Chapter 84 – The Battle at Adol (3)

Oh my god…… another one…….

Beside me, Waffle glared at the sky, and growled.

As he did that, the black dragon who had been involved in the mortal combat, roared at the other one who was circling the skies.
Probably hearing the roar, it slowly descended towards us.

Waffle also prepared for a battle, but as soon as he heard the roar, he dropped his guard and while saying 「Wafu」, he climbed his way up to his usual place, on top of my head.

……Un, judging from the situation, it should be okay to assume that it won’t become a battle, right?

『Waffle, what’s happening?』

『It seems to be thta kid’s motherー』

While I was hearing about the situation from Waffle, the mother dragon landed on the ground.

Ah! That’s right.
I have to return the Skills to the father (?) dragon.

I cut the Skills from Waffle, and returned it to the dragon.
While I was returning the Skills, the dragon couple seems to be conversing (?) about something.

As I studied the figures of the conversing dragon companions which I have no idea what they were saying for a while, the talk seems to have ended, and the first black dragon called out to Waffle.

Waffle jumped off from my head, and once again started conversing while using lots of tail-wagging and gestures.
As I looked at him while feeling warm and fluffy, Waffle faced me and beckoned while saying 「Gau」?

『What’s the matter?』

『Bring the kid hereー』

Aah, it seems to have calmed down and the mother dragon isn’t hostile either…….
Un, it’ll be alright!

I immediately went to meet the little dragon using 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

「……Huh? Little dragon-kun isn’t here?」

That’s weird, even though I told it to wait here…….

……Don’t tell me, he’s kidnapped again!?
If that happens, the conclusion we finally reached will all come to nothing!?

I used 【Presence Detection・Large】 in a panic, and decided to look for the little dragon-kun.

……Ah, there it is.

I wonder if it was curious about our fight?
It moved considerably nearer to the place we had been battling until earlier.

Yosh, let’s go and meet it!!

I used 【Body Enhancement・Large LV3】 【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small LV3】 【Sprint】 【Swift Feet(Small) LV2】 and ran in the direction the little dragon is at.
While hearing sharp wind sounds, I immediately went towards the little dragon.


Since I left Waffle behind, I know that my words wouldn’t be understood, but I tried calling out to it.
The little dragon who heard my voice called out 「Kyui!?」

Even if my words aren’t understood, I who had been battling with its parents is here.
It probably understands that the battle has ended…… I think.

I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 to make a black vortex in front of the little dragon, and pointed at it, gesturing it to enter.
As I did that, after it showed a behaviour of thinking for a while, it said 「Kyuu〜〜」 and leapt into it.

Naturally, the place I connected it to is in front of its parents.
I also immediately followed behind it, and leap into the vortex.

What I saw after passing through the vortex, is the emotional reunion of the parents and child.

I don’t understand what they are saying, but all three of them are exchanging cries with extremely happy-sounding voices.
Un un, this is good, this is good.

With this, our work here is done, I guess?
Waffle was also looking at the dragon family while its tail was wagging wildly.

『Fenrir-sama, I’ve safely handed over the little dragon to the parent dragons』

『Ooh, you’re safe, huh!! Is my boy alright too?』

I explained the situation up until now to Fenrir-sama who asked me about Waffle in a worried voice.
When I told her that Waffle almost died, although it was through telepathy, a terrifying bloodthirst was conveyed to me.

『……I see, good work. Are there figures of humans at the surrounding area right now?
Well, I wouldn’t really mind even if a mess happened, but you see…… my boy was about to die, huh, I see, I see』

……Ah, this is definitely bad.
However, I can’t just lie…….

Father dragon, I’m sorry.

『……No one』

『Is that so, in that case, Myne…… Immediately connect this place and that』

I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 as I was told, and connected Fenrir-sama’s residence in the Divine Spirit Forest and here.
Then, a bloodthirst which leaked out from the vortex in front of me covered the whole place.

The dragon family also probably realised the sudden dense bloodthirst wafting around, as their conversation was interrupted and they turned their face towards my direction all at once.

Fenrir-sama’s whole body then appeared.

『……Jor, come here immediately, you won’t be discovered by humans if you fly above the clouds.
You hear me? Come here immediately, otherwise, you know what will happen』


As soon as she arrived, Fenrir-sama seems to be talking to someone through telepathy.
……It seems to be her little brother I’ve heard of…… I heard a dangerous threat in that telepathic communication.

Fenrir-sama then held Waffle in her mouth, and dropped him down gently on her back.

『Boy, why did you force yourself? I thought that my heart would stop, you know』

『I protected Myneー!Praise me, praise meー!』

The dragon family and I gazed and listened to them in silence.
No, rather than silence, it seems to be the right decision without a chance to talk.

Although it wasn’t directed towards Waffle or me, the dense bloodthirst scattered towards the dragon family still hasn’t stopped.
Even if they are black dragons, there is no way that they can oppose Divine Beast-sama.

In the end, until Fenrir-sama’s little brother arrives, we couldn’t even move slightly, and ended up doing nothing but wait.

We then waited for about fifteen minutes.
To the dragon family and me, those fifeen minutes felt like an eternity.

A gigantic black dragon descended in front of us.

「……T, this is the Divine Beast, Jormungandr……」

The absolute existence rivaling Fenrir-sama, is in front of my eyes right now.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on.

Sponsor: Homer T.

TL: Izzy

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 84 – The Battle at Adol (3)

  1. Why does this idiot still use Swift Feet (Small)? when he had perfect opporrunity to steal Swift Feet (Large) from adventurers that were about to be killed by Fenrir.


  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Wait.. since jor is fenrir’s brother.. waffle sould be cousins with the black dragon couple right?

    Fenrir: “i’m calling your parents!”
    Black dragon daddy: *gulp* “i,i’m sorry..”


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