Chapter 86 – Battle Finished, Settlement of Matter (2)

『Nee-san, Myne can cut off the Skills of others, right?』

Jormungandr-sama asked Fenrir-sama that.
……Hm? Why did he ask about such a thing?

『Yeah, that’s right』

Hearing Fenrir-sama’s reply, Jormungandr-sama showed a behaviour of thinking for a while.
He then inquired of me.

『Can you also cut from dead people?』

『……I’ve never tried it before, so I don’t know』

『……Then, if they are alive, you can cut every single type of Skills?』

『Yes, if I can see them…… Ah, but I couldn’t take the 【Blaze】 from the father dragon.
Rather, I didn’t know he had something like 【Blaze】』

『……What? You can’t appraise 【Blaze】……』

Yes, because of that, I fell into a very difficult fight.
If I remember correctly, when I used 【Appraise】, there shouldn’t be any doubt that there wasn’t something like 【Blaze】.

When I returned the Skills, I also used 【Appraise】 once more, but I couldn’t find 【Blaze】 anywhere.

I wonder what in the world that means.

『……Blaze, meaning…… race Skills, huh』

Hm? Jormungandr-sama? Did you just say something?
Race Skills?? A word I don’t know came out.

……Wait, I feel like something like this happened before as well?
Ummmm……Ummmm, what was it again?


I remember!!!!

That’s right, when 【Appraise】 levelled up!!
At that time, it’s like the time when I could suddenly see levels!

I completely forgot about that.

That means, the possibility is high that the cause of this matter is because 【Appraise】’s level isn’t high enough, huh.


Appraise・Complete LV3 (269/300)


I’m a little short in proficiency level, huh.
However, I don’t know whether I will be able to see Race Skills at LV4 or not.

It might even be at LV5…….

……Either way, for now, I’m thankful with just the knowledge that there are monsters which have race Skills.
If I’m relieved, thinking that I stole all of their Skills, there’s a possibility I might get into a pinch like this time.

I’ll have to brace myself even more.

In that meaning, it can be said that although this battle with the black dragon is dangerous, but my gains were great.
It’s not that I don’t feel a little different, but I’ll have to say Thanks! to the father dragon, don’t I!

『……Fumu, your face says that you understood something, well, whatever.
Anyway, that means you can cut off any Skills other than race Skills, right?
Nee-san, I have a certain job I would like to regularly request Myne and Nee-san’s child of, with the meaning of including their compensation』

……Job? Jormungandr-sama to Waffle and I?
Furthermore, what does he mean by meaning of including our compensation, I can’t predict it at all.

『Hmm? What is it, let’s hear it』

『Aah, Nee-san knows that there’s a labyrinth prison where the dragons who committed a crime will be imprisoned in it until their deaths, right?
I was thinking of letting them have as many Skills of the dragons inside that labyrinth as they want.
After all, they’re only waiting for their deaths once they enter it.
In that case, wouldn’t it be more effective if those Skills are put to good use?
It’ll be troublesome if they cause more problems with those Skills.
If they come periodically to cut them off, those troublesome things will be gone, and it’ll be two birds with one stone』

……That’s somehow an amazing suggestion, isn’t it?
I can take as many Skills of the dragon race as I want, somehow, I have a hunch that they will have outrageous Skills…….

However, I wonder if this is okay…….

『……Hmph, Myne, Boy, are you okay with that?』

『Ohー, I can fly in the air again!!!』

『……I don’t have any objections, but…… is this really alright? For us to do something like that』

『What, I, the divine beast who rules over the dragons said that it’s okay, there wouldn’t be any problems at all』

……Seems like there’s no problem.
Somehow, I feel like this has become something really important.

Fenrir-sama and Jormungandr-sama has given their approvals, I can’t afford to not receive it.

Waffle also seems really enthusiastic…….
He’s floating on top of Fenrir-sama with 【Levitation】 and flapping his feet.

……He’s also shaking his tail while he’s at it.

He’s definitely planning on flying in the sky.

『……Understood, I will gratefully accept it.
However, can we do it another day? I think that the royalty will feel worried if I don’t return once and report about it』

Un, King-sama and Brother-in-law-sama, Sylphy and Aisha, everyone is definitely worried.

『Aah, I don’t mind.
However, you can only go to places you’ve been to with the movement Skill you just showed us, right?
For now, won’t you come to the prison labyrinth?
I can’t wander outside often, so I want to finish this today』

That being the case, I travelled to the “Prison Labyrinth”, and this case has ended.

As I glanced at Fenrir-sama, I could see that she is lecturing the black draogn couple.
Waffle is…… still floating while flapping.

He seems to be enjoying it, so I’ll leave him be for now.

It’ll be fine if I move like “Prison Labyrinth” → “Divine Spirit Forest” → “Royal Palace”.

I’ll have to at least explain to Waffle.

As I finished explaining, Waffle lifted his hand, showed his paw towards and started waving his hand as if saying 『Take care』.

『Yes, well then, let’s get going.
How will we be going to the “Prison Labyrinth”?』

As I said that, Jormungandr-sama forcibly held me in his mouth, and let me off on his back.

『Get on my back, we’ll be flying there』




Before my thoughts caught up, Jormungandr-sama took off.
In the blink of an eye, he soared high into the sky, and the Divine Spirit Forest became a dot.

Ohgodohgodohgod, I’ll die if I fall.

In a panic, I used 【Paste】 to glue the soles of my shoes onto Jormungandr-sama’s back.

『Now then, let’s go』

In the moment Jormungandr-sama said that, the scenery flowed past me at an amazingly high speed.


The overwhelming speed and wind pressure bent my body greatly.

『Jo, Jo, Jormungandr-sama…… It, It’s cold…… I’ll die』

As I complained, he let out a forgetful mutter, 『Oh』, and after that, a faint green wall was erected around me.

『It’s a barrier made with wind magic, you have no problems with that, do you?』

『……Yes, thank you very much』

I wish you’d do this from the start…….
Moreover, if it wasn’t me, the person would have been thrown off long ago, you know?

Although I sent a resentful gaze towards him, he doesn’t seem to have noticed it…….
Jormungandr-sama who seem to be in a good mood, continued flying towards the “Prison Labyrinth” in perfect condition.




『……I completely forgot』




Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

*Syosetu stuff*

TL: Izzy

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