Chapter 47 – Labyrinth of Strength (2)

It seems that there’s only slimes on the first floor.
Besides the power slime and power heat slime we defeated at first, there’s also these types.

・Power Blue Slime is『Water』
・Power Green Slime is『Wind』
・Power White Slime is『Light』

The Skills they own are as assumed; all of them are continuous types.

『Water』 is “Water comes out slightly”
『Wind』 is “Wind flows out slightly”
『Light』 is “Becomes slightly brighter”

I’ve put in around 20 pebbles with each of them pasted with the Skills into my storage bag.
While defeating(popping) the slimes, I thought, and I arrived at the conclusion that I can use these to make magic tools, can’t I?

Now, what I wanted to test was the bath.

Piling up 『Water』, filing the bathtub, and heating up the water by piling up 『Heat』.
I thought that with this, even without anyone intervening, hot water can accumulate in the bath, huh.

For the installation, I need to consult the carpenter, though…….

If this succeeds, there will be various other uses for them.
Once we return home, I’ll need to research it!

……Though, slimes really are mysterious lifeforms, huh…….
As we walked while I was thinking that, a large door appeared in front of us.

「Myne-kun, it seems that we’ve reached the first floor boss’ room」

「Since it’s a boss, as expected, it’ll be strong, huh?」

「U~n, it’s not that strong since it’s only the first floor’s, but…… I think it’ll probably be a slime type」

It seems that each floor’s boss will be that floor’s monsters’ superior type.
But rare bosses seldom appear, and it seems like it’ll be different from the monsters on that floor.

Well, it’s called rare, after all.
I don’t think we’ll come across it that often, but I’d like to see it at least once.

「Well, let’s do this!」

「……Finally I’ll have a turn, huh」

Ah, Aisha seems a little peeved.
However, the first floor’s enemies are weak, and in the first place, they’re slimes…….
Since it’s overkill with just me alone, Aisha won’t get her turn no matter what.

It’s also a waste to use arrows against slimes.

While thinking on how I could cheer Aisha up, we opened the door to the boss room and entered it.
The monster inside it is……
Name: Exusia Slime (TLN:エクスシア)
Race: Slime family
Gender: None

Mollusk Prison (Soft Body Prison) (TLN:モルスク)

There’s a huge slime.

Oh, it seems to have a incomprehensible ability…….
Although it’s a boss, it doesn’t have a Skill, huh.

For now, let’s try investigating the 「Myne-kun, I’m going in!」 Ability…… Eh?

Uwa, Aisha started battling before I investigated the Ability.
Since she couldn’t fight up until now, quite a lot of stress accumulated, huh…… I’m sorry.

The arrow Aisha fired was similar to when she helped me in the orc settlement; It became three paths and flew towards the slime.

For now, it’ll be fine to put off checking the ability, and steal its ability beforehand to weaken it.

Up until now, I threw away all the unnecessary Skills and abilities around somewhere, but since we took the trouble to come here, let’s paste it on a table set it aside.
If it’s a pebble it won’t become a nuisance, after all.

While I did that at the back, Aisha didn’t slacken her attack.
As expected of 【Archery・Saint】, precisely because it’s the second highest Skill, each strike contains an outrageous power.

It can repel high orcs, it’s that strong.

After a few minutes, although its ability’s gone and it’s weakened, Aisha defeated the Exusia Slime completely safely.
As expected of a former B-rank adventurer!

「Thank you for your hard work! This time, I didn’t get a turn, you know」

As I called out to Aisha while smiling, she giggled in a good mood.
It seems that she let out her stress.

Un, that’s good. That’s good.

Come to think of it, I thought while looking at Aisha’s battle, the Skills I stole from the Power Slimes.
If I had that sort of interesting continuous activation type, it might be good to stick the Skills onto the arrowheads.

For example, piling up a lot of “Heat” and attacking, won’t it be quite effective?
Something like the so-called elemental arrow?

I need to research this too, huh.
……Now then, let’s take a look at the Exusia Slime’s drops.
【Exusia Oil】: By applying it on skin, it can moisturise it with high effectiveness.

First is the promised Oil, but…….
I don’t quite understand it.

And, there’s also another one.
An equipment-like drop.
Name: Exusia Cape
Defence: +5
Grade: Advanced
Attribute: None
Special effects: Physical attacks will sometimes be reduced by 1~2.
U~~~n, compared to the boss, this is tricky…… maybe this cape is just for a piece of mind…… I think?
What’s with the oil, does Aisha know?

