Chapter 92 – Training Begins

「All members, stand in line!!!!」

The knight leader’s command resounded throughout the wide maneuvering range.

Right after that command, the members of the first and second knight unit simultaneously gathered, and finished standing in line.
I, a humble hunter from the rural area, was dumbfounded by their movements which were in perfect order.

「……Uwaa, they’re amazing」

Looking at my dumbfounded expression, Brother-in-law-san smiled.
He seems to be really enjoying something.

「All members, pay attention! His Highness Alto will speak from now」

As the members of the chivalric order are paying attention, Brother-in-law-san quickly stepped forward to in front of them, and raised his voice.

He apologised for not being able to participate in training for quite some time, and announced that he will return from today’s training onwards.


「I think all of you know as well, the First Princess, Sylphid, will be marrying.
Sylphid’s partner will be this Myne over here.
He’s a young man with a promising future, but his inexperience is undeniable.
Therefore, I was thinking of leaving you with him and strictly train him starting from his foundation」

As he declared that, I was entrusted to the team made up of the knights whom I have been indebted to during the game in the Divine Spirit Forest.

「Myne-dono, I look forward to working with you」
「Myne-dono, let’s work hard!」

Although I’ve met them for only two short days, the knights who I were acquainted with greeted me.

「Yes! Just like what His Highness Alto said, I am a novice, so please take care of me!」

After exchanging greetings, our training immediately started.
In order for the foundation, the body to get stronger, it seems that the first basic curriculum is to do long training runs.

This long training run.

Although it’s the basic, it seems that the knights regard this fairly highly, so there are a lot of members who would do it even if it’s not a training day.
I also participated in this training without using my Skills, but it was harder than I thought.

There were only people who train regularly around me, so I, who do not have enough stamina, was quickly left behind.

It’s as Brother-in-law-san said.
Certainly, I understand well that I completely lack these basic things.

……It was really tiring and difficult, but at any rate, I desperately chased after the backs of the knights who were running in front of me.

It’s okay even if I can’t catch up to them now.
However, I will absolutely complete this until the end.

As I made a strong determination, I was determined on moving my legs, and I ran…… for about an hour.
The long training run finally ended.

I collapsed at that spot, and devoted myself to adjust my breathing as I gasped for air.

As I did that, Brother-in-law-san who had run with us came towards me.
He seemed to be subtly sweating, but his breath isn’t disordered at all.

「Nice work, for persevering until the end, Myne」

「……Haa, haa…… I feel my…… own lack of…… stamina……」

As I said that while gasping, Brother-in-law-san folded his arms and started laughing loudly.
No, it’s okay for you to laugh that much…….

「How was it? Have you come to understand what I said a little?」


「Since the problem of distance between the royal capital and the Town of Lucas is gone, from now on, you’ll come here to learn.
In your case, by preparing your foundation as much as you can until a certain extent, you’ll become extremely strong.
Listen, it might be difficult, but you’ll have to complete it without fail.
The next program is calisthenics,this is also an essential component in the important body-building.
Firmly come with us」

Saying that, Brother-in-law-san returned to the place where he looked over the knights once more.

……But, Brother-in-law-san looked over his shoulder suddenly and said a few words.

「Aah, I forgot to say it, you can’t relieve your fatigue with recovery magic, okay?
It won’t do you any good.
It’s important to boost your body’s ability to heal yourself, after all」

Saying that, this time he left this place.

Then, while I haven’t fully recovered my stamina, the calisthenics started, just as Brother-in-law-san declared.
First, a few sets of exercise to stretch the body’s muscles was carried out.
After doing calisthenics with my legs spread while maintaining my breath at a fixed rate and exhaling, pairs were formed.

In order to stretch muscles which aren’t usually used, one’s legs were spread until an impossible angle.

In a glance, it seems like a simple practice, but it’s difficult in a different meaning than the previous long training run.
Thanks to the pain, I seriously felt like fainting.

The calisthenics which can be said to be hell, as expected, was conducted for about an hour like the long training run.

「……I’m going to die……」

I, who once again lay down on the ground in the 大 shape, let out a single sentence.

To me, who had never done anything like professional training until now, this is a really fresh experience, but…….
As expected, a difficult thing is difficult no matter what……. (TLN: Yeah… Can’t think of a good wording for this…….

