remove even an Orc King.
He’ll surely protect me from any malice!」

「……Is that really true?
A young man who just came of age, no, you can even call him a boy.
He’s probably immature when it comes to battles and physical ability, no?
And above all else, he’s probably overwhelmingly lacking in life experience.
Those who bear a grudge against the royal family won’t attack with just military power, you know?
When they hold your weaknesses and attack, can that boy truly protect you!?」

……I couldn’t say anything.
Danna-sama is certainly strong, no doubt about that.

However, I think what Aniue pointed out is perfectly possible.

「……Nii-san, please drop that. It’s extremely uncool from an outside perspective, you know」

This is where Lewis started mediating.
Thank you, it’s a good timing to cool down.

「Lewis, what do you think? Your elder sister’s marrying off, you know! To such an inexperienced person at that」

While Lewis feebly shook his head, he breathed a magnificent sigh.
He probably gave in, huh.

「Well, it’s not like I haven’t thought of anything.
……But you see, she’ll have to marry sooner or later.
Nee-san also seems to be interested in this person, so isn’t that fine?
About him being young, there’s a possibility he can grow, right? That’s sufficient, you know.
I think it’s way better than marrying Nee-san off to some preverted old geezer, though」

Listening to Lewis’ words, Aniue was probably thinking something as he suddenly went quiet.

When Brother and Lewis’ exchange ended, Father started participating in the conversation.

「……Fumu, that’s true, it’s as Lewis said. Being young, isn’t that fine.
It’s up to the person himself, but if he’s willing, the faults Art (TLN: prev Alto) pointed out will gradually disappear, won’t it?
If are willing, won’t it be okay for you to temper that youth?
There’s not much of a difference from coaching the knights, is there?」

Aniue let out a ‘hmph’ and didn’t show much dissatisfaction.

「Either way, it’s necessary for the marriage to be in a shrine.
If you marry, the marriage ceremony must be grand, right?
It’ll be sufficient for us to probe that youth then」

Marriage ceremony, huh…… It’s certainly impossible to not perform one.
Is Danna-sama okay with it? I wonder if he’ll become pale and escape.

……Ah, this can’t do. The real issue still hasn’t been completed.
Since Father and Brother’s responses were according to expectations, I completely forgotten.

「Well, I have a request concerning that matter I would like Father…… or rather, His Majesty The King to consider」

「Hmm? As the king, huh…… I can’t guess what it is, just say it」

「The youth who will become my partner and I, and also Aisha, the Sacred Bow, want to start a Clan and seek approval」

The moment I said Clan, Lewis got into it more than Father.
Well, that’s understandable. Since Lewis himself is a Clan Master.

「Oh, Aneue wants to start a Clan, huh…… Why so suddenly?」

「It’s because I will be in Lucas from now on, so I won’t be able to perform my duties as a knight.
If it’s as a Clan, I can contribute to the country, no? Though it’s also for protecting Danna」

「Oh, “Danna”, huh」

Father and Lewis looked at me and grinned as if they discovered something interesting.
Dammit, my tongue slipped. I accidentally let it slip.

「Oh, when all is said and done, nothing’s better than getting along, huh. I was surprised to hear something like ‘Danna’ coming out of your mouth」
「Danna, huh~, so Nee-san calls him that huh」

After that, although the Clan’s establishment was approved after accepting 2~3 questions, Father and Lewis continued to severely tease me.
Although I was tired from the persuasion as expected, what’s with the exhaustion from something completely unexpected?

「Now then, what should we do with the Orc King」

「Father, why don’t you let my Clan buy it? I’ll give a high price for the wedding gift」

In the first place, Orc-type materials can be bought extremely easily.
To say nothing of an Orc King being rarely obtained, there’s no way an alchemy maniac like Lewis wouldn’t want it.

Although his body is saying ‘It will be helpful’, his real intentions reek of ‘I want it, I want it’.

「Oh, how much will you give?」

Right now, I definitely look like a lion who found its prey.
It’ll be my present for Danna-sama, I should buy it at as high a price as I can.

「……Let me see. How about 500 platinum coins?」

An ordinary orc would cost about three gold coins, but the Orc King’s magic stone has been extracted.
It’s indeed a reasonable price, but……, let me try a little more.

「Lewis, even if its magic stone has been extracted, it’s still a Calamity Class ingredient, you know.
Isn’t that too cheap? If you miss this chance, there’s no telling when you’ll get it again, right?

As I said that, Lewis frowned for only a moment and he probably gave up, as raised both of his hands and took a surrendering pose.

「Fuu, Nee-san…… Why don’t you quit being a knight and become a merchant instead?
Well, your wedding gift is included in it, so fine, 550 platinum coins it is」

Hmm, well, that’s fine I guess. It isn’t good to covet too much, after all.

「Understood, that will be enough. By the way…… I have three Generals’ corpses, how about it?」

Once again, I grinned broadly and said that to Lewis.


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Although I am of course happy, the pressure has increased.
Various problems have surfaced and I feel a little lost as to what to do.

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  1. damn, Myne just went from poor orphan kid to rich clan master(assuming he’s the master with Sylphy and Aisha as management) with enough power to rival a country. (based on how the Orc King is being treated generally and Myne’s situation before he recieved his skills)

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