Chapter 41 – CASE: Sylphid (1)

I separated with Danna-sama and hurried to the capital on my favourite horse.
There’s a mountain of things to do. At any rate, I have to hurry…… Time is passing quickly.

First I’ll have to start with persuading Father.

Danna-sama…… Umu, saying that is quite embarrassing.
Since there might be a suitable marriage candidate, I went further to Lucas, but it could be said that I got engaged to a more wonderful person than I had expected.

Even if one of the nobles did not have that good a Skill, he will bring me a marriage proposal with his parentage as a pretext.
I’m thankful that with my coming here, I won’t need to listen to such annoying talk.

Although I still do not understand Danna-sama’s Skills, our child would definitely be bestowed with a good Skill.
I could fulfill my duty as royalty, and could even obtain a good husband.

If I bring back this wonderful result, there’s no doubt that Father will also be satisfied.

However, if I tell him the matter of me marrying Danna-sama, talk about Danna-sama’s Skills will naturally be brought up.
Then, I’ll have to indirectly bring up the Clan and cleverly dodge the question.

I dare say that it probably go smoothly since I have a trump card, the Orc King, though I am worried in a different sense that Father might propose a fight between him and Danna-sama.
Well…… if it’s in that sense, then I’m also extremely worried about Aniue, though.

That’s also true for Father, but whenever he sees someone strong he would want to test his ability. I really want him to do something about that bad habit of his.
Properly speaking, it isn’t possible for royalty to wage war indiscriminately.

Besides…… it feels like Aniue has become an even worse siscon…….
I don’t know what kind of reaction he will show if I say that I’m getting married.
I’ll have to find a way around that too, huh.
「Hime-sama, welcome back」

Although I have just reached the castle, Morg, the prime minister, quickly discovered and greeted me.
I wanted to have at least some rest though……. You really can’t be too careful around him, huh.

「Ah, I just came back. Where’s Father right now?」

Although I wanted to immediately meet Father have have a talk with him, he said that some kind of trouble cropped up and he had to attend a cabinet meeting.

I was also told that Aniue and Otouto are participating in the meeting, so it may be quite important. (TLN: Aniue=Older brother, Otouto = Little brother)

Although Otouto is second for the succession of the throne, he had absolutely no interest in the King’s seat, and established the major Clan: Alchemist Library and is running it.
There’s a high chance his participation in the meeting is as a representative of his Clan, rather than a prince.

「……Fumu, seems like it’s something important, huh」

「Yes, I think it would be a good idea for Hime-sama to participate in the meeting」

Morg probably planned for me to participate in the meeting since he saw me. He spoke up without hesitation and followed me to the meeting room.

Well, it’s inevitable if something big happened.
I have no problems participating, but I strangely have a feeling that I’ve been had by this Morg.

While I thought as such, I arrived at the meeting room.

「I, Sylphid, have returned, heard that something has happened and arrived. Am I interrupting?」

As I opened the door and entered, all the attention was on me.

「So it’s Sylphid. You’ve come at the right time. I want to hear your opinion too, sit there.」

Father, Faren Augusta, the king, urged me to sit. (TLC: ファーレン)

As soon as I sat down, Father gave a summary of what happened; It seems to be quite the troubling case.

I was told that the demon race have started invading the Duchy of Ose located in the north.
As of now, a part of the knight order is heading to Ose to confirm the information’s validity.

A request has also been issued to the adventurer’s guild, and depending on the information they bring back, it might become a fairly troublesome issue.
If they are invading other countries, they will naturally have someone unifying the swarm of demon race and commanding them.

Yes, they will have an individual similar to the recent Orc King.

Calamity Classes like the Orc King is as expected, not common around that place; There are only ordinary ones around the Country of Demons, which can also be called the demon race’s own country.
In other words, in the invasion on other countries, if they have a Calamity Class in the invading force, there’s a chance the Country of Demons is serious.

The Country of Demons’ King, or more commonly called the Demon King, has been substituted about ten years ago, so the Country of Demons has been relatively quiet.
But if they were involved in this time’s case in Ose, this might be a pre-encounter to bring a full invasion into action.

Ose Duchy, the place in question, is the geographically nearest place to the Country of Demons, which is conquered by the demon race. Because of that, they were discussing about the countermeasures.

