Chapter 95 – Mock Battle (3)

The beginning will be Carl’s POV.
……What the, is this really the same person who was just recently nothing but a novice?
I had thought that he would change to attacking me with fists like before when he went unarmed, but…….

Him concentrating on avoiding in order to read my movements…….
……Although I was called a promising recruit, I’m still naive as well.

I didn’t hear it in detail, but it seems that he has wonderful Skills.
I heard the other day that using those Skills, he led in solving the case with Claude which the chivalric order has been pursuing for a while.

I heard that he negotiated with a black dragon, saved Adol, and was bestowed the title “Dragon Mediator”.

However, even he who had such military exploits is an ordinary commoner without his Skills.

Even though he’s just a poor hunter…… he could go so far as to marry Her Highness Sylphid who I long for.

Piling up achievements, becoming the leader of the knights, having military exploits that no one can complain about…… Her Highness Sylphid, who he’s marrying.

……Of course, I understand.
That this is merely a trivial selfish delusion of mine.

A man who crushed such dreams of a poor knight recruit…… That man is in front of my eyes.

There’s nothing I can say against him.

However, at least in this mock battle…… there’s no way I can lose to him!!!

I’m bitter that he saw through my attack and avoided it, but it’s not like I lost, and I’m having the advantage situation-wise.

Readying my short spear in front of me, I observed my opponent’s [Myne] movements as if slowly drawing a circle.
……He’s not equipping his dagger, and is still unarmed.

Since he used a dagger before, there shouldn’t be a doubt the weapon he is strong in is the dagger.
However, the punch he showed previously was quite sharp, so…… I cannot be careless.

At the moment I thought that, he moved.
He charged towards me with an intense force.

What? Did he give up on the battle and is rushing in, resolute in an honourable defeat?

No, that’s not it! He already saw through my technique, there’s no way he’s performing a kamikaze attack.

……However, what is with this charge full of holes? Good grief, I can’t read his intentions at all.




Yosh, I’ve roughly grasped Carl-san’s movements.
……I think I can probably do this.

It’ll be a godsend if this goes well! Let’s do this!

I played my movements over in my mind, and become confident that I can turn my thoughts into reality.

Now then, I’ll start counterattacking!

Unarmed, I charged towards Carl-san with all my might.

Fufu, I surely look desperate in Carl-san’s eyes.
As I predicted Carl-san’s mental state, a slight smile surfaced on my face.

Yosh, let’s make an emergency brake here…… and…… guh, the shock is harsher than I expected.

I slipped into Carl-san’s bust and turned in one go.
And in the middle of my turn, I equipped the dagger on my waist with my right hand, and made my “right leg the pivot” as I stabbed it out.

Carl-san will naturally dodge it, but I pulled back my right shoulder and stabbed the dagger in deeper.

……Yes, I returned the attack Carl-san showed me earlier.

The dagger I stabbed out directly hit the right part of Carl-san’s chest.


I pursued Carl-san who fell backwards from the attack, and thrusted the dagger right at his face at the place he fell at.


The knight leader declared the end of the battle.

Phew, although it was ad lib, I’m glad that it went well.

I let out a deep sigh, and then sat down.

「……That was shocking, I never expected that you would use my technique against me」

Un, I was surprised as well.
Of course, I thought that I could do it, but I think it went better than I expected.

「As expected of the Dragon Mediator, I guess?」

「……That way of address…… please stop……」

Aah, just like Prime Minister-san’s plan, this title…… seems to have spread favourably〜〜.
It’s really embarrassing so I wish it’ll stop, though.

As I talked with Carl-san, Knight Leader-san and Brother-in-law-san, and also, Sylphy and Aisha, along with Waffle came to where we were.

……Huh? Why is even my family here?
I told them not to turn up in the middle of training though…….

「That was splendid! Myne-dono!!」

The knight leader held out his hand while speaking words of gratitude.
I gripped the hand he held out, and thanked him.

「No, it’s thanks to Carl-san! I only imitated Carl-san, after all!!」

「……You can’t imitate a technique you see for the first time so easily though」

Brother-in-law-san talked to me with an amazed tone.

……Well, even if you say that, I already did.


Waffle jumped greatly from on top of Sylphy’s head and flew towards me.

……Wait, Waffle? I said this many times, but the person you were on is this country’s princess, you know? Do you understand?

I wonder if he heard the voice in my mind or not…….
Waffle turned his cute round eyes towards me, saying 『What is it? What is it?』 as he wagged his tail wildly while climbing his way up me.

『……No, it’s nothing……』

Well, Sylphy doesn’t seem to particularly mind it, so it’s okay, I guess…….
No matter what, Waffle’s a Divine Beast, after all.

