Chapter 02 – Testing the Skill

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Chapter 2 – Testing the Skill

While thinking about the Skills, I set out for home.

There were about 10 people on the carriage with me.

My house is about half a day by carriage away from the capital where the shrine is in, at the outskirts of the Town of Lucas.

It is a relatively nearby town from the capital, with a population of about a thousand. Beginner adventurers pass through here. It is a lively town.

『Well then, let’s try using Appraisal.』

While the carriage is shaking, I silently used Appraisal and faced an adventurer in his primes.

As I did that, information surfaced in my mind.

Name: Keith

Race: Hume (TL: No, this is not a typo. ヒューム)

Gender: Male

Age: 48 Years Old

Occupation: Adventurer (Rank C)


One-handed Blade


Hee, so he is Keith-san.

His skills are…… 【One-handed Blade】and 【Cleaning】, huh…….

It’s a bad combination, isn’t it?

Although he has quite the stern face, it’s an extreme gap with 【Cleaning】.

While thinking about cleaning, I tried looking at Keith-san and more information surfaced in my mind.

【Cleaning】: Able to properly carry out efficient cleaning, when skill level is increased, able to clean neatly.

I see, Appraisal can search for detailed entries on confirmed information.

This is quite convenient.

I think that it’s probably because it’s 【Appraisal・Complete】 that it can do this.

In the procured information there’s a word which arouses my curiosity.

It’s “Skill level”.

I don’t see any entries about skill level but the word seems like the more you use the skill, the better the ability.

I see. If that is the case, the more I use Appraisal, the more detailed the information I am able to obtain.

If so, I should use Appraisal more.

Anyhow, I can’t move from the carriage for half a day.

Besides, I can’t test out【Cut and Paste】in places with people.

Thinking about such things, I used Appraisal on all the 10 people inside the carriage.

I didn’t particularly have any problems until the ninth person.

However, the information I obtained from the 10th man contained outrageous information.

Name: Gaskarth (ゲスカルト)(Iz: Any idea? Gas Cart or something?) (JiN: Hmmm, initially I was thinking of Gascart, but now I think about it, Gaskarth seems ok.. ho ho ho)

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 31 Years Old

Occupation: Robber




Swift feet (Small)

What, a robber!?

Why is he on the carriage!?

Furthermore, he has 【Dagger・Extreme】

He’s a master in itself.

Dangerous, this is dangerous.

Right now he’s sitting quietly and shutting his eyes but I don’t know when he’ll act violently.

There are some adventurers on board but if he stabbed with surprise attack it won’t be long before we die.

What’s this guy’s goal?

This carriage is headed towards the place I live, the Town of Lucas.

Since he’s acting docile in the carriage, that means he should be aiming for the Town of Lucas.

The inspection when entering the town is strict, so robbers cannot enter.

No matter how much I think, I can’t seem to think of the correct answer.

No, I can’t think of it.

Right now, I am the only person who knows he is a dangerous person.

Even if I tell someone inside this small carriage, he will naturally hear me when I speak.

Any way, isn’t there any way? (JiN: dude, you’re making a pun or something? O,o“ )

Before he takes out his dagger, before he becomes violent, isn’t there any way…….

Even if I grow impatient, there isn’t anything a youngster like me can do.

So I thought.

It would be best if that guy doesn’t become violent, and without him realizing, immediately return home as soon as we arrive.

However, as things are, I’m not sure if this guy will stay docile.

Even if we arrive safely, if anything happens inside the town, I will be dragged into it.

Above all, there are other young adults like me, and there are even girls.

As expected, if I don’t think of a solution, we will surely be in danger.

What can I do now?

Speaking of what I can do, I only have the Skills I gained today.

Appraisal will surely be useful.

However, it can’t overturn this situation.

If so, it seems like I have to use the other Skill 【Cut & Paste】, one way or another. (TLC: なら、もう一つのスキル【カット&ペースト】を何とか上手く使えないだろうか。)

I can’t use 【Cut】on living things.

Assuming I use it, I can’t attack my opponent who hasn’t even done anything.

If I did, the person who’ll be arrested isn’t him, but me.

Because I can’t injure my opponent, I become powerless…….

Ah, I can use 【Paste】to stick that guy’s shoes on the floor.

If I do that, even if he suddenly acts he wouldn’t be able to move.

Even if he kicks off his shoes, he can’t do it immediately.

Next is the dagger on his waist.

Let’s stick his scabbard and the dagger together.

If I do that, even if he acts, Keith-san and the other adventurers can deal with him.

Yosh, since I decided, let’s get to it immediately.

As I invoked the Skill, the successful invocation response was returned in my mind.

It was my first time using it but it seems like I was somehow able to use it.

Phew…… with this I am relieved for now.

It’s just that as it is I won’t be able to deal with what happens after we arrive at the town.

Even if I stick his shoes, he will be able to move if he takes it off, and if he buys a new dagger it’ll end there.

I don’t know whether his aim is the carriage or inside the Town of Lucas or anything else. I can’t come up with a fundamental solution.

Just like that he boldly boarded the carriage.

If his aim is theTown of Lucas, he’ll manage to enter.

If so, there might be harm to the town.

Optimistic that the urgent danger is prevented, I was able to cool myself down a little.

And, this me who calmed down…… was struck by an outrageous idea. (JiN: It’s just the second chapter… This author likes to use the word outrages doesn’t he/she?)

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  2. And what if the robber become one because his family was starving, and after gathering enough in the capital he decided to come back to his family and bring them some food? Clearly the author is an extremist or those that “everything falls on my MC because of “luck””


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