Chapter 91 – Desiring Power, Let’s Work Hard

Contrary to my expectations, we were able to obtain the 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】, the Skill we were aiming for in just once day.
It was very agonising doing nothing but hunting slimes continuously for long hours, so it was really helpful!

Furthermore, thanks to Waffle, I got some new Skills and Abilities!


【Concealment】: Activated after a period of activation is set on a preferred target.
The figure of the target that receives this Skill can be hidden from external interference.


【Presence Erase・Complete】: Active Skill.
The presence of the user will be completely erased. No matter the methods, he/she will be unable to be identified.


When I defeated that slime, its sudden appearance is because of the effects of 【Concealment】, huh.
It didn’t use 【Presence Erase・Complete】, did it?

If that slime used this, even Waffle might not be able to discover it, huh.

Aah, there might be individuals who use this Skill.
I’ve only managed to find two of them in total, after all…….

Because 【Presence Erase・Complete】 is an ability, I can’t use it, so I pasted it on Waffle.
If the 【Camouflage】 I pasted on Waffle before is utilised together…… won’t Waffle become invincible?

At any rate, this time’s Skill collecting can be said to be a huge success.

Although it’s a Clan with only three people + one animal, if we look at it purely by fighting strength, I think even Cass-san’s Clan, who we met before, will lose to us.


「Danna-sama, thank you for your hard work」

Finishing the life or death struggle (?) with the slimes, I, sitting down, had a towel gently placed on my head by Sylphy.
Both Sylphy and Aisha seem like they were able to ascertain the feel of their newly-obtained Skills to their hearts’ content, so I could feel that they were in a considerably good mood.

「Thanks, Sylphy. How was it? The feel of the new Skills……?」

「……Let’s see, my honest impression is that it’s “terrifying”.
Even with the Skills I were originally bestowed with, I felt that I was strong, but……
combined with the Skills I received from Danna-sama, I feel a really abnormal strength」

Aisha who was carrying Waffle in her arms added to the conversation.

「I recalled the time when Myne-kun battled the Orc King.
I was worried what would happen at that time, but right now I think “I see”.
If Myne-kun has this power, there’s a choice to fight in that place」

Un, thank goodness.
Both of them seem to have accepted it without problems.

「Yosh, now then, let’s return to the royal palace」

As I said that, I connected the space to our room within the royal palace with 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.
Probably because the frequency I am using this Skill is extremely high recently, the time taken to connect the space has become considerably shorter.

Previously, I couldn’t connect without having fairly firm image, but now, just by calling it to mind, I can connect them in an instant.

Aisha + Waffle, Sylphy entered the black vortex which appeared in turns.
And then, as usual, I passed through it last and the black vortex vanished from that place.




As we returned after hunting for Skills and rested ourselves in the room prepared for us within the royal palace for a while, we were summoned by Brother-in-law-san.

「I wonder what is it…… at such a time?」

As I asked Sylphy on whether she had any idea, she said that she didn’t know at all as she shook her head.
Brother-in-law-san was busy in dealing with the aftermath of the case with Claude along with King-sama, though…….

At any rate, let’s go for now! I won’t know if I don’t go, after all!

As I was about to exit the room after collecting my thoughts, Waffle totteringly ran out and jumped at my back.

『Myne, I’m going tooー!』

While he was saying that, he said “Heave-ho, heave-ho” as he climbed up to his usual place, my head.
Reaching his usual place, he was probably greatly delighted as he lightly purred「Wafu」, and patted my head with his pawpad as if to say “Let’s go!”.

I smiled bitterly at the usual Waffle, and walked towards Brother-in-law-san’s private room.


「……Ooh, you came, brother-in-law. Sorry for calling you suddenly…….
Raja, prepare something to drink for brother-in-law…… and Waffle-dono too」

As I visited his private room, Brother-in-law-san was just receiving black tea from Raja-san (?), a cat-eared maid. (TLN: Popular vote Raja)

Cat-eared…… Demi-human, I guess? I don’t really see them in the Town of Lucas, though.
I’ve only seen a few of them in the adventurer guild, I think?

As expected of the royal capital…….

While admiring about a strange thing, I sat down on a chair I was offered.
Until Raja-san brought over the drinks, I made light chat with Brother-in-law-san.

As we chatted for about five minutes, the cat-eared Raja-san brought me black tea which I think is the same as Brother-in-law-san’s.
I don’t know what Waffle got, but she brought over a soup-like drink in a plate.

Un, delicious!
It’s probably a high grade black tea which I have never drank in my whole life, as expected.

It’s the drink the next King-sama is having, so it’s natural for it to be a high-class item, isn’t it?

「……This black tea is realy delicious!, sigh, it’s a drink…… I will never be fated to in my whole life」

As I sighed, Brother-in-law-san burst into laughter as if something was funny.

「It’s certainly a delicious black tea, but it isn’t that expensive, you know.
This deliciousness isn’t from the tea leaves, but rather thanks to Raja’s skill」

Ehh! I see!!
It’s the skill in making the black tea, huh!

As I looked at Raja-san with eyes of respect, her cat ears twitched, and her tail started swinging from side to ide.
Her face is normal, but from her attitude, it’s easy to understand that she’s happy.


