Chapter 06 – The Purchase of the Orc

I who defeated the orc which was unexpectedly a strong enemy, now have a little more confidence in my combat abilities.
And once again, I felt the usefulness of the Skills.

「The things I could do up until now is because of the Skills I had obtained since yesterday…… I wonder how it will be if I had more Skills.」

Unintentionally, those words spilled out of my mouth.

And, I now know the existence of both Skills and Abilities within monsters.
Obviously I can’t take the townspeople’s skills, but I don’t need to hold back if my opponent is a monster.

It becomes weak when I steal its Skill, I can use said Skill freely, and monster is defeated.

If it’s like this, instead of being a hunter, perhaps it’s better for me to become an adventurer instead.

Even if I continue as a hunter, I will only encounter the same type of monsters.
Naturally, the Skills I can acquire will eventually run out.

But, what if I became an adventurer? Probably, to finish requests I will encounter many types of monsters.
That means none other than becoming stronger myself.

“I’ll be a hunter”, was my plan yesterday, but after defeating an opponent as strong as the orc, I have started to greatly waver. (JiN: この “揺らぎ”のは何だよ。)

「For now, I should finish dismantling this orc. If I don’t hurry, the smell of blood will attract other monsters.」

Once again, I said while I continued dismantling the orc.

I continued using 【Cut】, and quickly dismantled it.

I can’t put all the spoils from the orc into the storage bag, since it should be around 100kg.
Since I don’t have enough space at all.

I discarded the rabbit from before, sorted out the parts which can be sold, and put them in the Storage Bag.

「…… This really won’t work out unless I buy a bag with bigger capacity.」

I put the parts of the orc until the bag is full, and hurried home.

Even now, 【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】and【Swift Feet (Small)】play important roles.

Even though I went deeper into the forest than usual, in the blink of an eye I’m already out of the forest, and arrived at the back gate of the town.

After I showed the familiar gatekeeper my proof of citizenship while greeting him, I entered the town.

Afterwards, I headed straight towards the usual butcher-san.

「Oji-san, good afternoon!」(JiN: For those who don’t know, Oji-san refers to uncle/grandfather/old man, depending on who it is referred to.)

「Oh? Did you bring a rabbit, kid?」

Oji-san replied, while expressing a smile.

「Ehehe, to be honest today is amazing you know!」

Proudly, I took the orc meat and put it on top of the shop’s counter.

「…… O, oi kid, this…… is orc meat isn’t it?」

He was surprised as expected, and that made me a little happy.

「Yes, that’s right. With the Skills that I was bestowed with at the temple yesterday, I somehow was able to beat it!」

「Seriously?! I see you have grown into an adult too huh, kid. To be able to defeat an orc, you must have gotten such a great skill…… you have to be grateful to God.」

By the way, generally, it is a courtesy not to ask about other’s skills.
Even if an easy-to-understand skill was used in front of someone and is understood, it is an unspoken agreement to pretend that one is not aware of it.

Then again, there are cases where people make public of their power for the sake of publicity like King-sama.

「Un, that’s right!I’ll have to be grateful.」

While having such conversation, I finished taking out all the parts that I intend to sell. (JiN: this was by far, one of the hardest part to translate. Not joking man. (┛?Д?)┛彡┻━┻)
The rest are for the alchemist-san’s shop.

By the way, the orc’s meat is actually very expensive, because it tastes exceptionally good, and has a taste like that of a wild boar.
Although a delicious wild boar’s meat is very popular, the orc is tastier as it is more fatty.

Since it is relatively hard to bring back, the price inevitably becomes higher.

This orc should be around 40kg.

I wonder how much will it sell, I’m getting excited.

「Hmm, you’re really good at dismantling. 40kg…… That’s right, to congratulate you for becoming an adult, I’ll raise the price.」

While saying as such, Oji-san thought for a while and handed me a piece of gold coin and 23 pieces of silver coins.

Wow!Even if it was a whole rabbit, I wouldn’t get more than 3 copper coins!

By the way, 10 pieces of copper coins is worth a piece silver coin, and 100 pieces of silver coins is worth a piece of gold coin, and 100 pieces of gold coins is worth a piece of platinum coin.

My daily income until yesterday was usually around 8 pieces of copper coins to a piece of silver coin.

So, with one orc I managed to obtain 123 days worth of income.

