Chapter 83 – The Battle at Adol (2)

Although I stole its Skills and abilities…….
Somehow, the black dragon fired a “blaze” towards me.



Why can he……?
Because it was an attack I completely did not expect, I couldn’t even do anything, and received the attack directly.

I then tumbled down to the ground.

……No good…… My consciousness…….

『Myneーーーー, Myneーーーー!!Don’t dieーーーー!!!』

……I can hear Waffle’s voice.

I’m sorry, Waffle.
You’ll have to escape alone…….

『Waffu!!!! I won’t let you lay even a finger on Myne!!!』

For the sake of protecting me, Waffle stood alone in the dragon’s way.
To make his small body look bigger, even if only by a little, he growled while intimidating the dragon.

It’s no use, no matter how strong Waffle has become, if he gets hit by the blaze like I did, he’ll definitely get done in.
Even if he has 【Regeneration】…….

That’s right! If I stick 【Ultra Regeneration】 and 【Regeneration】 onto myself……!

Quickly, while Waffle is buying time…… It’s no use…… I can’t put any strength into my body.
I can’t take out the pebble from my storage bag.

『Myneー, take 【Regeneration】 from meー!!Don’t dieー!Quicklyー!』


I hurriedly cut 【Regeneration】 from Waffle, and 【Paste】 it on myself.

At that moment, fumes like white steam came out from my body as my injuries healed very quickly.

As soon as he finished buying time until my regeneration ended, Waffle started attacking the dragon.

『Kaa-san said it before! Offence is the best defence!』

Using 【Strong Legs】 and 【Body Enhancement・Small】, he plunged into the dragon’s bust in one go and used 【Camouflage】.

The dragon, who lost sight of Waffle’s figure due to the effect of 【Camouflage】, looked around its surroundings restlessly.

Waffle is…….

There!!! He used 【Flight】 and took a position right above the dragon.


Waffle decisively attacked once again using the ramming attack overlapped with great damage delivering Skills from before.
Waffle fell with a great momentum like a meteor.

When Waffle’s attack was noticed by the dragon, he had already drawn near to an unavoidable distance.
The dragon probably resolved himself for the inevitable impact, as far from showing a behaviour to avoid, it raised its large arm at the approaching Waffle.


Thus, the two enormous forces collided, and a violent sound of impact resounded throughout the area.


Finally finishing my regeneration, I stood up while shouting out Waffle’s name.

……Waffle and the black dragon’s clash…… resulted in…… the black dragon’s win.

Waffle probably crashed into it, as its right arm was bloodstained, and a few of its fingers seem to have broken.

And Waffle…… is stained in blood, and isn’t moving without even a single twitch, on the ground a short distance away from the dragon.

I took out the 【Ultra Regeneration】 pebble from the storage bag in great haste, and pasted it on Waffle.
As I did that, just like before, thick white fumes rose from Waffle, and his wounds started regenerating.

「……How dare you do this to Waffle…… I’m getting angry as well」

I used 【Strong Arm・Saint】 【Body Enhancement・Large LV3】 【Physical Strength Enhancement・Extreme LV2】 and 【Strength Rise LV2】 all at once.

I then used 【Realize】, and created the strongest dagger, “Twirling”.

Seeing the brilliance from “Twirling”, the black dragon showed a cautious attitude without taking it lightly.

「……Sorry, but I’ll have you experience “quite some” pain, so prepare yourself」

Probably reacting to my words, it once again took in a large breath, and breathed out blaze at me.

……Too late.

In front of me a large black vortex appeared.
Yes, it is the usual vortex created using 【Unique Magic・Space-time.】

The destination this vortex is connected to is…….

The black dragon’s blaze did not hit me, but was sucked into the black vortex.
It then rushed out from a similar black vortex which appeared right behind the black dragon.

The blaze which flew out from the vortex naturally, directly hit the one who fired it…… the black dragon.


The black dragon who received an unexpected attack from an unexpected direction screamed loudly.

I then moved to right above the black dragon raging in pain using 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

I then fell freely, and as I landed on its back, I pasted my feet on the dragon’s back using 【Paste】 and fixed it so that I don’t fall.
The dragon shook me who was on top of it and rampaged even more violently.