「Danna-sama! That’s amazing!! The fruits of these few days of training’s showing already, isn’t it!?
……You’re Carl, right? Sorry, are you hurt anywhere?」

「……I am alright.
More importantly, congratulations on your marriage, Your Highness Sylphid!」

「Mn? Aah, thanks」

「I have heard of Your Highness’ valour, and revere Your Highness from the bottom of my heart!」



It seems that Sylphy and Carl-san has started talking, huh.

「Myne-kun, thank you for your hard work!」

This time, it’s Aisha handing me a towel while greeting me.

「……It’s also difficult for Hime-sama, isn’t it?」

「Indeed, I never thought that that Carl would……」

Somehow, this time, Aisha and the knight leader are looking at Sylphy and Carl-san while conversing about something I don’t understand.

『Waffle, do you understand?』


Is that so…….

Well, nothing I can do about it.
Rather than that, the mock battle’s ended after all, so that means my training is more or less completed, right??

As I enquired of Brother-in-law-san, he accepted it, saying “Yeah”.

「This training has certainly ended, but I hope you come here and participate if you have time.
Continuing this kind of training is good for the body, after all.
I’ll run it by the knight units on my side, so don’t worry and come」

Although it was only for a short period, it was really enlightening! I even learnt a new technique, after all!
Furthermore, I can participate from now on as well……!

Brother-in-law-san, thank you for creating this opportunity for me, thank you!




「Eh? Sylphy? Carl-san is……?
But he said 『Congratulations on your marriage』 didn’t he?」

Uun, I didn’t notice at all…….
What Aisha and the knight leader was talking about was this, huh.

Tte! That’s not right!!!

Sylphy’s my wife, you know!? Even if you say that, I’ll be troubled, you know!!
As I was in a feverish haste, Aisha breathed a sigh as she said 「Please calm down」 before patting my head.


……Aisha, you’re becoming more like Waffle, you know…….

「It’s not that “Hime-sama has feelings for Carl-dono”, but it’s Carl-dono who has feelings for Hime-sama, you know.
There’s no way Hime-sama will be swayed by someone other than Myne-kun, right?
Moreover, even the wedding has been decided, there’s no way the royal family will allow it.
Perhaps, I think that there may be a lot of other people who desire Hime-sama as well, you know?」

Aah, I see.
That’s right. That shocked me.

Once again, I realised the Princess Knight’s popularity…….

「By the way, Myne-kun? The Hime-sama we were talking about seems to be troubled, you know.
Isn’t it about time for you to bring her along, I wonder?」

Taking a closer look, Sylphy was glancing repeatedly at me, and was sending glances as if imploring me.
I wonder if she wanted to escape from Carl-san but can’t now?

Yosh, let’s go receive her!

I’ve also received authorisation from Brother-in-law-san that the training has been successfully completed, after all.
I’ll have to quickly return to the room and rest!


「Sylphy, it’s about time to return!」

As I called out to Sylphy, a really happy expression broke out on her face as she nodded strongly.

「Aah! Understood, Danna-sama.
Your training’s ended after all, let’s return to the room and take it easy.
That’s how it is, so I’m sorry, Carl. I’ll work hard form now on as well」

Sylphy said that and hurriedly grabbed my arm as she left Carl-san…… no, escaped from him.

As I took a peek at Carl-san, he was looking at me with an extremely disappointed, and on top of that, seemingly sad expression.
When he noticed me looking at him, he showed a scary expression for an instant, but immediately made a slight bow towards me.

Un, as expected, he’s a good person……. (TLN: Classic positive Myne)
Though of course, I will not hand Sylphy over!

Making such an ambiguous resolution in my mind, we returned to our room in the royal palace.




「Listen! That guy…….
When I tried to end the conversation, he skillfully mixed the conversation and changed the topic, and it won’t end!」


Since arriving at the room, Sylphy had been doing nothing but continuing on complaining about her conversation with Carl-san.
With her position, she can’t put it in words in public, huh.

This is a rare thing for her, and it’s also good for her to spit everything out here.

……By the way, Waffle and Aisha escaped, and I’m the only one who is listening to Sylphy’s grumbles.

The content of Sylphy’s grumbles are repeated over and over, and the two people (?) escaped the moment it entered the third repetition.

Eh? How many times does this make, you ask? ……It’s…… the fifteenth time.
I’m enduring quite a lot of stress.


「Excuse me! King-sama gave a summon.
Her Highness Sylphy, Myne-dono, Aisha-dono, Waffle-dono…….
Please make your way to King-sama’s private room immediately」

A maid’s call reached us.

……Somehow, I have a bad premonition for this summon from King-sama…….


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

In the next chapter, I will finally unveil Myne-kun’s house name which I have previously received from everyone.
I am sorry for making you all wait this long.

TL: Izzy

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  1. I never really understood people’s jealousy when someone is going out with the person you like. They aren’t your lover currently so you have no right to get angry or irritated. Am I weird?


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  3. Ayy Myne, let the puppy be. Whether it’s the princess’ or even the king’s head, Lord Waffle may sit wherever he damn pleases.


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