「……The knights are all amazing, huh……」

The knight leader who heard my casual mutter smiled as he called out to me.

「Myne-dono, we’ve been doing this for a long time.
We’re different from Myne-dono who is experiencing this for the first time today.
Rather, I think you are working hard even though it’s your first time」

……Un, that’s certainly true.
Even my favourite sunflowers won’t sprout immediately after planting the seeds.

Just like Brother-in-law-san said, accumulating everyday is important.
Un, let’s keep at this!

Knight Leader-san, l truly thank you for comforting me!


I believe it is a longish break after the calisthenics.
Now then, I wonder what’s the next training?

「Yosh, Myne, come here. From now on, it is your personal training」

Called by Brother-in-law-san, he then brought me to the edge of the training ground.

「Hold this」

Brother-in-law-san said that, and what he handed me was…… the wooden dager I used in the previous mock battle.
Mn? Are we having another mock battle??

「I’ll show you a few dagger styles, so look closely.
Once you’ve become familiar with it, I’ll assign a guy who specialises in daggers, but let me first show you examples」

Saying that, Brother-in-law-san showed me a few styles of using the dagger for a while.
After doing about ten styles, I was told “Try doing the same thing,” and I quickly attempt it.

「……Wrong, that’s not how you do it! The way you’re moving your arm is completely wrong!」
「That’s not it! Relax your shoulder more!」
「Yes, that’s it! Swing it! ……Wrong, remember how I did it just now!!」

I was made to redo over and over again, and before I realised, my whole body was covered in sweat.

「……Let’s take a break」

Once again, I sat down hard on the ground.
I’ll definitely have muscle pains tomorrow……, I don’t think there’s any doubt in that.

「Listen, Myne, after you finished resting, relax and try to think about your condition.
Right now, your tiredness is at the peak, right?
Try to naturally relax your body and cut down on unnecessary movements.
If you move as such, it’ll be half the battle won.
After that, you should memorise that movement with your body」

While receiving such an advice, I passed my break, and once again restarted my form practice.

……In the end, that day’s training ended two hours after that.

「You worked hard, good work」

As I lay down exhausted, Brother-in-law-san spoke some words of appreciation.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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    • The thing is I get all the other training it makes sense. “It’s important to boost your body’s ability to heal yourself” is complete BS. He has a healing skill. You can’t train yourself to heal faster either.

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      • I believe it’s along the logic of… healing magic restores to the “previous state” while letting your body recover naturally will ensure it knits new muscles and in general becomes stronger. It’s a matter of “immediately returning to before” versus “slowly improving”

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  2. Thanks for the chapters
    A reword suggestion, instead of if it’s difficult, it’s difficult. Why not, if it rains, it pours?
    I know it’s probably more of an English idiom, but it seems to fit.


  3. I never understood the premise of immediatelly doing hard excercise… Often something like that will do more damage than good. Not sure how the army IRL does things though.

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    • This story is full of plotholes fam, best not to think about it. He has been hunting in the forest since his parents died, and skills or not, he runs practically everywhere to improve skill proficiency. But nah, all that doesn’t count, it’s doing warm-ups a few days with the knights that will suddenly make him fit.

      And then there’s recovery. If he has limitless stamina, it stands to reason he could exercise far longer than anyone else, and healing prevents his muscles from tearing. But no, instead he can do useful things like… rest? and be sore, something he will never experience outside of training.


  4. “I’ll assign a guy who mains dagger” could be “I’ll assign a guy who’s specialization is daggers” or “I’ll assign a guy who’s specialized in daggers” and thanks again for the chapters.


  5. Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    The problematic line sounds fine as it is now, but I’d suggest changing “thing’s” to “thing is” to remove some of the ambiguity. I did a double take before I realized it was intended as a contraction and not a possessive form.


  6. Wish he used a different weapon daggers are just lame he could use it as a secondary but just using it all the time just seems inconvenient. Wish he use a sword or a saber something more cooler. And I’m not sure but didn’t it mention that he got fast or something once his level is higher? Because he’s like level 60 something the highest out of all humans we saw so far so you would think he would faster then the knight that are probably max 30 and the prince that’s 40 something so you would just think he would be faster if not have good stamina


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