「……It’s futile, now then, my turn」

I resolutely sever it’s right wing from the base using Twirling which I had been holding.
It writhed even more in pain, but it couldn’t shake off me, who had been fixed using Paste.

I ignored the struggling dragon, and similarly severed its left wing.
I then extinguished Twirling.

The damage delivered in the first half of the battle, and the damage Waffle delivered in protecting me.
On top of that, with the damage delivered in the current chain of events, even the black dragon had probably reached its limits, as its movements became sluggish.

It moved sluggishly for a while, but in the end, it’s neck struck the ground and it stopped moving about.
It’s alive, but it’s like in the brink of death, I guess?

After confirming the safety of the situation, I detached my feet, which had been fixed by 【Paste】, using 【Cut】.

I then rushed over to Waffle who had been lying down.

『Waffle, Waffle, please answer me』


Thanks goodness! I made it in time.
Tears reflexively overflowed from my eyes.

『I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Waffle…… I’m really sorry, and…… thanks』

『Thank goodnessー, Myne, aliveー』

Hearing those words, I wailed even more.
Gently holding up Waffle in my arms, I once again thanked Waffle.

The cause of the bitter fight this time was because I did not paste 【Regeneration】 on myself.
I thought that it would be bad if 【Regeneration】 activated in public, so I didn’t paste it on myself normally, which backfired on me.

From now on, let’s paste it without worrying about such stuff.

Waffle and I then rejoiced at the safety of each other for a while.


……Now then, we can’t keep playing around.

I’ve confirmed Waffle’s safety, after all.
Next is the black dragon’s turn.

I casted 【Magic・Large Recovery】 a few times on the black dragon.
Its consciousness was probably hazy, but with 【Magic・Large Recovery】, it should have become clearer.

It let out a groan.

『Waffle, can you explain the situation?』

As I requested that of Waffle, he raised a hand and barked 『Wafu』, before beginning to talk to the black dragon in front of me.

Waffle desperately explained it to the black dragon.
However, the look of his tail swinging wildly, as he shook his arm around, changing gestures while talking to it was irresistibly cute.

I forgot about the mortal combat we had, and unintentionally felt warm and fluffy.

『Wafu! He understands nowー』

After rubbing Waffle’s head, who proudly reported to me, I pasted 【Ultra Regeneration】 which was pasted on Waffle, onto the black dragon.

As I did that, fumes which cannot be compared to the previous ones, was emitted strongly from the black dragon’s body.
Then, in about 10 minutes, including the cut wings, the regeneration had completely finished.


『He’s thanking Myneー』

Phew, with this, all of this will end we hand over the little dragon which is taking shelter on the opposite side, I guess?

At the moment I thought that and was feeling relieved, a new black figure appeared in the skies above us.



……Yes, another black dragon…… appeared.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

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TL: Izzy

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 83 – The Battle at Adol (2)

  1. I keep forgetting that when it comes to big fights Myne is still a greenhorn… Any fan of transmigration novels would know better. Stack up all skills then overwhelm your opponent is the go-to tactic when you don’t know what your up against…

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. “That’s right! If I stick 【Ultra Regeneration】 and 【Regeneration】 onto myself……!”
    If he wasn’t retard he would have those skills on himself at all times.


    • He was supposed to already know the consequences of not having regeneration on himself from when he received direct hit of fire magic from orcs and was helplessly awaiting his death and was only saved by timely arrival of Aisha.
      He is also supposed to reflect on his mistake of not having ultra regeneration at hand yet he still stores it out of immediate reach on a pebble in his bag instead of on himself.


  3. Some many problems with the mc. Whole point of telling niggas so you can use your power but he doesn’t plus he knows he was going fight a fucking dragon to just love how he glossed over that didn’t need to be prepared himself but prepared the wolf. Fucking genius


  4. Lol. This is probably the most stupid MC ever created. He is using different skills and yet he didn’t prepare regeneration skills before battle. The author is mixing moronic situations. The MC already learned that preparation before battle is necessary and yet he made the MC a lot more stupid again.


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