Chapter 98 – Wedding Ceremony (2)

「……Come to think of it, Myne’s parents have passed away, have they not」

King-sama abruptly asked me that.

「Yes, they were infected by an epidemic when I was 10 years old……」

Recalling Otou-san and Okaa-san’s gentle expressions, my words unintentionally clogged up.

「Sorry, I made you remember a painful thing.
Well, I heard from Sylphy that they were the heroes of the town…….
What kind of people were they…… will you not tell me their names?」

「My father’s name is Dyne, and my mother’s name is Yukino…… My father was a skilled hunter」

Even now, whenever I recall Otou-san and Okaa-san, I become sad.
I wanted them to participate in today’s wedding ceremony.

……Huh? King-sama’s suddenly gone quiet? I wonder what’s the matter?

As I looked at King-sama who had suddenly stopped talking, his face was ghastly pale and his body trembling all over.
……What’s wrong? Is His Majesty sick?

「King-sama, are you alright?」
「Chichiue, what’s wrong?」

Even as Onii-san and I asked, King-sama did not say anything.

His Highness Lewis and His Highness Lecter were also puzzled as they looked at King-sama.

「……I see, so that’s how it is.
When I heard about the Town of Lucas, I’ve thought of this possibility……」


I wonder why. Is King-sama’s strange condition because of hearing Otou-san and Okaa-san’s names?
Looking at Onii-san and the others, it seems that I am not the only person who doesn’t understand the situation.

「……Myne, let me declare once more.
I hereby acknowledge you as my daughter Sylphid Augusta’s partner, and shall welcome you as a part of my family!」

I, I don’t understand what is happening, but acknowledge…… does that mean he hasn’t acknowledged me until now!?

As I was dumbfounded, King-sama made an expression as if a little troubled and guilty, and started talking to me.

「You do not need to make such a face.
You’re thinking “I wasn’t acknowledged until now?”, right?」

I honestly answered 「Yes」.

「Let me see, if I had to say, then this declaration isn’t towards you, but rather take it as towards your parents」


Why did His Majesty declare towards Otou-san and Okaa-san?

「Before I became the king, your parents and I, along with my wife, Garnet, were in a party together」




……Eh? This is the first time I’m hearing this, you know!?

There’s a lot of stories transmitted even now about the many achievements of King-sama’s party, you know!?
Otou-san and Okaa-san were in such a party!?

「K, King-sama, is that true?」

「Chi, Chichiue!? This is the first time I’ve heard of this as well! Is that true!?」

「Yeah, without a doubt, it’s true」

When I wanted to ask King-sama to tell me about it in more detail…….

Once again, the sound of somebody knocking the door resounded within the room.
As I swallowed the question I had wanted to ask King-sama and opened the door, there stood the temple head who was donning a dignified outfit.

「Myne-dono, it’s almost time, please follow me」

As I glanced at King-sama, he silently nodded and urged me to follow him.
……Un, I’m curious about Otou-san and Okaa-san, but I can’t forget today’s aim.

Furthermore, Temple Head-san himself came to receive me.
I’ll have to properly thank him!

「Yes! Thank you for coming out of your way! Please take care of me for today」

As I returned a greeting, Temple Head-san showed a surprised expression before showing me a grin.

Then, I followed behind Temple Head-san to the altar.
For some reason, the path we took was narrow and complicated, so I asked about it, and it seems that basically, a hidden path and not the usual one is taken so that the bride and groom do not attract attention.

Precisely because it is a hidden pathway, it became complicated, and without someone from the temple to guide you, there is absolutely no way to arrive at the altar.
That is why Temple Head-san specially came to call me.

Walking through the hidden pathway took approximately five minutes.
We arrived at our destination, the altar with God on it, a place which you could say to be extremely important within the temple.

「Now then, please stand here and wait, since you will be able to see your brides soon」

Temple Head-san informed me about that.

Walking to the top of a small platform in front of the altar, which is probably his position in the ceremony, he shut his eyes while facing my direction.

