Chapter 99 – Wedding Ceremony (3)

The ceremony ended without problems and we are now publicly husband and wives.

Sylphy and Aisha both had smiles on their faces and seem to be delighted.
Un, I will be living with these two from now on, I’ll have to do my best in earning money!

I gently held up Waffle, who had been sleeping in the basket in front of the altar, so that he isn’t woken up.

「He’s sleeping like a log, isn’t he」

Fenrir’s child, sleeping peacefully with a snot bubble.
All of us smiled at the overwhelming adorableness.

「Waffle’s really cute」

The words Sylphy unintentionally leaked out is perhaps an opinion everyone present agrees on.

While getting excited from the talk about Waffle, we exited the room with the altar with smiles on our face, and were greeted by everyone from the royal family.

「「Aneue, congratulations on your marriage」」
「Nee-sama, congratulations!」
「Sylphy, congrats!」

Sylphy received blessings from her siblings all at once.

……Wait, I just realised.

What happened to Aisha’s family!?
The impact from the members of the royal family was too strong, that I completely forgot about it until now!

「……Ah, Aisha」

As I called out to her, she smiled sweetly at me.
Then, with a soft voice so that it isn’t heard by others, she whisper into my ear, 「You want to ask about my family, right? I’ll tell you about them next time」

Is there something wrong with them? She’s smiling, but I’m a little worried…….

「Myne, Aisha-dono…… I’ll entrust my little sister to you」

Onii-san placed his hand on my shoulder, and said that to me.
……As expected, he’s worried for her.

Certainly, I haven’t been able to triumphantly say 「I will make her happy」.
Not in terms of years, nor in experience in life.

That’s why, I will grow along with my two wives with all my might, and will one day be able to say that to the royal family with my chest puffed up with pride.

I reply with such a vow soulfully from the bottom of my heart.

「Yes! I will do my best!」
「Yes, I will become happy with Hime-sama!」

Probably sensing our determination, Onii-san encouraged us as he hit my back as usual.

「Oh, work hard, both of you!」

Seeing that, Ari, His Highness Lewis, His Highness Lecter, the princes and princesses called out to us.

「Onee-sama! I’ll come over to play!
Alto-nii-sama and Lewis-nii-sama both went already, haven’t they?
I heard that there’s a really amazing bath! I look forward to it!」

「If Ari’s going, I’m going too!
After all, I’m curious about that bath as well!!
Alto-nii-san boasted a lot about entering Myne-nii-san’s bath!」

……Onii-san, what in the world are you so proud about…….

「……Eeto, I don’t mind you coming, but…….
My house isn’t pretty, nor is it spacious, it’s originally a house which isn’t made to receive people from the royal family……」

Yes, Onii-san and His Highness Lewis both suddenly visited my house.
……Inicidentally, Sylphy was also the same…….

Huh, wait? Perhaps…… the royalty do not care about such things at all…… I think?

Sylphy affirmed my conclusion.

「I don’t know about other countries’ royalty, but at least, our family doesn’t care about such things」

It’s something they should care in the first place, though…….
Putting aside them not caring about my house, I want them to worry more about their own safety…….

Well, even so, thanks to good government by the royal family, the public order in all the towns within this country are quite good.
There’s also the fact that the Adventurer’s Guild is working hard in maintaining public order, but as expected, the royal family plays a big part in this good public order.

With that implication, it might be okay for them to come without reserve.

「Also, Myne-aniue.
If Aniue is here, then it will only take a moment to travel between the royal palace and Nii-san’s home, right?」 (TLN: I swear, author, please let them have consistent nicknames ffs. First you go Myne-aniue, then you go Nii-san. wdf????)

Even His Highness Lewis, who is grinning, started participating in our conversation.

「……Understood, please come whenever you want」

At my declaration of defeat, the royal family let out a cheer.

……Please wait a minute. Why is King-sama and Queen-sama happy as well?
Are you coming? Are you planning to come? ……No, the two of you are coming, right??

As my shoulders drooped while I let out a sigh, Sylphy who was smiling linked her arm with my right one, and snuggled up to me.

As I blushed at the sudden skin contact, Waffle who had been sleeping soundly in my arms woke up.
He probably woke up due to everyone’s laughter, Sylphy coming to link arms with me, which moved his body.


Waffle who opened his mouth widely and made a big yawn made all of us feel warm and fluffy inside.
He then scrambled his way up to my head, his usual place, and while lifting his right paw, he greeted everyone with 「Wafu!」.


