Chapter 97 – Wedding Ceremony (1)

Uーn, I stretched my arm above my head as I took a deep breath.
I was steadily getting less drowsy, and my mind gradually became clearer.

Sylphy and Aisha who had been sleeping beside me haven’t seem to show any signs of waking up.

……This day has finally come.

It’s finally the wedding, huh. Somehow, I feel like it finally feels real.

The ceremony will be held in the morning at the shrine, and it seems like my two wives need to be there ahead of time.
I’ve heard that it’s because there’s a formal dress for marriage ceremonies, and changing into it and putting on makeup will take time.

I myself also have formal clothes exclusive to marriage ceremonies, but it seems to be easy to put on so it won’t take that much time.

It seems to be quite difficult, as both of them seem to have practised putting them on a few times when I went for the game with Claude and the others at the Divine Spirit Forest.
……To need prior preparations, being a woman is quite tough, huh.

However, both of them were delighted, even with the preparations, so as expected, a wedding ceremony’s a special thing to women, isn’t it?

……On the contrary, from my point of view as a man, honestly, it’s something I don’t really get.
For now, I think that it will feel way more real compared to now once the ceremony starts, though…….


Now then, at any rate, let’s enter the baths to clean off sweat and any other thing.

I carefully slipped out of the futon so that I don’t wake them up.

As I did that, from a basket which had been placed a little further away from the bed came rustling noises, and Waffle crawled out from it.

In order to not wake the two up, he let out a soft bark, 「Wafu!」, and lifted his paw while showing me his pawpad, probably greeting me for the morning.

By the way, due to the request of the girls, Waffle sleeps in an exclusive basket bed.
Why? ……Of course, that is a secret.

『Myneー, where are you goingー』

『The baths, are you coming too?』

『Ohー, bathsー, I’m goingー! I’m going tooー!』

I lifted Waffle up, and happily headed towards the baths.
As expected, freshening up in the morning by entering the baths is good!

I am really glad that I came across this thing called baths at the Town of Adol.



Usually, it’s about time for Aisha and Sylphy to come in, but…….
For some reason, they’re not coming in today, huh? I wonder why?

Are they perhaps still asleep?
Come to think of it, after finishing last night, both of them didn’t really went to sleep.

……Perhaps they couldn’t sleep because they were thinking about the wedding ceremony or something?

It might be bad if I don’t quickly get out and wake them up.
…… If it doesn’t go well, they might not make it in time to change into the garments.

As I started thinking that, I wasn’t able to sit still, and decided to quickly get out from the bath.

I told Waffle who had been happily dog paddling in the bath and making “splish-splash” noises about it, and as I asked “What about you?”, he thought for a while before saying 「I’m going tooー」 and swam to my side.

『It’s okay to stay for a while longer, you know?』

As I said that, he reasonably replied 『It’s boring aloneー』 so I promised to enter together next time, saying 『Sorry, let’s enter and relax next time』, and stepped out of the bath.

Yosh, I’ve also finished wiping my body, and as I faced the other way to call out to Waffle, and say “Let’s go look at the both of them!”…….
For some reason, a large splash of water flew towards me.

「W, what!?」

What my eyes landed on was Waffle’s “shaking” his body violently.
……Aah, so that’s the case…….


After wiping Waffle’s body with a towel, I re-wiped my own body and put on my clothes before heading to wake them up.


……As expected, they’re still asleep.
As expected, they weren’t able to fall asleep, huh…….

Wait no, this isn’t the time to be saying something so leisurely!
We really won’t make it!

「Sylphy, Aisha, wake up! Wake up!! We won’t make it for the wedding ceremony, you know!」

As I shook both of them who had been naked, Aisha was the first to open her eyes.

「Aisha! We’ll be late, you know, quickly wake up!」

「Huh? Myne-kun……」

She was still half asleep for a while, but once she woke up and understood the situation, she screamed as she jumped to her feet.

