Chapter 38 – Implementation and Verification of Space-time Magic

It’s a good thing I obtained a good weapon.

Although it’s a magic dagger, since I still have no idea what the key to activating it is, it probably won’t add too much to my battle power.
In the meantime, I’ll mainly use grappling and the Dagger of Origin.

I’d be in a bind if I were to do something excessive and break it again.

Well, if push comes to shove, I can always use 【Realize】 to make Twirling.

Aisha and Sylphy have already seen it, after all.
That’s one thing I can fall back on.

「I’m back」

Although I know that no one’s home, since it has already become a habit of mine, I said it properly.
That’s because I think that this is important.

『Good morning』 『Good afternoon』 『Farewell』 『I’m back』 『Good night』
These have been firmly drilled into me by Otou-san and Okaa-san.

The first step to building a relationship with someone is greeting them, after all.

I’ve received help from various types of people, including with the magic dagger this time around.
That’s why greeting people is important!

After I drank some well water and took a little break, I headed towards the dismantling shed, where my actions wouldn’t be discovered.
My reason for going in there is to implement and research the magic I obtained from the Orc King, 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

Up until now, I’ve never heard of space-time magic, though that may just be me.

Magic is fundamentally made up of six attributes: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness.
Adding the two rarer attributes, Lightning and Ice, to the six would make them The Eight Attributes.

However, right now, there’s a magic not included in The Eight Attributes in front of me.

There’s no doubt that it can be used to teleport just like how the Orc King used it.
However, I have a feeling there are other ways to use it, as well.

That’s why I’ve decided to test it out.

I think I’ll first try to teleport in the same way the Orc King did.

While imagining the deepest part of the dismantling shed, I tried using 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.
As I did that, a black vortex suddenly appeared in front of me.

This…… Do I enter this thing?
As expected, since I don’t know what will happen to me if I enter, I’m a little scared.

Un, let’s try throwing in the broken steel dagger’s hilt as a test first.

『Poi』(TLN: SFX)

As I did that, in the back of the room that I imagined myself teleporting to, the dagger’s hilt I threw appeared and made a ‘Karan’ sound as it dropped to the ground.

「Amazing…… This, this is really amazing」

Does this mean that I can teleport to a place in my range of sight if I enter this black vortex?
However, the Orc King suddenly appeared from outside the range of my 【Presence Detection・Moderate】.

What’s with that? What are the rules for the movement range……?

As I was racking my brains about the conditions, the black vortex faded away and disappeared.

I see, there is most likely a time limit, and if that limit is exceeded, it’ll disappear.
……Oops, I need to think about the movement rules.

I can’t think of any ideas, so I’ll have to test it out via trial and error.

Let’s just do that for now…….

This time I imagined the pathway beyond the door and used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.
Just like before, a black vortex appeared in front of me.

This time, instead of having the hilt that I had previously thrown enter the vortex, I slowly put my hand in it.
I then pulled my whole arm out after it had entered the vortex, and checked for abnormalities.

Un, there doesn’t seem to be any particular problems.
Now then…… I plunged my whole body into the black vortex in one go.

As I did that, I was able to move to the pathway I imagined in my head without opening the door.
This, does this mean that I can travel to any place if I can imagine it?

I have to experiment with it more, huh.

Next, let’s try to move to the kitchen in my house from this dismantling shed.

Similar to before, I imagined the kitchen in my house, and as I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, a third black vortex appeared in front of me.
As I came out from the black vortex…… I was in the kitchen.

As I suspected, this magic enables me to travel to any place I can imagine.

The Orc King probably moved to the place we were at from outside the range of my Presence Detection.
Furthermore, using his sight, he moved in front of me and repeatedly attacked me…… that’s probably it.
After that, I was able to understand a few things as a result of repeating this a few times in order to verify things.

・It is possible to travel to any place I can imagine, and the travel distance is probably limitless (I was able to move to the open space with Slimes).
・I cannot go to places that I cannot imagine. In other words, places I’ve never been to.
・The black vortex will disappear after approximately one minute, but it is possible to manually erase it as well.

It’s an effective way to travel, and I can definitely use it to take the initiative when fighting.

In the worst case scenario where I come across another Calamity-Class monster like the Orc King, I’ll probably be able to fight with a considerable advantage.

To give an example, I could make Twirling using 【Realize】, and then use as many strengthening Skills as I can.
After that, I’ll teleport right behind my opponent and use 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】. By doing this, I might be able to defeat the enemy in one hit if they’re careless.

Well, life isn’t that sweet though…….

Anyway, I’ve managed to obtain a general understanding of this method of using the magic.

Next, let’s try to think of other ways to use it.

……Though I say that, this is still an unknown magic, so I don’t have even the slightest idea as to what it’s capable of.

That’s why I think I should appraise it again.
【Unique Magic・Space-time】: Active Skill. Magic which manipulates space and time.
Uun, I think the ‘space’ part is the “Spatial Transfer” I just verified, but……, I wonder what the ‘time’ part is about.
Is it something like stopping the time of a targeted object?

No, if that was the case, there’s no way that the Orc King wouldn’t have been able to use it.

Space and time…… I wonder.
Uun, I can’t think of anything even if I ponder on it.

……It can’t be helped that I’m worrying over it at a time like this.
I should switch my mood by doing something else.

Thinking that, I moved to the kitchen and drank some well water.
Then, I lay down and thought dazedly to myself, “Isn’t there something I can do?”

「Ah, that reminds me, there’s still the medicinal plants that I previously took……」

I recalled the time when I left some of the medicinal plants behind and took only what I needed with me when I went to get slime oil.
Yosh, let’s compound some potions.

Thinking that, I took out all the medicinal plants from the storage bag Otou-san left me with.

「Ah, quite a few of them wilted since two days have passed, huh……」

Eh? Eeeh?

I seem to have thought of something……. Space…… space…… and time?

Wait, by any chance, isn’t this storage bag exactly the “space” part!?
If I were to add time to this…….

I might have thought of something amazing.

Thinking that, I brought a leather bag containing wheat flour from the kitchen.
Since there cannot be anything inside the wheat bag, I laid out a piece of cloth and transferred the wheat flour onto it.
Yosh, time to experiment!

I activated 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 on the bag.
I concentrated all my attention on the mental images of making a large space inside the bag and of making time stop.

Since feedback was returned when the magic was activated, I tried putting a large barrel filled with tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) into the bag.

As I did that…….

……It went in.
I managed to make a storage bag…….

This time I took out the barrel, and retrieved a teacup that was filled with hot water.
I then stored it, and heart-throbbingly waited for an hour.

As I took out the teacup from the bag…… It was hot.

Somehow, I’ve made an outrageous thing.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

Today, while I was thinking there’s quite an unusual number of reads today…….
This work was ranked in the 47th place for the daily ranking!?

Eh? Seriously? I doubted my own eyes for a moment, but it seemed to be true.

I was really, really happy.
This is all thanks to everyone who read, left evaluations and bookmarked.

I will work harder so that everyone will enjoy it, even if a little.
Please take care of me from now on.

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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