As I thought that and looked over at Aisha, she somehow seemed to be happy.

「What’s wrong?」

「This, this Exusia Oil is a popuar item among the female nobles.
If smeared, it’ll moisten and the skin will become smooth, you know.
It isn’t circulated much, so it’ll fetch a considerably high price」

Oh, it’s an unexpectedly expensive item.
Since it’s a popular item among females, it’ll probably be good if Aisha and Sylphy uses it.
After all, we don’t need to worry about money for now.

「Then, let’s hold on to it for Aisha and Sylphy to use!」

As I said that, she shyly asked 「Is that okay?」.
As I nodded, she gently took the oil and happily put it into her storage bag.

Un, if she’s happy, then I’m happy too.

By the way, like slime oil, the Exusia Oil is contained in a transparent bottle-like container.

「Why don’t you equip this cape. Since it’s a cape, it won’t suit me」

While I said that, she gently put on the cape on her shoulders.

The Exusia Cape is pure white bordered with a golden colour, a design which seems quite epensive.
I think it suits Aisha quite well.

Since we’ve gotten the drops without problems, we decided to search for a way to go to the next level.
As we tried looking around, a door which didn’t exist before this appeared.

「That door will bring us to a small room which is connected to the next level」

Urged by Aisha, we opened the door and entered it.

I thought for a moment on whether there might be traps or something, but Aisha told me that the door which appears after the boss is defeated doesn’t have any traps.
Since this information can be confirmed in the adventurer’s guild, it should be alright.

Although I can’t believe it 100%, either way, there’s no choice but to believe it and open it, huh.
Even if there are traps, neither Aisha nor I could just call this off.

Inside the room we entered, there was a large stone monument.
As this stone monument is a transfer stone, it seems that if you touch it once, it is possible to instantaneously move to another stone monument.

There’s also one of these at the dungeon’s entrance, and Aisha told me that I could touch it to return.

We then discovered a set of stairs leading downwards on the opposite side of the stone monument.

「Yosh, well then, let’s head to the first basement floor」

#Dungeon of Strength, B1

The main monsters in B1 are orc type and goblin type monsters.
By the way, on the floor below us, the second basement floor is inhabited by trolls we are aiming for.

As I thought about the fact that the first floor’s monsters are slimes, it could be said that the difficulty level suddenly spiked.
I was told that this is the Dungeon of Strength’s characteristic; It is centered around monsters which specialise in “Strength”.
At last from now on is the crucial moment.

「Aisha, please be really careful on this floor」

Similar to the surface’s orcs, they catch and sexually assault various species’ women, and thrive by making children.
Of course, they breed among themselves, but it seems that they prefer other species’ women.

From here on, I won’t be unwilling to use my Skills, and will fight.
I can’t let anything happen to Aisha just in case.

I equipped the Dagger of Origin on my left hand and Lightning Edge on my right, and carefully started searching.
Aisha also prepared herself and followed behind me.

We then encounter the first monsters of this floor.
Name: Power・Orc
Species: Demon Race
Gender: ♂

Strong Arm
Strength Rise

Name: Power・Goblin
Species: Demon Race

Body Enhancement・Small

There doesn’t seem to be much difference from the ones on the surface.
If it’s just this, then I can somehow manage.

Cutting all their Skills and abilities, I pasted them onto pebbles, which I then put into my bag.
Then, I 【Pasted】 their legs onto the ground.

……The moment I pasted them, both of the monsters magnificently fell face first.

「Now, Aisha!」

Along with my shout, Aisha shot as if saying ‘I’ve been waiting’.
I then started attacking with 【Magic・Fire】, trying not to interfere with her shooting path.

They received the surprise attack and in a twinkling of an eye, they became corpses.

「……Myne-kun, you did something, right?」

Well, they suddenly fell down, after all…….

「……Un, a little」

While Aisha nodded and said “I see”, she started talking.

「It’s OK, It’ll be troubling if I can’t react when something like that suddenly happens, so I’d be happy if you told me next time」

Aisha didn’t say anything beyond that.
As if giving affirmation for everything I will do, as if that is natural…… That’s how she behaved.

I’m really grateful for that.
With my right arm, I secretly wiped the tears in my eyes.


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Please take care of me after this too m(_ _)m

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  1. So many possible combinations to be made using skills and not be wasted have my thumbs up right now👍. Well, im still wondering what happen to those things that he pasted with skills on like trees. Will the tree evolve and become ent with the skill he pasted on it? It will be funny when he goes around adventuring around to see the trees ge pasted on with skills become a monster.
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