Chapter 89 – Request to the Clan

We who got out from the bath drank cold tea a maid-san prepared as we started talking about what would happen from now on.

「And, what can Myne-kun do now?」

From Aisha’s few words, I talked about the series of events from when I was bestowed the Skills from Kami-sama at the temple.

About my discovery of robbers within the carriage when I was returning to Lucas.
And then about my first times cutting and pasting a Skill, defeating an orc and creating a potion.

Then I told them about me obtaining a special Skill called 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】 in the slime subjugation I received from the guild.
Furthermore, I told them about the existence of concepts like levels and proficiency level in this world, which I discovered using Apparaisal.

And also about the fact that the higher Appraisal’s level is, I will be able to confirm abilities that are still hidden like Race Skills.

Also, about my obtaining three extremely powerful Skills in my fight against the Orc King.
Namely, 【King’s Intimidation】 【Realize】 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

About Fenrir-sama telling me that perhaps, higher-ranked species of each race have power Skills like these.

……I roughly explained such things to them in one sitting.

「And, why don’t we go hunting for slimes tomorrow with the four of us?」

「……Un, why?」

Sylphy tilted her head to one side at my proposal.
Well, what I’m thinking wouldn’t normally come into one’s mind all of a sudden, huh.

「To look for the 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】 Skill, and paste them on Aisha, Sylphy and also Waffle.
Well, I think it’ll take a very long time to look for three Slime Experience, though……」

Hearing my proposal, Sylphy and Aisha became stiff at the same time.

「……I see, that’s how it is, huh…… Danna-sama’s Skills…… are more terrifying than I thought.
It’s not a blessing for only Danna-sama, but it can also strengthen the people around him, huh……」

In the first place, the concept of pasting Skills doesn’t only not exist for these girls, but to the humans of this world.
They’ll agree if I say it like this, and naturally, they’ll understand, but they don’t seem to have really reached this idea yet.

「Ah, that’s right! This is a good timing」

In order for them to easily imagine it, I quickly pasted the remaining Skills on both of them.

Both of them tilted their head to the side, as they looked at me suddenly shouting, quickly standing and going to the table to take my storage bag.

Waffle has already experienced it himself, so he excitedly wagged his tail and observed me.
……By the way, he’s currently on top of Sylphy’s head.

Sylphy’s strangely happy, so there probably isn’t a problem, but, Waffle? The person you’re on right now is a royalty, you know? Do you understand that?
As I thought that in my mind, he patted Sylphy’s head as if saying that such a thing is irrelevant.

Sigh, let’s leave Waffle alone for now…….

What I took out from my storage bag are pebbles with 【Strong Arm】 and 【Physical Strength Enhancement】, two of each.
I quickly pasted them on the two people.

Moreover, I pasted a Skill which I am not using, 【Martial Arts: Succesive Shot】 on Aisha.
I pasted 【Martial Arts: Sharpness Sword】 on Sylphy.

「I just pasted the Skills 【Strong Arm】 and 【Physical Strength Enhancement】 on both of you.
On top of that, I’ve supplemented them by pasting a bow martial arts on Aisha and a one-handed sword martial arts on Sylphy」

As I said that, both of them showed an expression, as if saying 「Eh?」, but they immediately looked like they were trying to use 【Strong Arm】 and 【Physical Strength Enhancement】.
It became clear that the luminescence that appears when a Skill is used appeared from their bodies.


Uwa〜, both of them are more surprised than I expected…….
However, as expected of those who have a second names, they adapt quickly.

They swung their arms around and lightly punched, they seem to be confirming the effects of the Skills.

「Danna-sama, take care of Waffle for a while」

Sylphy said that, and shifted Waffle onto the top of my head.
Why did you go out of your way to place him on my head??


No, don’t just Wafu〜 me!
I desperately endure retorting, and decided to squish Waffle’s paw pad while once again watching over the two of them.

「……I see, this is certainly an outrageous power」

「Indeed, with this, even my archery might be able to instantly kill mosnters the level of orcs」

They can’t test the martial arts in this room, as expected, huh.
I wonder if they’ll test it from tomorrow onwards?

「Myne-kun, won’t you tell us the martial arts’ names? We can’t activate them without knowing their names, you know」

I accepted Aisha’s retort, and agreed.

「The bow martial arts is called 【Martial Arts: Succesive Shot】 and the one-handed sword martial arts is 【Martial Arts: Sharpness Sword】. Let’s test them while defeating slimes tomorrow!」

Both of them seem to be repeating the names of martial arts with a low voice.

I only pasted three Skills on each of them, but I think they’ve become extremely strong.
I’ve decided to go to labyrinths, forests and other places from now on and gather Skills for the girls.

「……Fumu, with this, the request Chichiue gave our Clan…… might really be completed, huh」

Hm, request? Come to think of it, King-sama did say such a thing, didn’t he?
A request from King-sama seems like it will be difficult, though…….

「What’s the request from King-sama?」

「……Actually, in the outskirts of the royal capital, in the direction directly opposite of the DIvine Spirit Forest…… we’ve discovered a Dungeon.
It suddenly appeared at a place where there haven’t been any」

A Dungeon!? It’s something like the previous Dungeon of Strength, huh! (TLN: Anytime a dungeon is capitalised from now on, it’s because its kanji is Labyrinth, but not the other way around.)

「It only appeared recently, so for Chichiue, he seems to want to quickly capture it and shut it down.
After all, it isn’t that far from the royal capital, it’d be bad if something dangerous happens」

I see, the request from King-sama to the Clan is the “Capture of the Labyrinth”, huh.
Certainly, if it’s us, we might be able to capture it.

I can also greatly expect Waffle’s battle power!

It seems that tthe request will begin after the wedding ceremony has ended and the clan officially starts operating.
Un, until then, we’ll have to prepare all kinds of battle power!


Name: Aisha Lorelle
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Age: 26 years
Occupation: Archery Master

Magic・Large Recovery Lv4
Archery・Saint Lv3
Cooking Lv7 (6→7) LevelUp!
Strong Arm new!
Physical Strength Enhancement new!
Martial Arts: Succesive Shot new!


Name: Sylphid Augusta
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years
Occupation: Augusta Kingdom’s First Princess

One-handed Sword・Extreme
Body Enhancement・Large
Elegance (TLN: Previously grace. Seriously, I have no idea what to put here)
Strong Arm new!
Physical Strength Enhancement new!
Martial Arts: Sharpness Sword new!


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 89 – Request to the Clan

  1. Thanks for the chap!
    if he could get humanization skill from a monster and paste it to waffle we could see a shota in action though i prefer a loli…


  2. Thanks for all the great chapters.
    There is a error in chapter 88.
    「Danna-sama, tkae care of Waffle for a while」 “take” is the error in sentence.
    「Danna-sama, take care of Waffle for a while」


  3. The fact it took him THIS long to figure the FIRST thing he should have thought of, really…ANNOYS the shit out of me.

    God, this kinda MC is kind of annoying.


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