Chapter 05 – Ability and The First Battle

In the end, there seems to be little usage for 【Cut & Paste】.

Only as a dismantling shop, huh…… Wait, hold on? Since I managed to increase my number of skills after so much trouble, how about I try to become a real hunter?

【Dagger・Extreme】【Swift Feet・Small】【Sight Enhancement・Moderate】【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】, if I can make good use of them, I’d be able to hunt the small animals like rabbits which are in this area, no, perhaps I could also aim for larger ones.

……. Okay, let’s try it that way.
If it’s like this even if my new skills increase, my secret won’t be exposed since there will not be anyone around me.

Let’s immediately go hunting tomorrow.

Since I’ve decided my course of action, though a bit rough, I’ll head to sleep after I finish my dinner.

While thinking of such things, I went to make my usual simple dinner.
Since I did not have the time to go shopping today, I’ll just have dried meat and rye bread.

Even though I finished eating quickly since there wasn’t much, it felt even tastier than usual.
Maybe it was due to【Cooking】?

I want to somehow increase my proficiency level by cooking repeatedly.
I woke up when the morning was still dark, and I immediately started to prepare for the hunt.

I equipped a leather breastplate, gauntlet and a shin guard. I also affixed a dagger for dismantling on my hip.

Usually, I would set up traps for small animals like rabbits but, today’s aim is forest mutton, a sheep.
Though the monster isn’t fast, due to it using its sharp horns when charging, coupled with its sleep attack, it is a troublesome creature. As such, it’s a monster I would run from every time I bump into them.

However, exactly because it is troublesome to obtain, it can be sold at high prices.

Even though the meat has a peculiar flavour, and strong at that, its horns, hoofs and the like, can be sold at high prices.
If I could hunt stably, my livelihood should improve greatly.

My preparations are finished, and as this is my first time going on a real hunt my heart is going “doki doki”, so I left for the nearby forest through the back gate. (JiN: I know, I could have used something other than doki and it still would have turned out fine, but this way it makes me go “doki doki” ) (Izzy: *facepalms*)

The gatekeeper was concerned and said「Quite early aren’t you, be careful」
On the road to the forest I could get a feel of the effects of the new skill.
Yes, it’s 【Swift Feet・Small】.

Just by running lightly, I attained a speed where I never could have reached before this without sprinting with all my strength. Moreover, I wasn’t even short of breath.
Once again, I’ve felt the usefulness of the effects of skills.

Such being the case, in a blink of an eye, I arrived at my destination.

「Nooow then, from here on is the real thing…… 」

Probably because of nervousness, I accidentally let my thoughts slip from my mouth.

With caution I advanced into the forest.
Race:Rabbit Family

Even though it is not the sheep-san I’m aiming for, I found the rabbit-san whom I have always been indebted to.

……hmm? What? A word I have never seen before is in the appraisal results?

Ability?? What’s this?

I’ll leave the unknown word in the hands of Appraisal.
【Ability】:A unique skill that is based on the physique and build of the monster, generally on par with Skills.
…… A monsters’ version of a skill is it? Based on the explanation it seems like its a monster-exclusive skill.
Since it says physique and body build, even if it is Cut, Humes probably can’t use it.

For now, even though usually I would have trapped my opponents, for the first time I am going to fight it head-on and determine my own power.

I held my dagger, and stood in the front of the Forest・Rabbit.

The Forest・Rabbit noticed me and leaped towards me with naked fury!

While I activated【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】, I nimbly dodged it, and at that moment I stuck out my dagger.
〈Pigyaa——!!〉(JiN: or is it “Pikaa—-!!”?? Sorry have no idea how rabbits are supposed to sound like) (Izzy: It’s not a certain electric mouse…)
I could feel the dagger slice throughthe Forest・Rabbit’s meat and as it let out a shriek, I could see the bloodstained body of the Forest・Rabbit fell onto the ground.

Even though it’s still breathing, it’s twitching from the considerably severe wound.

