LMAG Chapter 13

Hello there. Izzy here.

I’ve actually finished translating chapter 13. Well, mostly. There’s one sentence that I can’t seem to understand. The crux of the problem is just a single word: 合流. I searched dictionaries and it’s either a junction of a road or joining up.

For those who understand Japanese, here’s the sentence:


Context: They are collecting the goblin ears, and they did not split up at all.

Anyway, this chapter should mostly be alright, so

Here’s the chapter:

Chapter 13

4 thoughts on “LMAG Chapter 13

  1. I’m guessing you mean that you’ve almost finished chapter 14. Since that line is in there and not in 13, from what I can tell.

    Anyway, what he’s basically saying is that he had prioritized regrouping with the other two, so they had to go back to recover the goblin ears and any other loot once he had rejoined them.

    Yes, they’ve already finished regrouping at this point, but he’s explaining WHY they had to go back in after regrouping. ^^


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