「I see…… This is indeed a serious matter」

After that, the meeting continued for a few hours. In the end, it was decided that nothing can be settled without information from either the knights or adventurers, so the meeting was ended.
While seeing off the ministers who participated in the meeting returning to their respective departments, I awaited my chance to speak to Father about the incident in Lucas.

「Father, Brother, Lewis…… There’s something private I would like to talk about, would you please spare me some time after this」

Seeing me saying that in a serious expression, Father suggested to move to his office to talk.

「And, Sylphy, what did you want to talk about?」

As Father called my pet name familiarly befitting a family, the mood became a little gentler.
However, what I am going to say is connected to the discussion from earlier, and also to my future.
Let’s do this.

「Please let me get straight to the point.
I have decided on my partner: the boy who defeated an orc in Lucas.」

「……Oh, a strong person who you’re pleased with, huh. In the end, what’s his Skills?」

It’s here! Perhaps I should say it’s as expected, or as established…… The question is certainly as expected.

「In the end, I still don’t understand his Skills. What I’m about to say is somewhat connected to the previous discussion, but first of all, please look at this」

As I said that, I took out the Orc King’s corpse Danna-sama entrusted me with from my storage bag.
The sound of something falling ‘Zun’ resounded, and the Orc King’s fiendish figure appeared on the floor.

「W, What!? T, This is……」

Father’s expression changed to one of amazement in a twinkling of an eye.
Ani and Lewis similarly widen their eyes in perfect circles and were astonished. (TLN: For God’s sake author, stick to either ani or aniue.)

That’s understandable, they would never have thought that they will see a Calamity Class’ corpse in the office even in their dreams.

「This, is this an Orc King!!!?」

The first to recover his composure was Father, as expected of him.
The two brothers seem like they would need some time before calming down. Well, I understand their feeling.

「It’s as you said, this is an Orc King’s corpse.
A settlement led by this guy was discovered deep inside the forest behind the Town of Lucas.
The youth in question singlehandedly crushed this in that settlement, and I suggested buying it for the royal family and received it.
Moreover, this guy’s close aides…… in other words, the orc generals, three of them are in this bag.」

「No way!? Defeating an Orc King alone!? That’s impossible!!」

Ani shouted and denied my words.

「It’s certainly an unbelievable story. If it didn’t happen right before my eyes, I wouldn’t believe it either」

「……I see, if it’s to someone who possesses such power, you agreed to have him as your partner.
However, did you not think that it is all the more necessary that youth’s Skills’ true identity?」

This is the critical moment.

「That is naturally true, but said that he could not talk about his Skills at any cost.
I could also wield the royal family’s authority and force him to talk, but I decided that that was stupid.
Please think about it, in any case, if we’re unlucky, his strength would be more than the whole country’s military, you know?
If we force himto do something he hates, what would we do if he elopes to another country? Furthemore, it’s better if he does elope.
What if he becomes our “enemy”? Are we going to fight someone who defeated a Calamity Class? Pardon me from that」

「……I see, there’s indeed some truth to that」

「……Also, I myself am pleased with him.
He’s calm, and his demeanour is extremely gentle.
As a partner, I think there’s nothing better than him.
He’s not selfish, and thinks of supporting me」

Father quietly closed his eyes as he listened.
And then, time passed silently for a while.

「Very well, I approve of your wedding.
Strengthen your relationship with that youth, and just report his Skills’ details once your find out」

「No, Father…… If he doesn’t want anything beyond marriage, I am uninterested in doing it」

I promised Danna-sama.
That I will definitely not talk about his Skills.

At any rate, I’ve tried reasoning with Father, but since this is reality, it can’t be helped.

「I see, you want to do your best in connecting with him, huh……」

Father said that and closed his eyes once more.

「I’ll never accept this! As if I’ll let my cute little sister become a bride!」

……Read the mood, you damn siscon!


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

……Perhaps I should say ‘finally’ or ‘at last’, this novel has reached second place in daily rankings.
I am really shocked.
This is thanks to everyone and I am filled with gratitude.
Thank you very much.
Please write more of your impression, thank you.
It might take some time, but I think I want to reply.
Even if the reply is late, I am reading it with gratitude.

I am extremely thankful for all the enlightening comments.
I will make use of it and work hard. Thank you very much.  (TLN: I basically butchered this whole AN, primarily because I still can’t understand much of formal Japanese. Sorry!)

TL: Izzy

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