Because Waffle suddenly raised his voice, I looked at him in a panic…… probably, he’s antagonistic to Raja-san.
His ears were twitching and his tail was swinging wildly.

The difference is that Raja-san’s expression is normal, but Waffle made an greatly triumphant look.

No, Waffle? It isn’t amazing even if you make a face saying “I can do that tooー”, you know?

We were healed by Waffle’s adorableness for a while, but shortly afterward, Brother-in-law-san’s expression stiffened, and he called out to me.

「Now then, there’s only one thing I want to say to you for calling you out.
You remember the talk about your training from before, don’t you?」

「Yes! I remember!」

Un, I remember it firmly!
If I remember correctly, I was told that I will be given training so that I can fight without relying on my Skills!

「I see, did you properly put into practice the training method I passed to you when I was returning?」

「Yes! Every morning…… not really, as expected, but I took at much time as I could to do it!」

Probably satisfied with my answer, Brother-in-law-san said “Un, un” as he nodded happily.

「The post-treatment of Claude’s case has mostly been finished, so from tomorrow on, I will start coaching the knight’s training again, but……」

Aah, I see.

The time Brother-in-law-san can take is for coaching the knights, huh.
……However, he’s busy so that is out of the question.

The reason he’s busy is because of Claude’s case, huh.

「And so. I was thinking of having Myne participate in that training.
Myne’s ability is certainly terrifyingly strong, and everyone who heard about that ability probably accepts that.
However, your opponents from now on won’t only be monsters.
That’s why, I want you to study properly on how to use that power」

Hearing Brother-in-law-san’s words, the figure of “that” Hume I saw from the back of Jormungandr-sama surfaced in my mind for a moment.

「In the end, it’s the same as Raja’s skill in making black tea which you admired just now.
With her skill, ordinary tea leaves have a taste rivalling that of high grade tea leaves.
So, if it was made with high grade tea leaves in addition to that skill, what will happen?
Right now, you are black tea used with high grade tea leaves, but made without skill」

Aah, it’s as Brother-in-law-san said.
From now on, my battles will definitely not end simply by relying on Skills.

There will be opponents who have intelligence, and power which I cannot appraise like the black dragon from before.

Un, it’s as Brother-in-law-san said, huh.
I will have to protect my family from now on.

For that, I will have to put in more and more effort.

「Yes! Please teach me many things!」

Brother-in-law-san said “Un” happily and returned a nod at my reply.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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  2. A couple of things for this chapter…

    Roger? I looked at the japanese for her name cause I can’t see that being right AT ALL if it’s a female…which is what it sounds like, since Maid. =x The japanese is ラジャ, so I think it’s fine to have it as RAJA and not ROGER, if it’s female. ESPECIALLY if it’s female.

    Also, there’s a point where “Roger-san the maid” is called “her” by Myne…but then the prince calls her a “he”, so that needs to be fixed as well.

    Which is it? Are they male (in which case, they would be a BUTLER and not a MAID)…or are they female?

    Either way, the pronouns Myne and the prince are using for “Roger” are different, and they need to be made the same. If “Roger” is actually a male, then they need to be “he” and “maid” needs to be changed to “butler” (but the name is fine)…otherwise, the instances of “he/him” need to be changed to “she/her”, and the name needs to be looked at (since “Roger” isn’t really a womanly name, imo…and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a woman called that, though I guess it IS ), imo. ^^

    Again, like I said, if “Roger” is actually female, then the name should just be “Raja” imo (not all names should be westernized, heh).

    Hope this helps, and if I confused you in some way, lemme know~ ^^

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    • There isn’t a specific pronoun for this Roger, but it says Maid, specifically, so it should be a she. Got the pronouns confused since, well, Roger.
      Well, Raja is male name as well, so I’m not sure if that would work either. At least, it is, at where I live.


      • Raja is at least more gender neutral, imo…and I definitely feel like I’ve seen it used as a female name before. Don’t think I’ve EVER seen Roger used as a female name. However, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of room for interpretation. Maybe do Laja or something, instead?

        Roger is a VERY masculine name, though…so it DEFINITELY shouldn’t be that, imo. Especially since it specifically says that the person’s a MAID, so it should be a female. Cause butlers are the male servants and maids are the female servants in these sorts of series (and I think that’s how they’re called in RL as well, though I’m not certain it’s EXCLUSIVE in the real world, heh – lots of gray areas out here, after all).

        There’s also cases where they’re just called “servants” without differentiating, I think, but yeah. RL is far more confusing than these series usually are. ^^


      • Also, maybe the author is suddenly using some other foreign language here where the “ja” is pronounced as “ya”, and has simply transliterated it to Japanese (where such things might be lost). If this is the case, could it be Raya or Laya instead?

        It seems that “ja” can become “ya” in a lot of Germanic languages, though…so…maybe the author is using a Germanic base, and has converted it to Japanese?

        That might explain why the name is so AWKWARD for a female, lol. It doesn’t seem unusual, either…since Myne didn’t react to it, so…maybe it IS supposed to be Raya or Laya? =x


      • Doing a quick Google search showed Raja can be used for both boys and girls, the difference is in pronunciation, where males will typically emphasize the RAH-jah instead of the females being rah-JAH. I think Raja would be better than Roger for sure though.


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