Chapter 93 – Mock Battle (1)

The joint training involving the first and second knight unit, coached by Brother-in-law-san ended without incidents.

I was overwhelmed by my own “lack of stamina”, rather than the “lack of skill” which Brother-in-law-san said.
I was able to greatly experience personally how much I relied on my Skills when battling all this time.

「……Uu, my body’s aching all over……」

Even when I tried to stand up, my legs were shivering greatly so I couldn’t stand up well.


Mn? Waffle? Did he come for me?
As I looked in the direction of the bark, there was Waffle, wagging his tail as he was carried in Aisha’s arms.

「……Danna-sama, you look quite tired」

From beside Aisha, Sylphy called out to me.

「……Everyone, you came」

「Are you alright? It seems like it has been very hard on you……」

Aisha looked at me worriedly.

As expected, I seem very weak in others’ eyes, huh…….
In actuality, my legs are shaking and I can’t even stand up properly…….

「It seems like you can’t stand up……. Danna-sama, here, hold on」

I took the hand Sylphy held out, and somehow stood up.
However, I can’t control my feet well…….


「Da, Da, Danna-sama……」

I accidentally collapsed as if pushing down Sylphy.

「S, sorry!」

Aisha pulled me up from my back and I was somehow able to stand up, but I blushed fiercely at the sudden accident.
Just like me, Sylphy’s face was also bright red.

Brother-in-law-san and the knight leader who had been looking at the scene from a distance grinned, but I’ll ignore them for now.

『Myne, what’s wrongー? Your face is redー』

Most likely, Waffle really doesn’t understand.
However, having asked that at this timing is quite embarrassing.

「N, nothing! Waffle!!」

As I skillfully avoided the question, I borrowed Aisha’s shoulder and escaped the place with readiness.


「Myne, come here tomorrow as well!」

I heard Brother-in-law-san’s voice coming from behind me, and after I turned my head back and nodded, I continued my escape to our room.

Even if she is my fiancee, even if it is an act of God, it’s a fact that I pushed her down in the presence of the public.
Talk about embarrassing.

……I don’t want to look at the knights’ faces tomorrow…….




「……Aah, that was embarrassing」

I who finally arrived at our room then tottered to the bed and collapsed on it.

「……If I remember correctly, I can’t use recovery magic, right?」

Aisha looked at me as she enquired of Sylphy, whose face was still red, as expected.

「……A, aah…….
You can’t use recovery magic to heal fatigue.
Only by self-healing completely with one’s own strength can it be helpful」

Sylphy also apologetically looked at me and clearly declared that.

「……Thanks, both of you.
I was also told by Brother-in-law-san to not use receovery magic so I’ll hang on.
I’ll obediently enter the bath and immediately go to sleep for today」

While saying that, I disobediently move my body forcibly and stood up in order to prepare to enter the bath.

『Bathー, bathー, I’m going in tooー』

Aah, come to think of it, when we previously entered the bath, Waffle was also strangely pleased with the bath…….
While dog paddling, he was happily swimming smoothly in the bath…….

『Un, in that case, why don’t you join me?』

As I said that, Waffle wagged his tail wildly and charged at me.

Ah, don’t! Not today, doー notー tackle meーーーー!

I who had trouble even with just standing on my own, couldn’t stop Waffle’s happy tackle with his whole body…….
Once again,I staggered as I collapsed onto my bed.

As I did that, Aisha and Sylphy held my arms from both my sides and helped me stand up.

「「We’ll be entering together as well♪」」


……Un, I had thought that this would happen.




The training from the next day onwards was also extremely severe (for me), but at the same time, I was able to certainly noticed a good, expected result.
My body was able to move better day by day, without a doubt.

Well, even that, when compared to Brother-in-law-san, the knight leader, and the others, it’s still child’s play.

My mood is lifted if I get results, so my motivation is gushing forth.
At any rate, I moved my body everyday as I have been told, and continued swinging my dagger.

And then, the eve of the wedding ceremony has finally arrived.
By the way, until the eve of the wedding ceremony, in other words, today, I’ve completed one part of this training.

「Now then, Myne, for now, we’ll end this part for today.
Now, I was thinking of having a mock battle in order to see the results from the training」

Brother-in-law-san announced to me.

「Will I be battling Brother-in-law-san again?」

「No, you’ll be fighting without using Skills, it’s still too harsh for me to be your opponent, isn’t it?」

Un, it’s certainly as he said.
I’ve seen Brother-in-law-san giving the knights lessons many times during training, but I don’t think I can win against him at all.

If Skills are okay, but setting that aside, fighting with Brother-in-law-san without my Skills, I want him to hold back if possible.

「……Ummm, in that case, who’s my opponent??」

As I asked that, the knight leader led one of the knights over.

「He’s the most promising one of the young members.」 I guarantee his strength」

I see, if my opponent is a young knight, it’ll be just right for the me right now, huh?
Let’s do our best, as if practicing with someone of higher skill!

「Understood! I’ll try my best!」

As I returned such an answer, the young knight-san quickly came in front of me, put his hand on his chest and bowed.

「Nice to meet you, Myne-dono, I am Carl, a member of the second knight unit.
I am weak, but I shall strive to become your opponent with all my power.
Please take care of me」

Un, he’s a really polite person!
I feel that he’s a knight among knights! No wonder he was endorsed by Knight Leader-san.

He’s busy, but spared time for my sake.
Thank you!

「Thank you for being my opponent even though you’re busy!」

As I said that and expressed my gratitude, Knight Leader-san smiled wryly and said this.

「No, he strongly wished to become Myne-dono’s opponent no matter what.
That’s why, you don’t need to humble yourself that much」

Eh? He wanted to fight me?
……This is the first time I’m meeting him, but I wonder if I did anything to him.

I was surely making an uneasy expression.
In a panic, Carl-san waved both his hands and explained 「It’s not like anything happened!」.

「……Aah, thank goodness」

Probably because I was relieved, Carl-san also put his hand to his chest and felt relieved.

Un, he really seems like a good person.

Yosh, he’s gone so far as to become my opponent.
Though it’ll only be a short while, let’s test the results of my work!


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as always.

TL: Izzy

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  2. Can the nigga ever actually cool? Like he had moments but still I feel pity for him if ever does something cool it’s always out shined by him being a pussy, crying, saying thank you to much or saying sorry or being overly polite. Just hope because he’s young and doesn’t last in till the end of the sorry like I hope he’s not a grown man being this nice going on 30 something and being like this is just straight up pathetic. Like he can nice but how he is right now just gonna be used, killed by hesitation or something other shit. So I hope he nice to people that are to him and stuff but once a enemy is shown or someone with evil intention he is being a badass buthe for now he’s just that same old japanese dork in all other cliche japanese novels


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