Some time passed by harmoniously like that, and Temple Head-san once again came to call us.

「Everyone, congratulations for today.
I express my pleasure from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful day in the three people and their relatives lives.
From now, we will be unveiling to the citizens.
Excuse me, but please move this way」 (TLN: Wow I suck at polite english orz)

Aah, it’s finally here…….

I won’t become royalty, but will become one of their relatives.
It seems that because of that, such a person who is marrying royalty will have to be unveiled to the general public.

That goes for Aisha as well.

And, Sylphy herself will purely be marrying, and we will be unveiling our marriage. (TLN: tbh, no idea.)

Probably sensing my nervousness, Waffle patted my head as usual and cheered me up.

『Myneー, I will be following tooー, Hang onー』

『……Un, I’ll keep at it』

Temple Head-san stopped his steps in front of a large door.

……It’s finally here.

「Well then, are you ready?
There will be a veranda after this door is opened.
Please respond by waving your hand and the like to the citizens’ voices」

Before Temple Head-san finished his sentence, the door creaked as it slowly opened.



When the door opened, I heard cheers like rumbles coming from the other side.

Sylphy majestically walked over to the end of the veranda, and smiled as she waved to the crowd.
Aisha and I joined hands, and timidly walked up to Sylphy’s side.

As the citizens saw Aisha and I, they once again broke out in thunderous cheers.
Then, each time Sylphy waved her hand, cheers broke out.

What’s with this crowd…….
It seems like perhaps all the citizens of the royal capital gathered here.

For about ten minutes, we continued waving our hands.

I happened to see Temple Head-san use some kind of Skill.

“Everyone who has gathered here, please quiet down.
From here on, Her Highness Sylphid and her partner, Myne-dono will speak”

Wait a minute!!!
Eh? What do you mean, speak?

I never heard of this, I definitely never heard of this!

I’m speaking as well? In front of this crowd? You’re joking…… right?

Sylphy sent a backward glance at the shaking me and began speaking.

“I am Sylphid Fortuna.
I am extremely happy that such a large crowd have gathered for us today”

Probably from the effects of Temple Head-san’s Skill from before, Sylphy’s voice spread throughout the whole plaza in front of the temple.

……As expected of Sylphy, she’s accustomed to this, or more precisely, she’s really imposing.
And, whenever she speaks a sentence, cheers resounded.

“……And, I was thinking of introducing my prided husband”

The conspicuous loud cheers which had erupted until now immediately quiet down unbelievably.
I could clearly feel everyone’s gazes concentrating on me.

Aisha grasped my hands strongly and rooted for me.
Waffle cheered for me by patting my head.

And, Sylphy looked at me with a gentle gaze.

Yosh, let’s do this.
As Sylphy’s……, and Aisha’s partner, I’ll have to show them that I am not embarrassed!

I took a deep breath.
And then, I started talking from the bottom of my heart.

“Everyone, good afternoon! My name is Myne, Myne Fortuna!”




……Thus, we are now married. (TLN: It annoys me that I can’t write ‘couple’)



Eh? What did I say in front of the citizens, you ask?
I won’t say such an embarrassing thing!

I’ll just say that Sylphy and Aisha both blushed furiously and felt embarrassed. (TLN: NOW I’M CURIOUS)


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

The next chapter will be the hundredth!

It’s not like I will be commemorating it, but I wrote a “side story-like” thing.
I don’t think it will be a problem for the main story but…….

I was thinking of a light story.

I am planning for it to end in just 2~3 chapters.

TL: Izzy

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    “The words Sylphy unintentionally leaked out is perhaps an opinion every present agrees on.” D: Waffle isn’t your child! I don’t think that’s how this works?!
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  2. ‘Sylphy and Aisha both had smiles on their faces and seem to be delighted.
    Un, I will be living with these two from now on, I’ll have to do my best in earning money!’

    Myne,are you serious?

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  3. Again two years later… I mist truly be a necromancer. 😛
    “TLN: Wow I suck at polite english orz”

    It’s largely antequated now anyway. Normally nowadays, as far as I know, it’s mostly expressed with tone and maybe using words that would not be seen as ‘pedestrian.’ You could always do a bad British gentlemen impression. “I say, good sir, please do put down that poker and stop disturbing my eye with it. ” 😝 I’m no expert though.


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