「Well, today is a congratulatory gift, but after this, remember that 1 kg of orc is 3 pieces of silver coins.」

「Yes, I understand!Thanks Oji-san!」

Expressing my gratitude to Oji-san, I left for the alchemist-san’s shop.
「Good afternoon~!」

The the alchemist shop is run by are a married couple, and the husband was the one who replied.
I wonder if the wife is not around?

「Oh、Myne-kun!Good afternoon」

He replied my greetings with his usual smile. (JiN: btw, Myne calls him Onii-san throughout, I just put him/he since you know, its English. It doesn’t really work that way. Again to those who don’t know, Onii-san usually refers to one’s elder brother or anyone slightly oler than one’s self)
He is a very cool man. (JiN: “Senpai notice me~~!”)

「Today, I didn’t bring herbs, but orc’s raw materials instead!」

As I said that his smile cramped up in an instant.

「M、Myne-kun defeated an orc?」

「Yup!Thanks to the Skills I was bestowed with yesterday!」

Just like the butcher-san, he also gave an understanding look as he remembered that I had reached adulthood.

「Well the, let me have a look at the materials」

I took out the intestinal parts and jars that contained the testicles, eyeballs as well as the demon core which I didn’t at the butcher-san’s shop and put them on the counter.
The demon core, by the way, is a small stone contained in the hearts of the demon race, where magic power accumulates greatly.

Not only can it be used in alchemy, it can also be used in other things such as a substitute fuel for magic tools.

This is the material which can fetch the highest price.

「Hee, you dismantled this very well……Eh?What happened to the bones?The bones can be sold at a high price too you know?」

「…… I threw them, since there is not enough space in the storage bag……」

Yes, the gross weight of the orc was 100kg compared to the bag’s limit which was 50kg.
Naturally, I can’t bring things that are bulky or cheap, so I threw them away at the place I dismantled them.

「……I see, it is the one your father used to carry right?So it’s about 50 kg?」

While saying that, he seemed to be thinking of something.

「For now, let’s finish the transaction, I’ll take all the intestines for 8 pieces of silver coins, the testicles for 20 pieces of silver coins, and 4 pieces of silver coins for the eyeballs. And 1 gold coin for the Demon Gem」

I managed to make more than I expected, I have to be thankful to Onii-san as well.

「By the way Myne-kun, how much money do you have right now?」

He suddenly asked me.

「…… From the butcher-san’s purchase I got I piece of gold coin and 23 pieces of silver coins」

As I said that, he once again pondered.

「If it’s like that, now you have 2 pieces of gold coins and 55 pieces of silver coins…… Yosh Myne-kun, can you hunt for another 3 orcs?If you could hunt them, along with the 55 pieces you have now, I can replace yours with a 10t(JiN: tonnes) storage bag 」

A 10t storage bag is a high-class item that will cost not less than 10 pieces of gold coins, even if I managed to hunt 3 more orcs, it won’t be enough to get hold of such an amount.

After I tried asking him about it, somehow I came to understand it.

I am told that, since orcs are strong, it would be tough to solo it safely if one does not have the strength of a Rank C adventurer or more.
But, if a C Class adventurer fights, the sales price is going to be quite cheap.

If D Class or lower adventurers go hunting, there has to be many people, in addition, the inexpensive rewards have to be shared according to the ratio of people which seems to be unprofitable.

Therefore, subjugation quests are taken by relatively few people.

But, among those raw materials, the testicles can be turned into tonic, and because nobles always desire them, they will buy it no matter how much it costs.

And among them, a rookie that soloed an orc appeared. (JiN: WTF happened and how dahell it came to this??!!)
But, because of the storage bag’s space, I couldn’t bring back enough raw materials.

If so, even if he provides a large storage bag cheaply if I constantly bring in orc parts, Onii-san will benefit from it as well.

Plus, since we have known each other for a while, it is natural to cooperate.

Incidentally, it is also to celebrate me becoming an adult.

With that said, I agreed to his terms.

「I understand!I will finish off the orcs!」

After he showed a satisfied smile at my response, he came out from the store with a small black bag in his hands.

「Well then, I’ll give you this first. You should be able to bring back at least two orcs, right?」

Because I always accompanied my dad before, he trusts me enough to give it in advance.
Gratefully, I accept his good will.

「Thank you very much!I’ll be back as soon as I can!」

“Take care”, said he as he sent me off with his usual smile.

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    I took out the intestinal parts and jars that contained the testicles, eyeballs as well as the demon core which I didn’t (sell) at the butcher-san’s shop and put them on the counter.


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