Chapter 85 – Battle Finished, Settlement of Matter (1)

『……You’re finally here, Jor.
I’m sorry for asking this again, but won’t you connect to the Divine Spirit Forest?
It’s okay at the moment, but we don’t know when humans might approach this place』

It’s a request by Fenrir-sama.
Disobeying isn’t a choice.

I immediately connected the Divine Spirit Forest and this place using 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

Fenrir confirmed the appearance of the usual black vortex in front of her, and with Waffle on her back, they quickly entered it.
The remaining black dragon family and Jormungandr-sama, and I looked at each other’s faces, even though we didn’t make any prior arrangements.

Although they definitely wouldn’t understand me, I said 「Please」 and let them enter first.

The little dragon who has entered the black vortex a few times called out to its parents, saying 「Kyui Kyui」.

As it did that, the father dragon who fought with me entered it.
Next was the little dragon and the mother dragon.

Next is Jormungandr-sama’s turn, huh, as I looked at him, for some reason, he stared at me.

……U〜n, did I do something??
The pressure from the Divine Beast-sama I had just met today, even if I have gotten used to Fenrir-sama, it’s still quite harsh.

Enduring the silent pressure, I once again said 「Please」 and gestured him to enter first.
As I did that, Jormungandr-sama’s wings suddenly shone.

……Eh? Am I going to be attacked? Will I die here……??

『……Can you hear me, Nee-san’s friend』




……What’s this, what’s this? Telepathy!?
By any chance, is it Jormungandr-sama!?

As I got into a panic, the same question once again echoed in my mind.

『Is this Jormungandr-sama!?』

As I answered that, I could see that the gigantic dragon “Jormungandr”-sama in front of me nodded.

『……For the time being, it’ll be inconvenient if we cannot converse. I have granted you my sacred protection』


Name: Myne
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years
Occupation: Hunter

【Divine Beast’s Sacred Protection】
Telepathy ≪Jormungandr≫ new!


……It’s certainly there.

I’m must be the only person to have been granted two Divine Beast’s Sacred Protection…….
……A dry laugh involuntarily came out from my mouth.


『For now, let’s go to Nee-san’s place.
She’s already angry, I don’t know what will happen if we are late』

As I was dumbfounded by the fact that I was bestowed two sacred protections, Jormungandr-sama quickly entered the vortex, leaving me behind.

「……Un, it’s not a big deal」

After that, I also travelled to the Divine Spirit Forest.



『Now then, Jormungandr. How do you plan on settling this matter?』

It originally started with Claude and his gang kidnapping the black dragon’s child.
Jormungandr-sama and the black dragons weren’t at fault.

I think there’s no doubt about that.


The course of events of the attack on Adol seems to be like this.

The father dragon and mother dragon separated into two groups and searched for their kid, flying about for days after days.
However, there are a lot of human towns, but they never got hold of the child’s presence.

They couldn’t find even a single clue, so they grew violent with only irritation in them.

In the middle of that, Jormungandr-sama contacted the father dragon, saying that their child has been found.
As soon as he heard about its whereabouts, the father dragon couldn’t help but to disregard Jormungandr-sama’s warning, and started flying.

That’s the natural reaction, I guess.

The child they were searching for so long had been found, they were worried.
How can anyone criticise the parent’s feelings, thinking about his child.

Whereas the mother dragon was on the opposite side, and quite far at that, and even if she heard it from Jormungandr-sama, she couldn’t return immediately.

And while she was returning and heard about the situation from Jormungandr-sama, she returned at full speed to stop the father dragon’s rampage.
And after that regarding the battle, an explanation shouldn’t be needed.

In the end, this course of events is the perspective from the black dragons.

It’s somewhat different from my and Fenrir-sama’s point-of-views.

I have the responsibility to settle the misconduct by the Hume race.
Fenrir-sama has the same understanding and sympathy as a parent who had her children kidnapped.

With those thoughts as the cause, she proposed to cooperate, and actually moved in order to help the child.
As a result, her telling the whereabouts of the little dragon was the cause of the father dragon’s rampage, when Fenrir-sama felt that she wanted to quickly tell them so that they can feel relieved.

Also, my actions in pulling apart from Adol is because I didn’t want to involve the unrelated people in Adol, and absolutely not to provoke and anger the father dragon.

And the fact that Fenrir-sama is angry right now, even though she helped them out with good intentions, he tried to kill her own child, of course she would be mad.
Furthermore, the cause of it is because they rushed out without listening to our story properly.

It seems that if you look at each of the three parties’ standpoint, no one is mistaken.
The one who we can declare as bad is Claude and his gang, the party which kidnapped the child.

That’s why, Fenrir-sama subdued her anger, and first asked Jormungandr-sama on what he planned to do.
……Though blood might rain depending on Jormungandr-sama’s answer…….

『Let’s see, first of all, I’ll have to thank Nee-san and Myne.
Thanks to your cooperation in this case, the child could return to its parents safely.
Honestly, it might have been impossible if it had only been us…… Let me thank you from the bottom of my heart』

……A Divine Beast lowering his head at me.
This is the second time after Fenrir-sama…….

……Honestly speaking, I wish he will stop this.

『However, it shouldn’t be a mistake to say that the origin was the Hume race.
Originally I wanted to come out for revenge, but considering Myne, I decide to stop that.
Because of that, why don’t we reconcile on this matter』

Well, I don’t think coming to a compromise is bad.

……If we exclude one point.

『Don’t you say such foolish things, where did the settlement for almost killing my kid?』

Yes, the terms from before is the reconciliation between the “Dragons and Hume race”, so Fenrir-sama wasn’t included.

『……Well, that……』

Jormungandr-sama seems like he didn’t expect it, and let out a deep sigh.

『Jor, if you can’t come up with a suggestion, I shall decide for you.
Let me kill this guy who tried to kill my kid.
W〜hat, if he’s lucky, he won’t die, and Myne is here after all, so he can be healed immediately』

W, wait a minute!? Please don’t involve me in such a dangerous thing.
Wait, Waffle!!! Please don’t yawn at such a place (the back of his mother), say something, please!!


Wait! Don’t sleep! Please don’t slep!! You’re the person concerned, you know!? You can’t sleeeeeep!

『……Nee-san, please don’t say such dangerous things.
Good grief, your bloodthirst is as much as usual, it’s really troubling』

『Did you say something?』

After the exchange between the siblings, Jormungandr-sama gave us a shocking proposal.

That is…….


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

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TL: Izzy

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  1. “In the end, these course of events is the perspective from the black dragons.”

    Should be:
    “…this course of events…”

    ‘Events’ might be plural, but they are part of the singular ‘course’.


  2. lil bloodthirsty there Fenrir. … Then again, to nearly lose their child twice so quickly. … Perhaps not so unusual afterall. I have to say, kinda unwise of Jormundr to not mention anything about the matter at all since they’re conversing with Fenrir obviously being angry at something, and being angry over a different race? Seems highly unlikely.

    *shrug* Thanks for translating~

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    Anyway thx for the chapt……….


  4. I know he gave the dragon dad his skills back, but did he remember to take back ultra regeneration? Hopefully Mine learns from his mistakes and keeps at least regeneration permanently pasted into himself.


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  7. The main idiot that brought danger to Waffle is retarded MC because he just can’t keep his mouth shut. If he simply rescued the baby dragon and only after that told about it to Fenrir there would be no need for this stupidity.


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