I raised the dagger overhead, and then I stabbed its heart.

「Yosh, I defeated it!」

I am surprised at myself for being able to take it down fairly quickly, I used【Cut】to disassemble the dead rabbit.
Then, I threw it inside the Storage Bag I brought along.

This is also a tool that is left behind by my father which has the ability to store up to about 50 kg of things inside.
Living things cannot be put inside, and if spoils are stored inside, but terrible if forgotten and left to rot. Nonetheless, it is still a very useful tool.

Now, let’s look for the real prey: Forest・Mutton.
Even after wandering for 20 minutes in the forest and defeating two rabbits, I did not find the main prey, the sheep.

While I was still pondering on the reason, I could see a big black silhouette sluggishly walking from afar.

I used 【Eyesight Enhancement・Moderate】, and what I saw at the big black silhouette is…… an orc. (JiN: I legit thought he saw a giant sheep. Then I thought he saw an Oak)

An orc is a humanoid monster called a “Demon Race”.
It has atrocious physical strength, possessing a really tough skin, he’s a considerably troublesome fellow.

They are differ from other species as they are famous for kidnapping women and raping them in order to breed.
And that is why this is the monster that the people from the town really hate.

Frankly, I believe I have a really slim chance in winning.
With my physical strength, I don’t think the dagger will pierce through that tough skin.

For the time being, I will try to Appraise it.
Species:Demon Race

Strong Arm

Mu, it has both Skill and Ability.
As expected its on a different level than the rabbit.

For now, I’ll steal its Skill.

As for the Ability, let’s steal it and paste it on the tree over there.
Since it seems like Humes can’t use it.
【Strong Arm】:Voluntarily activated type Skill, it’s activated on one’s desired timing. When used, one’s arm strength will be doubled. Once used, a cooldown of 30 minutes is required before using it again.
…… If it’s like this, I wonder if I can somehow take it down.
I’ve weaken it since I have taken away his Skill and Ability, and I feel like I can somehow deal with my previous worry, his tough skin, with Strong Arm.

But, it really isn’t a good idea if I rushed in directly from the front right.

Aa, that’s it! I have magic now! Since I never used it, I completely forgot about it.

Let’s get a hit in from the back using magic, then fight.

With such grand scheme decided, I went behind that fellow, and

『Eat this!』

While I shouted in my mind I activated 【Magic・Wind】.

While cutting off the twigs of the bushes which were in the way, and the wind magic flew towards the orc.


The noise of the twigs from the bushes being cut was heard by the orc, and it turned this way.
But, as expected it couldn’t react, and the wind magic splendidly hit him.



I used both【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】and【Swift Feet ・Small】immediately leaped to the orc’s chest.
Then, I used 【Strong Arm】 that I took from him, and cut up his huge stomach in one go.

The orc writhing in pain, flailed its arms
I took a step back, and once again activated 【Magic・Wind】.

From point-blank range, the wind magic directly hit his cut off abdomen, and his movement became visibly sluggish.

I took this chance to go behind him and thrust the dagger with all my might towards its neck

This seems to have finished him off, as after he raised his voice and let out a huge cry, he finally fell.

Did I… defeat it?

I waited for a while but it didn’t even twitch.

I disassembled it with 【Cut】, and since it can’t be used on living things, it can be used to determine whether it is still alive or dead.

…… Since I can disassemble it, then it must mean that I defeated it. Phew, that was really heart throbbing. (Izzy: Seems like you didn’t use dokidoki here lol) (JiN: cuz I’m not doki doki anymore ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ )

However, I defeated an orc! Even I could defeat orcs!!

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 05 – Ability and The First Battle

  1. *Historical Note* On this day the first of the Screaming Tree was made. Rumors abound that those who caused a Screaming Tree to roar by chopping it down would suffer an equally violent end.

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  2. Im surprised he didn`t even try the roar ability, the orc is humanoid like him so there was a good compatibility between them according to me.
    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


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