Chapter 96 – House Name

A summon from King-sama…….

I can only feel a bad premonition from it.

However, we’ve been summoned, so there’s no way we can not go.
His Majesty isn’t just this country’s king, but will become my father-in-law as well.

However, I wonder what His Majesty needs?
His Majesty didn’t just call for me, but my whole family, good grief, I can’t think of anything.

Furthermore, the meeting isn’t in the office or audience room, but His Majesty’s private room.
It might be something His Majesty doesn’t want exaggerated.

「……Sylphy, have you heard of anything?」

As I asked that, she shut her eyes and pondered for a while, before shaking her head.

……I wonder what it is.

Did some big problem like Claude’s case happen?

However, if that’s the case, Brother-in-law-san would say something about it during training…….

「No use thinking about something we don’t know! Let’s hurry to King-sama’s place」

At those words, Waffle moved to the top of my head, and Sylphy and Aisha stood up and followed me.


Waffle urged me to hurry up and go by patting my head as usual.

It’s not because I was urged, but we hurriedly moved to King-sama’s private room.



「Sorry for summoning you so suddenly」

When we arrived at the room, King-sama’s apology flew towards us.
Probably because I am his son-in-law, he somehow easily apologises to me, huh…….

As expected, even if I am his son-in-law, I am but an ordinary commoner…….

「King-sama, please do not fuss about a commoner such as I.
If anyone else sees this, they will surely not feel good about this」

As I reservedly said that, King-sama let out a 「Oh」, as if impressed, and after making a serious expression for a moment, His Majesty started laughing heartily.

「Uhahahahahaha, I know where I am.
I of course won’t do such things in public.
Also it’s only because we’re in my private room」

……That’s not what I meant, but, well, if King-sama says that himself, then isn’t it fine?
And, the reason we were called here…… I wonder if it’s bad to mention it with this atmosphere?

「And, Chichiue, what’s the reason you called us here?」

As expected of Sylphy, so straight to the point!
……I wonder if it’s because they’re parent and child?

「Aah, that’s right! Sorry for digressing」

While King-sama said that, he sat down on a chair, and prompted us to sit as well.

「……Did some kind of big matter happen again?」

As I said that, Sylphy and Aisha’s faces stiffened.

Since the battle with the black dragon was dangerous, I requested them both to stay at home, but both of them have the blessing of Skills.
I think they both have the power to defeat Orc Generals by themselves, so no matter what happens, they will probably follow me.

I think they’re nervous since they know that.

I don’t think it’s another dragon class case, but…….

「Hm? Aah, I see…… That’s why you have such nervous expressions, isn’t it?
It’s completely different from what you think.
If there are many cases at the class of dragons attacking in this period of time, even I can’t bear it, you know?」

……Un, it’s certainly as King-sama says.
If calamity class monsters like dragons frequently attack, it will be the end of this world.

However, if it’s not an incident, then why were we called here?
I can’t imagine the reason we were called here at all.

I certainly do not think that we were called to have a chat or something…….

Looking at our expressions of doubt, as if saying 「Then what is it?」, King-sama wryly smiled as he continued speaking.

「Umu, tomorrow will finally be your wedding ceremony, right?
We will deal with the nobles like we had talked about before there.
I want you to decide on a house name by tomorrow morning」

House name, huh…… It certainly is necessary, but this is quite sudden, isn’t it?
I wanted more time to think about it, though…….

「Hm? I told Sylphy to decide on it, though……」

His Majesty probably saw my perplexed expression, that’s why King-sama said such a thing with a little worried tone.

……Aah, come to think of it, we did talk about such a thing a little.
I’ve forgotten about it completely…….

As I took a glance at Sylphy, her arms were folded as she looked back at me with reproachful eyes, as if saying You forgot, didn’t you?
……I was busy all this time as well. Won’t you please forgive me…….

「Understood! Tomorrow morning, right? I will work hard in thinking about it!!」

Cheerfully answering, I decided to quickly return to our room.
I’ll have to hurry up and think of one!



「Now then, let’s start our second family meeting!」

As we returned to our room and I immediately announced that, Aisha inserted a retort without delay.

「Second, you say? We didn’t do a first though?」

「Yeah, I don’t remember it either, you know?」

Huh? Did both of them forget it?

「The first one was when we decided on Waffle’s name!」

Their responses were exactly opposite, with Sylphy saying 「Oh!」 and Aisha「……That was a meeting?」.
Huh? Was that not a meeting?

「In any case, this is the second time! I was thinking of deciding on our house name!
Sylphy said that before but I completely forgot about it…….
Because of that, it’s become this hurried…… I’m really sorry」

As I lowered my head, Sylphy wryly smiled as if saying “Can’t be helped” as she called out to me.

「Danna-sama, raise your head
The backbone of the family can’t bow his head so easily.
There’s still enough time, so let’s all think of a good house name」

『I’ll think about it tooー!!』

So said Waffle.

……I don’t mind, but Waffle…… Do you know anything about house names??

「Hime-sama, it’ll be fine as long as we think of a good name, so let’s do our best!」

「……Un, that’s right」

That being the case, we will think of our Clan’s name, but…….

「Let me see, I think Craft’s a good name though…….」

「No! Hime-sama, please think about it!
Isn’t “Myne Craft” weird?!」

『Wafu! I think Sweeper is good!!』

U~n, isn’t “Myne Sweeper” weird?

「Isn’t Bennett better than those?
Myne Bennett, Sylphid Bennett, Aisha Bennett!
It’s not bad, isn’t it?!」

『Myne, is Sweeper not good?』

「No wait, Aisha! I think a house name needs to be majestic.
How about Rembrandt?」


Three hours passed like this.
……Un, this is certainly chaotic.

「……Umm, how about Fortuna?」

It’s my first time giving my opinion, but is it okay?

「……Un, it’s not bad」

「That’s right, it sounds right as well」


Un, their reactions doesn’t seem too bad.
“Fortuna” …… The name of the goddess who rules over destiny.

My fate has been greatly changed after obtaining my Skills.
Also, the fate of my two fiancees have changed a lot as well.

Our encounter, and even our marriage is destiny.

……That’s why I wanted to make this name our house name.


After that, we discussed for about another hour, but in the end, we finalised the house name as “Fortuna”, which I had proposed.

Waffle was adamant on “Sweeper” until the end, though!


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

……That being the case, I have decided on “Fortuna”!

Catapult-san, thank you for the splendid name!
Also, I’ve tried hiding some joking names, but I wonder if it’s alright.
If there is a problem, I shall correct it.

Also, my main job has gotten busy recently so replies to activity reports and messages have been piling up.

I will reply and correct mistakes as soon as I have time so please pardon me.

Please take care of me.

TL: Izzy

Thanks Artoreus for pointing out what the censored words were!

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 96 – House Name

  1. {As expected, even if I am his son-in-law, I am but an ordinary commoner…….}

    is myne RETARDED how can someone with blessings from divine beasts and power even higher than the king and marrying 1 princess be a normal commoner?


    • He’s been a commoner orphan most of his life. That mindset isn’t something he can just will-power away, no matter how much rational thought he puts into it.


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