「Kyaーーーー!We’ll be late!」

Hearing Aisha’s scream, this time, Sylphy jumped to her feet.

「W, what!? What happened? ……Huh, Danna-sama……」

「Sylphy, hurry up, we’ll be late to the wedding ceremony, you know!」

「Hi, Hime-sama, this is bad, the time……」

Seeing my panic and Aisha who was at her wits’ end, she probably understood the situation.
At last, Sylphy also started acting in a fluster.

At this point in time, there is about an hour left until the appointed time.
It will take roughly 30 minutes to reach the temple with a carriage.

There’s the fact that we will be our unveiling to the citizens, so it has been planned that we will head there slowly.

「For now, enter the baths and wash of the sweat!」

As I said that, both of them rushed into the baths in a panic.

……Will today really be alright??



In the end, both of them finished their morning preparations with an unbelievable speed.
As expected, we didn’t have time to eat breakfast though…….

……If the situation at the time is to be put into one word, it would be “tempestuous”.

It’s a secret that I felt surprised as I looked at their figures which is fresh and different from usual.

Waffle and I could only look at them, astonished.

I never imagined that Waffle, who is a Divine Beast, would be confused and astonished.

And right now, we are in a carriage which had come from the temple to pick us up, and is now heading towards the temple.
I could hear blessings from the crowd of the people on our route there.

We also showed our faces a little from the window and lightly waved towards the people who were giving us their blessings.

For some reason, me waving my hand at such a large crowd of people feels really strange.

Receiving such a large number of blessings, the carriage we were on safely arrived at the venue of the ceremony, the temple.

……For some reason, I recalled the time when I received my Skills here.
Come to think of it, this is where my life changed greatly.

As I thought that, I felt deeply moved.


As we alighted the carriage, we were guided to different waiting rooms, separated by gender.

Aisha and Sylphy will hence change into the formal clothes exclusive for wedding ceremonies, and has been arranged to received blessings from the head of the temple.

Waffle also followed us here.

After that, the three of us once again received blessings from the head of the temple in front Kami-sama on the altar.
As the established routine, the brides will receive blessings two times, it seems.

……Why, I wonder, I don’t really understand it, though.

Originally, it was only the people who are getting wed and the temple head who can enter the altar, but our wedding ceeremony is a special case, and Waffle’s presence is also acknowledged.

Even though Waffle is a child, he is still a real Divine Beast-sama.
There isn’t a more suitable candidate to give blessings along with Kami-sama so the temple head requested us.

By the way, the only one who knows that Waffle is a Divine Beast other than royalty is the temple head.

Now then, I finished changing and it didn’t take even five minutes, just as planned…….
However, I have plenty off time until the real thing, but…… what should I do?

As I pondered on that, a knock came from the door.
Who is it, I wonder, is it Temple Head-sama?

In a panic, I replied and as I opened the door…….
There stood the male members of the royal family with King-sama leading them.

Receiving congratulatory words one by one starting from King-sama, followed by Brother-in-law-san, His Highness Lewis, and His Highness Lecter, I was deeply moved and as usual, Brother-in-law-san hit my back.
It hurt just like every other time, but for some reason, the pain felt pleasant today.

By the way, the two Queen-sama and Ari seem to have went to Sylphy and Aisha.

「Which reminds me, Myne. You have decided on your house name, have you not?」

King-sama enquired of me.

「Yes, we have decided, it will be “Fortuna”」

「Oh, you have decided on quite the good house name, have you not? Very well」

Receiving King-sama’s acknowledgement, from today one, my name will be changed to “Myne Fortuna”. (TLN: smh I can only read this as Myne For Tuna)
Today is literally a new step in my life.

The beating of my heart quickened as I will step onto the big moment in my life in a few hours.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as usual

TL: Izzy

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  2. Brother-in-law-san hit my back.
    It hurt just like every other time, but for some reason, the pain felt pleasant today.
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