Chapter 88 – The Mediator of Dragons

King-sama, Brother-in-law-san, Queen-sama who had heard my report…….
And also, all of the vassals.

The audience room was engulfed in cheers.

I thought that the audience room is a place which is usually solemn, but right now, there wasn’t such a mood at all.
This one case is probably that important an unresolved problem to them who are in a position to protect the country.

Certainly, if this was handled poorly, one or two towns would destroyed, and at the worst, even the royal capital might be doubted.

Un, even just by looking at these sight of everyone delighted, I feel that my hard work is worthwhile.
……That’s right, Waffle!

As I lifted Waffle down from my head, and lifted until he was in front of my face, he nodded, saying “Un un”, as he wagged his tail.

As Waffle and I engraved this scene of happiness in our hearts, King-sama faced us and called out to us.

「Nicely done, Myne.
I am proud that I accepted you as my son-in-law.
……Dragon Slayer, no, it’s not like you killed it, huh…….
Aah, calling you Dragon Mediator sounds good, huh!」

King-sama gave me some questionable title in a terribly good mood.

As he did that, probably attracted to the title, people who I feel are quite important and have never seen before joined the conversation.

「Oh, that’s a good name! Dragon Mediator!
You’ve accomplished something even more difficult than killing it and saved the Town of Adol, you’re worthy to be called a hero!
As the princess’ husband, it’ll bring you more prestige, won’t it!
Faren-sama, how about formally bestowing Myne-dono a title from the country」

……No, I really want you to stop…….

「Fumu, it’s rare for Morg to say that much, isn’t it? Are you scheming something again?」

Some ominous words like scheming or something came out, you know…….

「No, I am not thinking of such a thing this time!
I also heard of the situation, isn’t it sheer stupidity to oppose Divine Beast-sama or something?」

I’ve come to understand as I heard about various things.
It seems that this Morg is the Prime Minister-sama of the country.

I heard this from Sylphy after this, but it seems that he’s a person with quite the habit.
When something happens, he would mount a logical attack and deftly blocks the path of retreat.

However, he is a great man who will energetically work for the sake of the country, and if he judges that it will not be in the interest of the country, he will not shun admonishing even King-sama.

He seems to think that this matter is a good chance for me, the princess’ husband, to gain prestige.

「……Fumu, well, it’s not like I don’t understand what you’re trying to say」

In the end, after King-sama pondered for a while, Prime Minister-sama’s proposal was approved.




「I, I’m exhausted……」

I returned to the room and flopped onto the bed.

After that, King-sama started calling me “Dragon Mediator” grandly, so all the ministers and high-level knights who were there rushed towards me.

At first, Sylphy only looked at me, saying 「This is also experience」, but the ones lining up exceeded fifty people, so she came to rescue me.

I’m a humble hunter’s son, but surrounded by distinguished people at such a gorgeous place, no matter what I would be mentally fatigued.

However, there’s one good thing.
Of course, although I don’t know what they think in the depths of their heart, but…….

The people who gathered all gave me words of gratitude.

Of course, they don’t know the real power I possess, but even so, all of them know that I have th power to resolve the matter.
Despite that, I felt that there wasn’t anyone who wanted to swindle or use me.

In the first place, they only named themselves, and unanimously said 「Thanks」.
They didn’t even said what position they have, so they are probably not planning to use me or something.

As I told Sylphy about that, she smiled bitterly while warned me, saying “That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people like that, so please be careful”.

「……Now then, once again, thank you for your hard work」

Aisha and Sylphy both spoke words of appreciation.
Come to think of it, it somehow feels like it’s been a while since I last took it easy with the both of them.

「Un, thanks…… you two」

By the way, Waffle is in Aisha’s arms.

「However, these few days were really hectic, weren’t they」

Sylphy looked at Waffle and earnestly started talking.

Un, it exactly as she said.

A noble suddenly intruded into my home, and I was dragged into an incomprehensible game…….
Once I participated in that game, I somehow met a Divine Beast-sama from the legends, and became her friend…….
Moreover, her child became attached to me, and even became a part of my family.

As I glanced at Waffle, he probably felt that I was thinking about him, and started swinging his tail wildly.

And then, after the game ended, we fought with a black dragon, said to be the strongest species.
In the end, I even received Sacred Protection from the Divine Beast-sama who rules over the dragon race.

And the climax, once I returned to the royal palace, I was even given a nonsense title…….

After summarising the events like this, somehow, there are only outrageous events to me, a commoner.

And then, the next one we’re waiting for is our marriage ceremony.
The feud had ended peacefully, so the ceremony can be held without fear.

Also, this was just decided not long ago, but the matter about my title will be intentionally disemminated to the citizens before my marriage ceremony.

Even if I am a person approved by the King, it is an unchangeble fact that my origins are that of a commoner.
There will naturally be people who hold dissatisfaction that I am the partner of Sylphy, who is greatly popular among the citizens.

However, if they know that I am a man who has a title because of this time’s matter, such voices are estimated to decrease.

And, using that, the public punishment of the nobles who participated in this case with the Roselia family as head can be justified.

Because of those reasons, there will be a short pause until the marriage ceremony, which is decided to be held after a week.

「……I have a lot to ask about Danna-sama’s Skills, but……」

「Firstly, let’s get into the baths and rest our bodies!」

Sylphy and Aishaboth stood up.
Now, I was pulled by them as they said “Let’s go”, and all of us got into the bath together.




……Waffle was also together with us!



Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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29 thoughts on “Chapter 88 – The Mediator of Dragons

    • This was compensation towards MYNE for the black dragon nearly killing him (and Waful…I REFUSE TO USE WAFFLE =p).

      The King and others would most certainly ask him A LOT of questions if they found out about it, the most chief one being “how he found out about it”.

      There’s also the fact that Myne didn’t get to see the guy’s skills or anything like that, so he might be admonished for it rather than thanked. That’s how nobles are, after all…even if the King isn’t like that (that we know of). =x

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      • There would also be the question “why were you flying in that direction?”…Myne won’t tell them because it’s a direction important to the Dragons…so…he’s not going to do anything that might POTENTIALLY put them (or the humans) at risk. =x


  1. Presenting Waffle:

    Waffle is a young child of Divine Beast Fenrir, he loves Myne. Waffle loves to be praised and pat by Myne. Once Myne’s wives invited him to take a bath, Waffle joined in, He’s a young child after all.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    But when the hell will Myne finally come to his senses and start bestowing skills to his fiancees? Like I’m quite sure he had a bow skill unused…


  3. Thanks for the work!

    Wonder how big the bath is in the palace. Myne + Aisha + Sylphy + Waffle.

    I keep thinking about it but I just cannot imagine saying Wafuru instead of Waffle (the doughy goodness food). Yeah the youngster Fenrir shall forever be Waffle (Not of Belgian descent).


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