And, just as Temple Head-san said, the two beauties, dressed in wedding garments, entered this room with the altar.

Led by girls who are donning a little different outfits, probably the temple’s staff, both of them came over to my side.
Sylphy stood on my right side, and Aisha on my left.

The two girls who had led my brides here lightly bowed and left.

And, about Waffle…….
After entering together with Sylphy and Aisha, he discovered me, and after barking 「Wafu!」 once, he trotted to in front of the altar.

Waffle entered a basket which had been prepared beforehand and is exclusive to him and sprawled inside it.
His position is that of a divine beast representative of God, not a human representative.

「……It might be presumptuous of me, but I shall be carrying out this wedding ceremony for the three of you」

Temple Head-san who confirmed that our preparations have been completed said that to us.

After the three of us who had nervous expressions nodded, Temple Head-san started singing solemnly with words I have never heard of.
It seems to be a ritual prayer of some sort, to report to Kami-sama that we will be marrying.


At the moment the ritual prayer ended.
All of a sudden, the three of us and Waffle were embraced by a pale light.


Temple Head-san who saw that let out a voice of admiration.

「……So what Chichiue said was true」

Sylphy looked at the light enveloping us as she said that.

It seems that after this prayer ends, Kami-smaa bestows a special divine protection to the bride and groom, just like when someone obtains their Skills, but it’s rare.
What we are experiencing right now is exactly that.

……It doesn’t happen to most of the people, though.

「Wonderful! Myne-dono, Your Highness Sylphid, Aisha-dono…… and also, Waffle-dono.
You were able to receive blessings directly from God!
As far as I know, the people who received this blessing accomplished great exploits!!」

It seems that Temple Head-san is quite excited.

I tried looking with 【Appraisal・Complete】, and indeed, there was a divine protectioin called 【Goddess’ Blessing】.


【Goddess’ Blessing】: Obtains strong resistance against illnesses, injuries, and status abnormalities, etc.


……This is unexpectedly amazing.
This means my family will be healthy, right?

I wonder if the people who received this divine protection in the past also received 【Goddess’ Blessing】.
It’s not like they’ve seen it with appraisal, so I don’t know right now, but I don’t think they can accomplish great exploits with just this, so there’s a high possibility they received a diffferent divine protection.

As Temple Head-san’s excitement continued, the ceremony proceeded.

「Myne Fortuna, do you swear, in front of God, that you will continue to love these two people throughout your whole life?」

「Yes! I swear!!」

「Sylphid Augusta, as well as Aisha Lorelle, do you swear, in front of God, that you will continue to love this person throughout your whole life?」

「「I swear!」」

As we finished our vows, we received blessings from Temple Head-san, and the ceremony finally reached its last program.
……Yes, the kiss of vow. (TLN: ….is this phrasing a little too awkward?)

Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing to do this in front of Temple Head-san.

However, if we don’t do this, the ceremony won’t end.
……Resolving myself, I first embraced Sylphy, and kissed her.

Next, I embraced Aisha, and similarly kissed her.

「With this, you are now linked by marriage! Congratulations」

Temple Head-san’s declarationi resounded sonorously within the room, and we are now publicly wedded.


By the way, it’s a secret that I thought that Waffle was strangely quiet, and when I looked, he was sound asleep inside the basket, probably from boredom.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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  1. So this is Fate, then. Myne’s parents and his bride’s parents were in a party and such, now they’re a family. Wouldn’t be weird except that one is a commoner and the other is royalty. Huh.

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. I just realized but everytime mc says thank you or nice thimgs in general people look at him like that the first time they been thanked since the day they were born like it’s a myth to even say thank you or something else polite.


    • It happens a lot in this type of story. The MC has no personality or remarkable traits, so you have to find some contrived reason why every female in town falls for him.


  3. OK. So like two years later, if you even care anymore…
    “……Yes, the kiss of vow.”

    I’d say: (In order of preferance.)

    Yes, vow’s kiss.
    Yes, the kiss to seal the vow.
    Yes, the kiss of the vow.


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