Chapter 87 – Battle Finished, Settlement of Matter (3)

……Un, I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear Jormungandr-sama’s ominous mutterings.

As I sneaked a glance at the landscape flowing by me at a staggering speed, I could see flames rising from the front.

Hm? I wonder what that is…… An outrageously large area’s burning??
I had Jormungandr-sama’s speed fall, and looked closely at the burning place with 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate LV2】.


What the, I don’t know which country that is, but a large number of monsters are invading it!
W, what about the survivors!?

……It’s no use, there are only dead bodies as far as I can see.
There’s even a little kid among the corpses.

There might be survivors hiding somewhere, but I can’t find them.

Damn! If only we came here earlier…….

『Hm? What’s wrong』

Jormungandr-sama probably noticed me, who is exasperated.
He called out to me.

『……What in the world is that tragedy?』

『The Country of Demons started a war, huh, good grief, this will become troublesome』

Jormungandr-sama said that recently, a new king of the Country of Demons came to existence.
This king killed the late king who was more politically moderate, and announced that he will dominate the other races and become this world’s king.

With that proclamation as the origin, they are launching large-scaled acts of aggression with the demon race against the countries which neighbour the Country of Demons.
It seems that they have been cornered until right before the whole country has been annihilated.

Since it’s a event which isn’t connected to the duties assigned to the Divine Beasts like Jormungandr-sama and Fenrir-sama by Kami-sama, there isn’t a need for them to intervene.

「What a terrible thing……」

Probably because he heard my mutterings, Jormungandr-sama once again faced the “Prison Labyrinth” and accelerated.

At the moment I was about to change my mood and take my eyes off of the burning town…… I discovered that.

W, What is that guy……?
Why is there a hume race within the monsters?

Why is he joining the monsters and invading the town!?

As I thought that, that hume male suddenly looked up at the sky.

……Then, our eyes met!!!
Yes, even though such a thing is impossible, I could understand that our eyes had met.

There is no doubt that he was facing me…… as he smirked…….

At the moment I thought 「I’ll have to appraise!」, we had already left the range of 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate LV2】, and I couldn’t appraise him.

Who in the world is that guy?
……Somehow, I have a tremendously bad premonition.




『Well, we have a arrived, this is the entrance of the “Prison Labyrinth”』

It took about an hour from the nightmare-like battlefield.
We have arrived at our destination, the “Prison Labyrinth”.

As I properly looked at my surroundings, I remember it in my mind.

With this, I can come here with 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 next time.

『Thank you very much, well then, I shall be returning』

Hearing my words, Jormungandr-sama nodded greatly.

『You should take care when you come to cut off their Skills.
Although the freedom of the dragons imprisoned here have been snatched from them, they can of course use the Skills themselves.
They’re all ruffians who committed crimes, they don’t care for killing, but they don’t want to get killed』

『Understood, I will be careful』

After looking at the earlier tragedy, I have to get much stronger.
I’ll have to effectively use this chance I have been given.

However, the dragons have Race Skills, which I cannot grasp.
If I’m going to do it, I want to cut off those Skills as well.

Before coming here, I’ll should prioritise leveling up 【Appraisal】.

I thanked Jormungandr-sama and travelled to “Divine Spirit Forest” with 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.


『I’m back!!』

As I said that and came out from the black vortex, two violet lumps hurled themselves at me.
I collapsed along with a “Puff” sound.


Aah, Waffle’s siblings, huh.
Although I might say “It’s been a while”, it’s not like that much time has passed, but the little Fenrir’s condition in welcoming me is amazing.

Their tails were trembling, and they licked my whole face.
As I said “There, there,” and gently stroked their backs and throats, they frolicked even more intensely.

And then…….

『Let me in tooーーー!』

In the end, even Waffle attacked me.

No, you guys? I’m really happy that you’re welcoming me, but aren’t you overdoing it a little??
Fenrir-sama only watched over us as if looking at something pleasant, and seems like she isn’t interested in intervening at all.


After about 15 minutes of receiving the passionate welcome from the little Fenrirs, I informed them that I would be returning to the royal palace.
As I did that, the children complained as they hurled themselves at me again.

Fenrir-sama who persisted on looking on just now also persuaded me as well, and just like before, I got them to get off, though reluctantly.
It’s a secret that I promised to bring them souvenirs.

I’ll come to play again so wait for me!

『Waffle, let’s go』

As I called out to him, he let out his usual 「Wafu!」 and climbed onto the top of my head, his usual place.

Confirming that Waffle has finished his preparations (?), I quickly used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.
The place I connected to is the room in the royal palace prepared for us where my fiancees and I are staying in.

Phew, with this, I can really take a breath…… right?





The one who first realised my return was Aisha.

As I raised my hand and was about to reply…… Waffle lifted his right hand before me and greeted Aisha with a 「Wafu!」.

Seeing Waffle whose tail was swinging around and his hand raised, I wryly smiled as I also said 「I’m back」.

Probably noticing our exchange, Sylphy also ran out from the back of the room.
Un, no matter how wide the room is, you shouldn’t run, you know?

「I’m back, Sylphy!…… Also, running is dangerous, you know?」

「……Welcome back, Danna-sama! ……Wait, no!!!
What happened with the dragon? Danna-sama looks safe, so does that mean it went well!?」

Well, of course they’d be curious.

「Un, relax! Everything turned out fine」

『I also worked hardー!』

As I said that, Sylphy and Aisha both let out a deep sigh of relief.
Waffle also didn’t forget to assert himself.

「I want to report to King-sama for now, but what should I do?」

I don’t know the etiquette within the royal palace at all.
Even if I suddenly ask, saying that I want to meet King-sama, I would probably only get turned away at the door.

At such a time, the best option is to ask Sylphy.

「If it’s Chichiue, you’ll be able to meet him at once, he had been waiting impatiently for Danna-sama to return」

Saying that, she pulled on my hand and rushed out from the room.
Aisha also pursued us in a panic.

And, Waffle is on top of my head.
I can feel that he wants to talk about his own great effors, and his eyes were inevitably shining more than usual.

『WafuWafu, WafuWafu~♪』

Aah, I knew it!!

Well, Waffle certainly played a large role this time.
Of course he would want to be praised! Un.

I’ll praise him a lot after this!


「Chichiue, Danna-sama has returned!」

The audience room? Sylphy forcibly entered a luxurious, gorgeous and large room, probably with such a name.
Of course, while she pulled on my hand.

……This room…… Is it alright to enter in such a way?
Honestly, I can’t help worrying, but there’s no one to criticise us.

「Myne!!! How was it!!!?」

And, King-sama…….
At the moment he saw my face, he asked me about the circumstances with a staggeringly loud voice.

「Yes! I have secured the dragon child, and returned it to its parents.
I have obtained a promise from Divine Beast Jormungandr-sama that they will not attack Hume towns after this because of this matter!」

As I reported with a loud voice, cheers came from within the room.
Only King-sama somehow looked exhausted though…….

I wonder if he felt relieved?

At any rate, the long kidnapping case of the little dragon has peacefully reached its conclusion.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

*Syosetu stuff*

TL: Izzy

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