Chapter 37 – Weapon Shop Owner’s Bargain

「Good afternoon!」

I gave a cheerful greeting as I entered the weapon shop.
Oji-san immediately noticed me, stopped working and started a conversation.

「Oh, Myne boy! Lively as always, aren’t ya!」

He greeted me with a smile.

Since he always treats me warmly, I can consult with him about anything without any problems.
He even prepared a wonderful weapon like the “Steel Dagger +12” for me…… I am very grateful for that.

However, since I ruined such a precious weapon, I’m a little uneasy about whether he’ll get angry at me or not.

「And, how can I help you? Is it weapon maintenance?」

Seeing that I hesitated in replying to his question, oji-san probably became suspicious since he asked 「What’s wrong?」.

「……I’m sorry, oji-san. The amazing dagger you sold me last time snapped……」

As I dejectedly answered him, oji-san stared blankly at me for a moment, and then immediately grinned widely and laughed.

「Ah, I see. So that’s what you found difficult to say? Don’t worry about that.
I sold that to you, boy, so there’s no reason for me to get angry at what you do with it, is there?
However, for that to snap……, what the heck did you fight?」

Phew, it seems like he’s not angry.
But the opponent, huh…… I wonder if he’ll believe me if I say I fought an Orc・King?

Although I’m a little worried about doing so, I’ll tell him the truth since I’m indebted to oji-san and don’t want to lie to him.

「……An…… An Orc・King」

「…………That’s weird. Have my ears gone funny? Boy, say it again」

「It was…… an Orc・King」

This time, oji-san did not ask me to repeat it, but was silent.
He seemed to be thinking about something for a moment, but then he asked me a question after letting out a sigh.

「I don’t think you’re lying, but…… as expected, that sounds too crazy.
Do you have some kind of proof? If what you said is true, I’ll bring out a weapon that’ll meet your needs」

Proof, huh……, I only have its magic stone, but I wonder if he’ll understand with just that?
I’ll just show him the magic stone for now.

I placed the Orc・King’s magic stone, which I took out from my storage bag, onto the counter.

「I only have this, though……」

Oji-san stared at the magic stone with his eyes in perfect circles.

「……W, what a big magic stone…… I can’t judge if it’s from an Orc・King, but a magic beast with such a huge magic stone should be on the Calamity-class level…….
Sorry about that, boy」

While I looked at oji-san, who let out a deep sigh, I placed the magic stone back into my storage bag.
Oji-san then pondered for a moment before going to the back of the store.

……I wonder if I should have done that.

After waiting for around five minutes, oji-san came out with a small box.

「This is the dagger with the best performance in this store」

As he said that, oji-san took out a dagger from the box and placed it in front of me.
Name : Lightning Edge
Attack : +50
Grade : Ultra
Attribute: Lightning
Effective Against: Demon race
Special Effects: Critical
Woah, it has a magical attribute!?
It looks amazing, but won’t this be really expensive??

「This dagger is a drop from a dungeon guardian, and it’s said to have a magical attribute」

「Said to have?」

「When the guy who got this dagger in a dungeon used it, it was clad in lightning…….
However, since that guy died, the dagger has never been clad in lightning no matter who used it.
Because of that, there’s now no one who believes in its worth as a magic dagger」

That’s weird. Since my appraisal says that it has the lightning attribute, there’s no doubt that this is a magic dagger, but…….

「……The truth is, the person who brought this back with him from the dungeon was a customer of mine.
That’s why I’ve seen it clad in lightning before.
There’s no doubt that this is a magic dagger, but I think that there’s some kind of condition that needs to be met before it can be used as a magic dagger.
However, it’s just a dagger with slightly good performance in its current state.
How about it? Won’t you try using it?」

Un, there’s no problem with it.
According to the appraisal results, it’s a magic dagger.

However, I’m curious about the activation condition that oji-san mentioned…….

「Oji-san, I’m interested in this dagger, but how much is it?」

「Let me see, considering the fact that it’s a magic dagger, I want to sell it for 5 platinum coins, but…….
As I just said, its effects as a magic dagger are currently unclear. How about 80 gold coins?」

That cheap!? Is it okay for a magic dagger to have such a price!?

「Oji-san, is such a price okay? I’ve said this before, but won’t you be on the losing side?」

「Uhahahahahahaha, I, too, have said this before. A kid like you shouldn’t be worrying for an adult.
I’ll work hard so that I won’t lose money, so don’t you worry.
Well, are you buying it? Or are you not?」

「I’ll buy it! Also, do you have anything for grappling like a knuckle guard or something like that?」

「Hm? Boy, you can grapple too?」

As he said that, he walked to the back of the store again.
I waited once more, and oji-san came back in three minutes with a weapon for grappling called a cestus.

「This can stand in for a knuckle guard, though it doesn’t have great performance since it’s a mass-produced product」
Name: Iron Cestus +6
Attack: +6
Grade: Intermediate
Effective Against: None
Special Effects: None
Un, although its performance certainly isn’t that high, it will suffice for now.

「Oji-san, I’m buying this! How much is it?」

「The total for both items is 80 gold coins and 10 silver coins」

Although I feel sorry for taking advantage of his goodwill…… I gratefully paid him and returned home.
Thank you, oji-san!


After Myne returned home, the weapon shop closed for the day, even though it wasn’t dark yet.
The owner spoke to himself while drinking sake inside the shop.

「……Hey, Dyne, your son’s become a splendid man.
I don’t know if it’s true, but…… he defeated an Orc・King, you know. Can you believe that?
He defeated a Calamity Class monster. Perhaps, like you, he was blessed with quite a good Skill.
That dagger you handed me just before you guys died because you wanted to leave him with some money…….
I sold it to your son, Myne, today……. Of course, I sold it to him for a special price, so don’t worry.
Your son will succeed your intentions. I couldn’t be happier, you know」

The owner muttered to himself as tears spilled from his eyes.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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42 thoughts on “Chapter 37 – Weapon Shop Owner’s Bargain

  1. Thx for the chapter…

    Why in my mind this Myne are a shota boy, but nah… It just a babyface young boy with charming onee-sans not with an “ufufu ara ara” onee-sans


  2. He should take that Oji-san as his third waifu (4th if you count the guild master). Such a great guy. He actually cares about the MC, unlike the power-greedy women.

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  3. Thanks for another chapter.

    It really makes you wonder just who his parents were. It seems like they had a feeling (or a suspicion) that they might be about to die…so…

    Maybe some noble was involved or something…

    Watch him be like…from a noble family or something like that, haha…though I do think his parent(s) being high ranked adventurer(s) or member(s) of some clan (or maybe a destroyed clan) is more likely.

    I also wonder what sort of activation conditions the dagger has for the lightning…


    • I’m guessing that it is some sort of cover for the true reason they died. This is only a guess so I might be wrong.

      Thank you for the chapter, keep up the good work!


  4. Got into this story so yeah, late comment, but is it just me or did the weapon shop owner sold the dagger Myne’s father meant to give Myne so he’ll have some money…that’s cold blooded…


    • More like, Dyne sold the Dagger to the Shop so Myne could have some cash in case anything happened to him and his wife. Then later on, the Shop Owner sold it back to Myne, at a crazy discount, because Myne’s the kinda guy who doesn’t except hand outs. The price in Platinum Coins was more than likely what the Shop Owner himself paid for the Dagger in the first place.


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    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I’m guessing his mother is a high level magician too.. seeing as how myne didn’t pass out or fail in casting the skills no matter how frequent he uses..


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